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Spark makes some assumptions about exercise intensity that are fairly conservative (the site has to cater for exercise beginners).

There is an option within the Exercise Goals to directly set a weekly calorie target, rather than using Spark's days and minutes assumptions. I'd recommend using this to set a target that is realistic in terms of both minutes and calories. Spark will use the calories target in coming up with an intake recommendation appropriate for your needs, and thus not trigger the calorie warning.

It is bodyweight that is major factor in calories burned, not height.


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5/22/13 7:06 P

I've been wondering about this for a while.. is it better to hit my minutes goal for exercise in a week or my calories burned goal? Here's why I ask.. I currently have my tracker set for me to work out five days a week for 45 minutes apiece. I often don't reach that goal; however, when I set the tracker to a lower total minutes goal, I always go way over my expected calories burned number and the tracker warns me that I'm exercising too much. For example, last week I worked out for 160 minutes of my 270-minute goal but burned 904 calories of my 900-calorie goal. Would it be better for me to reset my fitness goals to a minutes-per-week total that I can actually reach and ignore the calories warning? Just wondering since I know the calorie estimates can be inaccurate, especially for a person like me who is below average height.
I hope my question makes sense..I can clarify if that's confusing. Thanks in advance for the help!

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