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1/3/13 12:14 P

Let me say upfront that I am completely biased against the Mirena IUD. I had a large fibroid before the IUD was inserted, and I asked for one without hormones, and was told they are not available in the United States, so the Mirena was prescribed instead. I had gradual weight gain over 2 years, but no pain or discomfort - but my stomach got HUGE. I started getting nervous about the IUD, thinking I had a tumor or something. I went in to get it checked out, and the first thing the nurse did was give me a pregnancy test, b/c I looked pregnant. They did an external and internal exam, and finally an ultrasound. I had a fibroid tumor (not cancer, thank goodness) that was the size of an 18-week fetus!! Fibroids are known to be "fed" by hormone treatments, and I should never have been prescribed an IUD with hormones. I wound up having an emergency complete hysterectomy, with a huge incision, b/c my uterus was so big. I am angry that this happened, and that it was a direct result of the hormones in the Mirena IUD. I am also sad, because even though I am "done" having children, I am somehow hurt to lose the cradle where I carried both of my children for 9 months each.
As far as advice for you is concerned, you should not live with chronic pain associated with a medical device, and you should not have to rely on prescription pain meds. At your young age, you should not risk losing your fertility like I lost mine. Go to a different doctor and get a second opinion. Even if the Mirena IUD is not the problem, this condition seems to be and should be resolved if possible. Good luck, we'll be praying for you.

1/2/13 5:09 P

I have had the Mirena for 10 months now. So far no real problems. I haven't had a period in 3 months, but I think it is because I'm going through menopause. I am not pregnant. I am 50 years old and was put on the Mirena to get me off oral contraceptives. Occasionally, I have cramping, but it isn't severe.

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1/1/13 6:41 P

I agree with the others you should talk to your doctor again. I had Mirena before but didn't have those symptoms other than the weight gain but did have emotional/mental ones while on it! Hope all turns out fine!! btw... if you search the boards for Mirena you will find a lot of women that have had good and bad reations to Mirena!

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1/1/13 6:19 P

I have the IUD and have had some similar issues. The first year was HORRIBLE and it turned out that the Mirena hadn't been put in far enough. I had to have it removed and a new one inserted. That would have been seen on the ultrasound so at least that isn't your issue. I had a cyst the second year. It felt like painful stabbings. My doctor told me to wait it out and it would go away by itself. After a few weeks the pain subsided. Cysts are pretty common so that is why the doctor probably shrugged it off. My mom gets them often so it is something that I have kind of expected I will have. But if the pain is unbearable you should definitely talk to your doctor again.

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Hi Jess

I'd make an appointment to see your doctor again to discuss the symptoms you're having. They would be the best person to address your concerns.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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12/29/12 4:01 P

I am 27 years old and have had three children. After our last child I had the Mirena IUD implanted because I wasn't sure if I was done having children. I have had the Mirena IUD for 2 years now and within the first year I didn't have really any problems besides an increase in weight gain. Now, just in the past year, I have been experiencing side effects that I would rather not be having. In July I started experiencing quite a bit of abdominal pain, almost like a menstural cramp at it's most painful. It became pretty constant from day in to day out. I made an appointment with my family physician and he was also concerned so he referred me to a surgeon that specializes in women's health and prescribed me a low dose of Nortriptyline 10mg to relieve the pain. From there the doctor suggested a non OB ultrasound to be done. I was called back with the results a couple days later and the surgeon stated that I have a small cyst on my left ovary and his recommendations were to have the IUD removed to begin my periods again (my periods stopped all together within the first month and I haven't had one since) and to get back on a regular cycle. He stated that he did not believe the IUD is the cause of the cyst. I am fairly healthy and have never had any problems prior to this and at this point I have not decided if I want to remove the Mirena because I'm not sure what the problem is. I like the Mirena because I have not had to deal with periods and it's been a reliable form of birth control for my husband and I but if it's the source of the problem am I just making things worse by leaving it in? The doctor did not schedule me with any other appointments and shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I am still in pain and most days the pill I'm on doesn't help and when it does it's for a short amount of time. I'm so confused! What should I do?

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