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When I had Mirena (a whole year, i was allergic to it, had hives and everything for a year! Darn doctors tried to tell me i had a rare skin condition. WRONG! Took me a year to find a doctor who would remove it for me) I had no problem gaining or losing weight. However I was allergic to the mirena and had a whole slew of other side effects to go with it. My suggestion to you is, if you want to make sure that no birth control is going to effect your weight loss efforts than invest in Natural Family Planning. That is what my husband and I do, and I never have to worry about what symptom my BC method is causing. Mirena may work for some people and alot of studies say it has been shown to cause weight loss. You may also want to check what time of the month you are weighing yourself, or go to your doctor and have your thyroid checked, thyroid problems are fairly common after pregnancy.

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I got the Mirena over a year ago and I've had a significant weight gain since then. However, I don't believe it's attributable to the Mirena. My exercise and nutrition regimes were in the dumpter! I'm using the New Year, New Me attitude and am changing up my diet and exercise routines again. So far, so good ... but I will keep you posted. Being a mom is time consuming and often makes it hard to focus on "us" ... but it's sooooo worth it!

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Six months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Five weeks later I got the Mirena. I bleed off and on for about three weeks, and since then barely nothing. The only problems I have had was the string was to long and kept poking me. Got it trimmed and loving it. Sex drive is great, no mood swings, etc.

But, I am questioning if I have gained some weight from it. I just started exercising and went on a diet a month ago. I know since I gave birth I have gained weight. But I am also wondering if it was my eating habits more! I was always drinking soda, eating more then I should and would also eat because I was bored. The only exercise I was really doing was housework and lifting the baby. But now I have been eating healthy, drinking only water and exercising more.

I'm afraid that I will have a hard time losing weight because of my Mirena. I don't want to get rid of it. I haven't lost a single pound since I started my diet.

So my question is did anyone have problems losing weight while on the Mirena?

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