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2/8/12 11:25 A

Love them

1AIMEELYNN SparkPoints: (2,184)
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2/3/12 9:15 A

I will have to try it, I love pasta and anything to make it healthier would be great. Thanks!!

MISMARISA SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 4:23 A

Wow these sound so good!! I love noodles but many are quit high in carbs or calories. I'm going to try and find me some of these ones........

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BLEST1IAM Posts: 12
1/29/12 1:32 P

I will try them if I can find them. If not, I will visit the website too. Do you use them with pretty much any pasta dish? Or are they comparable to Rama Noodles?

LEEANN3687 Posts: 3,215
1/29/12 11:00 A

I use Walden Farms peanut butter spread to make a Thai Peanut butter sauce over noodles - I buy the Miracles Noodles from the website. I water down the WF PB stirring with a whisk - add cayanne pepper tile flavored correctly - in a non-stick wok - add the rinsed noodles (I like the angel hair best) heat up - add a spoonful of veggie broth - add the WF PB sauce and heat thru. Pour over stir fried veggies and I have a pure low cal veggie meal that tastes great!

CLANSHAW50 Posts: 23
1/29/12 8:17 A

sounds good now I will have to find them in NB emoticon

JAZZ20 Posts: 1,035
1/28/12 7:02 P

I'll have to give them a try.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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1/26/12 12:08 P

Please try the "miracle noodles" with the pastas sauces from Walden Farms. Fabulous! and only 20 calories per serving - all together. I add steamed or roasted vegetables with a sprinkle of my favorite herbs and spices.

STARRBEAMS1 SparkPoints: (13,443)
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1/25/12 10:28 P

Like many others I have never heard of them before. However, it sounds like they are worth a try. Thanks!

LWWINK SparkPoints: (31,545)
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1/25/12 7:32 P

Is the 10 calorie mayo from Walden Farms or another brand? Thanks

LWWINK SparkPoints: (31,545)
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Posts: 26
1/25/12 7:31 P

Hi, JAHQUEEN008 Any suggestions on recipes?

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/12 7:07 P

Thanks for the website. Also, try the 10 calorie mayo. It's good.

NOVBRE Posts: 8
1/11/12 4:04 P

I get these A LOT cheaper ordering them through
then any of the grocery or "diet" stores.

They are a life saver for those "give me pasta or give me death" moments!

Oh and if you paraboil them before you use them, it make them firm up a bit and have a more pasta like texture.

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1/9/12 1:57 A

Have not heard of these...but I do use Walden Farms no calorie, no fat, no carb, no cholesterol, no gluton, etc. salad dressings and pasta sauce. They are really good, though will run you about $5 a bottle...which should last a long time!

CONSIE35 Posts: 14
1/8/12 6:59 P

I did not like them at first but after trying a few recipes and came up with ways to make the texture to my liking I now LOVE them. Don't give up on them. ;-)

LWWINK SparkPoints: (31,545)
Fitness Minutes: (19,324)
Posts: 26
1/3/12 5:36 P

I just bought some. I will report later what I think. I live In Washington state and found them at a natural foods store. Didn't even look at the big stores. I don't expect them to be like pasta noodles, so I'm ready for a different texture. I'm willing for them to be different, if they satisfy my hunger and are good for me.
From what I heard and read, all say they are bland and take on the flavor of what they are cooked in. One lady suggested putting with various textures including meats and vegies. Chef DeSposito was on a Rachel Ray episode. He says you can't over cook them, so make them as hot as you need or want them to be. The video is on website.

EKWANT Posts: 8
7/29/11 10:22 P

I have seen them advertised on the web but I don't like buying food over the internet. I could not find them in the local stores. I have not tried looking for them at Whole Foods yet. There is one close to where I live. I saw that they advertise that they are Gluten Free. Sense I Gluten Intolerant it sounded good. I heard from others in my Celiac Support group that they had the bloated feeling after eating them so am a little leery of trying them.
I usually shred up cabbage and simmer it to replace noodles. I also use Spaghetti Squash to replace noodles. It does not do as well as Cabbage and you have to prepare it ahead of time. If you over cook Spaghetti Squash it turns really mushy.
I am also Diabetic and have to avoid any type of Rice or Corn as my body turns them into sugar.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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7/27/11 11:19 A

I have not tried the noodles yet. But it sounds interesting.

CONNIEKAY5 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
7/27/11 10:23 A

I've tried the miracle noodles and did not like them. I'm sure the are good to some people. The main thing was that they are to be put in at the last minute and I could never get them hot enough.

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (66,470)
Fitness Minutes: (23,504)
Posts: 4,514
7/4/11 9:22 A

I finally found them in one of our asian chains (we're lucky enough to have GrandMart, H-Mart, Q-Mart, The Great Wall and Lotto).

I got them for $1.49 a package. The next day I saw them in Wegman's for $2.39 (same brand). I've heard that Whole Foods has them.

I've tried them and will try again -- they are flavorless, so simply tossing with olive oil and herbs isn't enough for me.

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (237,911)
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7/3/11 2:35 P

These sound interesting. I'll have to get some!

POKEY_ SparkPoints: (20,722)
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Posts: 1,203
6/26/11 9:16 P

If you go to, they have a list of stores, by state, that carry these noodles. This is the first that I've heard of them, and I can't wait to try them!!

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (66,470)
Fitness Minutes: (23,504)
Posts: 4,514
6/23/11 9:57 P

I've been trying to find them in our local Asian markets. Problem I have is the fact that Asian markets have little or no English next to products like this. In one market I must have picked up 50 packages of noodles in the refrigerated section looking for any that were zero carbs. No luck.

GTKARLA Posts: 232
6/22/11 9:20 P

Just rinse them well under water (fishy smell is normal) and boil if you prefere, and they can be used in place of any other noodles.

CHEECHEE8 Posts: 101
6/21/11 1:48 A

Wow, this is the first I have heard of them. I need to try them.

ANNIE952 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 26
6/11/11 4:54 P

Heard of them and would love to give a try, problem is not sold in stores in my area and checked out a few sites but shipping nearly cost as much as the product making it cost prohibitive for me.

LITTLEMISS9889 Posts: 65
6/3/11 12:05 A

cheesy noodle casserole (low cal)

MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1,639
5/30/11 11:46 P

I use the shirataki noodles all the time; They're tastier as leftovers. I you web search them you will find that there are high protein shirataki noodles.. I cook the same way as described below.

ARTIELLE Posts: 587
5/30/11 5:29 P

Hi, I bought a package of each (miracle and shiritaki) on my way through the 'big city' and they have been languishing in the fridge because I had no idea what to do with them. I live in a remote area of eastern Ky and do not get to the city often. I hope they are still good as I am going to try the tips you all have given. I hope I like them, because I need all the help I can get with my low carb diet. Thanks again

TERZA_RIMA Posts: 296
5/26/11 4:20 P

Here's what I did (after doing some reading on the message boards recently):

Drain and rinsed in several changes of water, then under running water in a colander. Then I dropped them in salted boiling water for about 10 minutes, drained again. I brushed some oil onto a nonstick skillet and pretty much sauteed them to death to dry them out so they'd absorb the flavorings better...they don't stick like regular starches, so i just kept going until there were no more little droplets of water left in the pan (some of the noodles were getting slightly brown looking). I made these twice. The first time, witht he peanut sauce, i didn't even cook it in the sauce--just put the hot noodles in container, mixed in the sauce, then cooled and refrigerated. It didn't taste like much that day, but it was delicious the next. The second time, I used the tofu shirataki fettucine (same prep method); I thawed out some homemade spaghetti sauce, dumped it into the hot pan with the noodles, and let it cook a bit. Again, it tasted better the next day. Something about giving it time to suck up the flavor after drying it out, maybe. It wasn't a lot of sauce, so I can't say it actually simmered, but a lot of people have had success simmering both types of noodles in stews and soups.

I did a lot of websurfing on this (i call it highly productive procrastination) and this incorporates what struck me as some of the better prep tips. I use a japanese brand of konjac noodles I found locally, not the miracle brand, don't know if that makes a difference. And evidently, the tofu ones tend to work better with pasta sauce than the straight konjac/miracle variety.

A couple of things I noticed: The konjac has almost no nutritional value, so while it's nice for adding texture and contributing to fullness, make sure it's not replacing nutritious things (I think you're doing that with the veggies). Also, it's almost pure insoluble fiber, which might *ahem* slow things down if you don't supplement with some _soluble_ fiber. Let's just say I had a tough week before I figured out I should eat some wheat bran to move things along.

All in all, though, pretty miraculous if you ask me :)

IVEYTWINE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (370)
Posts: 3
5/26/11 2:29 P

Thank you...I'm a carb addict to the fullest meaning. Do you rinse them prior to simmering in a sauce? and should it be simmered toward the end of the cook time? Every day I find a new way to thank God and insignificant as it sounds, I thank Him for these alternatives.

TERZA_RIMA Posts: 296
5/26/11 1:20 P

lol...just tried these recently myself. They're even better if you sautee/simmer them in the seasoning/sauce, refrigerate, and have them the next day. I made a thai peanut-chili sauce and yes, it was crying-amaza-crazy.

IVEYTWINE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (370)
Posts: 3
5/26/11 10:31 A

Received my first shipment of these amazing "zero" everything (but for trace of sodium). Has anyone else used them or is there any information on Sparks? I carefully rinsed the noodles under hot water. They do smell kind of fishy until this is done. I dried them on paper towels while I sliced garlic, onion, radishes, and ginger. I sautéed these in a trace of vegetable oil and when almost tender, added frozen broccoli pieces and an ounce of sliced deli chicken. When broccoli was fork tender the dish was finished with a drizzle (.75) teas. of dark sesame oil. I stirred the noodles into pan and mixed thoroughly. This should have been two servings, noodle-wise. It was such a pleasure to welcome back the texture of cellophane noodles or rice noodles that I ate it all. But there are no countable nutrients in this product. I'm in heaven...

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