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DIDIDIHU Posts: 333
7/1/11 8:26 P

veginasise is good

7/1/11 8:18 P

Hellman's real mayo...because it doesn't list any corn derived ingredients.

SASHA-222 SparkPoints: (57,451)
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7/1/11 7:51 P


WINTERRAIN Posts: 4,204
7/1/11 7:31 P

light mayo

ALEXANDERLISA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 428
7/1/11 6:52 P

lite mayo

LAURIEANNIE1 Posts: 2,203
7/1/11 1:48 P

On the rare occasions that I use it now - it is mayonnaise.

AEROGERS129 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (36,962)
Posts: 558
7/1/11 12:47 P

Mayo if I had to choose!

I love, love, love veganaise! Only full of heart-healthy stuff and eons better for you than miracle whip or mayo.

Also, if I can get away with it, I use greek yogurt in the place of mayo - tuna sandwiches, spread on a roll/sandwich, egg salad, etc. - it's extremely hard to notice the difference and it's full of protein! :)

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
7/1/11 12:36 P

Miracle Whip!!

EIDOTHEA1 SparkPoints: (23,924)
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Posts: 1,539
7/1/11 12:28 P

Miracle Whip

MAXIE56 Posts: 1,020
7/1/11 11:00 A

I like Miracle Whip myself but use it rarely anymore, I keep my food a little spicey and use sweet chili sauce for many things.

JACOBY46 SparkPoints: (11,945)
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7/1/11 10:59 A

Neither, but if I had to choose it would be Mayo....and I only like it in Tuna and chicken salad not as a sandwich spread emoticon

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,647)
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Posts: 4,666
7/1/11 10:32 A

If I splurge on the mayonnaise, I make it myself. Much tastier.

7/1/11 10:20 A

Bleck. I hate both products. Does that count.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (227,955)
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Posts: 7,174
7/1/11 10:01 A

Miracle Whip has less calories than mayo, but choose mustard instead.

PORMISHIJOS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 8
7/1/11 8:04 A

I don't consider either the "healthiest" option, but I do occasionally use the "light" versions of both of these products.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
7/1/11 7:53 A

I really don't use either one, but if I did I'd pick mayonnaise since Miracle Whip has so much sugar and is too sweet to me.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
7/1/11 12:43 A

i use light mayo

I don't mind miracle whip, it it pretty good on turkey sandwiches

I don't use a lot of it maybe 1-2 tablespoons a week if I make some tuna salad

6/30/11 10:48 P

i also grew up on miracle whip and when I discovered mayo, loved it. I don't have it often, but when I do, I go for light helman's.

6/30/11 10:16 P

Hellman's low fat made with olive oil mayo because of the taste.... that miracle whip... gag me.

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TYBRAI Posts: 1,536
6/30/11 8:21 P


HEALTHYJEN11 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 632
6/30/11 4:13 P

Neither - I use plain yogurt instead.

TANNERZ SparkPoints: (45,494)
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Posts: 1,367
6/30/11 3:41 P

For some reason miracle whip has this weird taste that makes me gag. I use Hellman's Mayonnaise dressing with extra virgin olive oil.
Which isn't that bad. I prefer honey mustard on sandwiches though... YUM.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,187
6/30/11 3:25 P

I grew up on Miracle Whip. Mom did not like mayo.

When I first tried mayo (late teens), I LOVED IT! I could not get enough. The years passed by.

However, Miracle Whip was still my guilty pleasure, so I bought a small jar of Miracle Whip Light last year (commercials of it prompted me too) It brought back old memories....that is until I looked at the ingredient list. High Fructose Corn Syrup as the second ingredient. YUCK! No wonder it had such a sweet taste.

I went to light mayo.

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
6/30/11 3:14 P

light mayo

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
6/30/11 11:45 A

I'm with you, danniellemarie. Mayo or miracle whip is a condiment so you shouldn't be eating tons of it period.

Except at this time of year (summer) when there are a lot of mayo/miracle whip based "salads" at picnics and what not. So when faced with those "salads", just have a small portion, consider it a treat and don't panic.

As for the debate of which is "better" taste wise, I like both for different things/reasons. Miracle whip is for "salads" (macaroni and tuna) while mayo (usually light version) is for sandwiches and dipping fries in (yes, I still have mayo fries as a random treat).

6/30/11 8:50 A

anyone on a weight loss or maintenance mission isn't eating enough mayo for the 'which is healthier?' question to be much of an issue.

CRUISEGUY SparkPoints: (36,165)
Fitness Minutes: (24,716)
Posts: 2,619
6/30/11 7:46 A

When I do use it, Helmann's Low Fat Mayo.

-LINDA_S Posts: 4,504
6/30/11 7:38 A

I have always detested Miracle Whip. Nowadays, being concerned about oils I consider unhealthy, I'm most likely to make my own mayo with olive and grapeseed oils (olive alone is too heavy). I'm not afraid of fat and feel much more satisfied when I get an adequate amount.


BROWN64 SparkPoints: (21,857)
Fitness Minutes: (19,087)
Posts: 430
6/30/11 7:30 A

I prefer light miracle whip. Once again the word moderation comes to mind.

AJHALL11281 SparkPoints: (7,474)
Fitness Minutes: (5,825)
Posts: 892
6/30/11 12:38 A

oh wow i did not realize they were that bad for you... looks like i will be cutting that out of my diet, now to just figure out how to dress my sandwiches lol. Thank you all very much for you wonderful advice emoticon

6/29/11 10:47 P

I grew up eating only Miracle Whip, and swore that it was mayonnaise. I then started having mayonnaise on my Publix subs in middle/high school. I knew it was different, and I loved it.

In college, I started having light mayo, and preferred that to Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip is just too thin for me.

Now I have homemade mayonnaise (made by my awesome bf) or bottled full-fat mayo. I only eat a drop (less than 1/2 tsp), but it makes a world of difference in flavor.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (84,444)
Fitness Minutes: (82,741)
Posts: 1,362
6/29/11 9:31 P

Healthy? I don't know, but I like fat free Miracle Whip better than the fat free Mayo's ...


IDNAR1984 Posts: 182
6/29/11 7:44 P


SONICB Posts: 4,381
6/29/11 7:34 P

Usually light mayo... Miracle Whip is a bit too tangy for me!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
6/29/11 7:04 P

I prefer mayo. I use half mayo, half plain yogurt in a recipe and it tastes great.

CRISPY20 Posts: 342
6/29/11 6:01 P

I happen to have both light mayo & light miracle whip in my fridge. The miracle whip has fewer calories and fat, but more sodium.

RHEAVON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,320)
Posts: 120
6/29/11 5:44 P

IF I choose between the two, I choose Mayo. However, I haven't had mayo in almost 2 years. Instead I get a lemon wedge and kind of dab what would have the mayo on it with it. Yes, lemon lightly dabbed on a sandwhich thin sounds weird, but it provides that flavor mayo provides for me without the obvious fat and calories. Texture is a little harder to meet, but I'm sure some others will have other good ideas here.

GEWALKER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (279)
Posts: 171
6/29/11 5:35 P

My gut answer to the question in the topic is "no."

I like mayonnaise, I really do. It has a great culinary history! It was created by Napoleon's chef to commemorate the victory at Port Mahon (hence Sauce Mahonnaise). Homemade mayo is one of the great sauces in all of our cuisine. Good quality storebought mayo is a great addition to many things.

It is, however, made of eggs and oil and lemon juice and, as a result it is one of the first things I do without when dieting. There's no reason you can't have it, but as Becky says, the nutrients in it aren't usually ones people are having a hard time getting.

Miracle Whip is made of essentially the same stuff, but with the addition of various emulsifiers and other stuff. It is no better and no worse than mayo, but in my opinion it is nowhere near as tasty. Miracle Whip was developed during the depression to offer a less expensive alternative to mayonnaise, not to offer any kind of nutritive difference.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
6/29/11 5:29 P

If you just want something creamy try using greek yogurt. I haven't missed mayo at all since I started keeping a tub of greek yogurt in the fridge (it also can sub for sour cream).

Avacado slices also might sub out well depending on what you are doing; they are fatty but it's good fat.

6/29/11 5:13 P

Both are a fatty condiment.
Most folks have no problem meeting their fat needs for the day.
Neither contain nutrients that place them in a food group.
It really comes down to taste preference--your choice. Which do you like the best.
Dietitian Becky

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AJHALL11281 SparkPoints: (7,474)
Fitness Minutes: (5,825)
Posts: 892
6/29/11 4:26 P

Does anyone know which is actually healthier for you?? I Don't plan on going to the store for the next few days so I can look to compare right now so I thought I would ask here :) thanks in advance

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