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1/1/14 8:22 A

1/1/14. Another year started. I have to stop and think why I want to eat something that I know isn't good for me. This is a new beginning.

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3/31/13 7:42 A

March 31, 2013 I discovered yesterday that I do not have to have seconds at dinner time! It is a real eyeopener to me that after eating the portion I needed, I had no urge to go back for seconds. I don't know how this happened but I sure am glad it did. I am finding it easier to eat healthy and not binge. What a revelation!!

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3/30/13 8:27 A

March 30, 2013 I did well with my eating yesterday until I got home. I had to do a presentation at a Driver's Meeting yesterday and I had a roast beef sandwich, small amounts of macaroni and potato salad and water. That should of been all that I had but when I got home the refrigerator was calling me. I knew that there was leftver lasagna and I just had to have some even though I wasn't a bit hungry. I had two serving of it plus two Tagalong and five other Girl Scout Cookies. Tracked my food this morning and I was over on my calorie goals and fat. I did exercise this morning so I am hoping that will offset some of my calories.

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3/29/13 5:53 A

March 29, 2014 I did very well yesterday on my eating. If I can get into the healthy habit, I know I will keep losing and be at my goal weight before my 62nd birthday in December this year. I can do this.

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3/28/13 5:57 A

March 28, 2013 I can't believe that it has been 6 days since I wrote in my journal. Have to remember to do so every day because it helps me be accountable to myself. The past few days have been hectic at work and I have had to remind myself that their are some things that I have no control over and if something happens it isn't my fault. Procedures are written to be followed but sometimes upper managemnet want to rush things and they jump right over important items that will effect the outcome. I will take a deep breath and just go with the flow. No sense stressing over it.

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3/23/13 6:54 A

March 22, 2013 I did very well with saying no to Chinese food at work today but I had some chips and cookies after dinner that put me over my calorie range for the day. I don't know why I did it except that it was there. I should of drank some more water to get rid of the craving or had some carrots or something healthy. I really need to work on this. Tomorrow is a better day.

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3/22/13 6:24 A

March 21, 2013 I did very well with my eating and exercising today. Had to make some tough choices and say no to alot of food temptations but I am very proud of myself for not giving in. It would be stupid for me to undo all my hard work just for a food that I know will cause me to gain weight. I can do this!!

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3/21/13 6:39 A

March 20, 2013 I did pretty good today. Didn't get all my water in but I will work harder on that tomorrow. Food choices were good all day but when I got home after working late, I ate two turkey burgers on white bread and then I ate the hot dog that my husband didn't want!! the good thing is that when I checked my calories for the day, I did not go over!! Very lucky on that part. Will do better tomorrow.

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3/19/13 6:28 A

March 19, 2013 I did my exercising today and tracking my food but I am afraid that the amount of calories I should be eating is not enough. My lunchbox seems empty. My menu for the day is all planned out and within my calorie range but I do not feel it is enough food for the day. I am losing weight but I also am feeling starved by 5 at night while I am still at work. I will have to buy some cashews or something to make me feel fuller I guess so I won't binge. I will have a good day no matter what.

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3/18/13 7:36 A

I am running a little late today but I feel good that I took the time to do 30 minutes of exercise this morning. I weighed myself yesterday morning and even had to have my husband check the scale. I was down 4.25 lbs from last week. Lowest I have been in many years. Tracking my food, making the right choices and exercising every day is really working. emoticon

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3/16/13 8:05 A

Today my daughter, Chris, is taking her sister, Kim, her daughter, Kayla, myself and her son, Zack to Applebees for lunch to celebrate Zack's 13th birthday. I have gone online and checked out the menu for Applebees and have chosen the Napa Chicken and Portabella but I am going to see if I can substitute the potatoes for more zucchini and other vegetables. It is stated as 350 calories so that will be good. I will have no appetizers, maybe a small garden salad instead with lite dressing. No dessert for me either!! Water is good for a beverage and I can put it into my count for the day. I can do this!! Not even going to open the menu.

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3/15/13 10:26 A

Good for you! I love Leslie and have a few of her dvds I need to get back to doing. Keep up the good work!

MINILOVER1 Posts: 3,396
3/15/13 6:26 A

I will remember to take it one step at a time and not to overdo. Today, I did exercise longer and I feel really good. Didn't think I was going to make it the whole half hour with Leslie but her encouragement on the DVD really kept me motivated.

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3/12/13 6:44 A

Just remember to take it one step at a time emoticon

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3/12/13 6:05 A

March 12, 2013 Been MIA lately and need to get back on track. Today is a new day and I am off to exercise.

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3/6/13 6:59 A

March 6, 2013 Went over on calories again yesterday. Main problem is when I get home at night. I'm tired and just eat anything. Got to stop doing that. Need to get more water in.

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3/5/13 6:24 A

March 5, 2013 Okay, back to my journaling every day. Had a feel sorry for me about not feeling well party for a couple of days but I am back now. Did my exercising this morning, my blog, challenges with teams and now it is time to go feed the outside dogs and the horses. Today I am going to stay positive even though I tread having to put together qualification files for new drivers but I should be glad I have a job. Today will be a good day!

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3/1/13 6:31 A

March 1, 2013 Wow! I really have been MIA the past few days here in my journal which should of never happened. I need to stay focused and don't forget to journal. Well, today, my other boss is back from traveling and she is sick with a bad cough. I have been trying not to get sick and am feeling better today but I wish she would stay home since she can work from home. That is what they tell us to do is stay home when we are sick but I guess it is different for managers. Lysol spray, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are going to be my best friend today. Thank goodness it's Friday.

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2/28/13 7:01 A

February 27, 2013 Went to work and came home at noon. Fell asleep on the couch until 4 AM. Didn't feel well at all and tooth bothering me.

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2/26/13 5:58 A

February 26, 2013 Storm heading our way and I am not sure if I am going to go to work on Wednesday. I have the time coming so I may use it. Still not feeling well. I have to get motivated to get my exercising in. I know I will feel more energetic when I do.

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2/25/13 6:31 A

February 25, 2013 Feeling worn out today but need to get motivated. Animals to feed, stalls to clean and have to go to work for 8 hours. This is going to be a long day.

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2/25/13 6:30 A

February 24, 2013 Not feeling perky today. Hubby and I both took short naps on the couches. Went to bed early.

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2/24/13 8:42 A

February 23, 2013 I just couldn't get motivated today to want to do anything but play games on FB. I did get the dishes done and then finally went to the grain store and cleaned the stalls when I got back. I think I have a headcold that is bringing me down. Can't get sick!! I have to work and keep going.

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2/22/13 5:31 A

February 22, 2013 Thank goodness it's Friday. Even though I only worked 3 days this week, I feel like I put two weeks into one due to having a slight headcold. Last night when I got home, my BH was in bed sleeping because he had to be up at midnight to go to work. He usually has supper waiting on the stove for me but he didn't last night which is fine. The bad part about it though was that I ate 3 cheddarwurst dogs with 3 slices of bread because I was upset not being able to talk to him before he went to bed. That is no excuse for me overeating!! I have to control my feelings and not look to food for an answer.

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2/21/13 6:10 A

February 21, 2013 Today I feel out of sorts. Achy, stuffy head, no energy. Now I can let this all be an excuse not to exercise but I know that I need to exercise. Even just a few minutes is better then nothing at all. My eating was out of control the last two days and I really need to stop and get back on track. I will do better today. I know I can.

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2/20/13 6:21 A

February 20, 2013 Had a bad day yesterday. Ate too much and did alot of binging. I am sure that the scale will show it this morning. Looking back to yesterday, I realized that I ate without even thinking about what I was eating. Today is a new day and I will do better.

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2/19/13 6:18 A

February 19, 2013 Today, I am feeling a bit out of sorts. Sluggish and feel like I have a slight headcold. Now, I can use this for an excuse not to exercise, right? If a person doesn't feel good, shouldn't they take it easy for the day? NO???? I don't have a fever or a headache so I guess that excuse won't work. How about the fact that my joints ache? NO??? Why not? I shouldn't hurt when I exercise should I? They say exercising makes the joints feel better because you get the fluids moving. Okay, okay! I get the picture. Guess I better get off my behind and go do some exercising. Do I want to lose these inches or just hang on to them? Gonna lose them!! See ya.

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2/18/13 5:35 A

February 18, 2013 Well, here I sit at home without a vehicle so I have a decision to make for today. I can get depressed over the car and not going into work (I have vacation days so I won't lose and pay) or I can take advantage of being able to stay home for the next two days and start doing my spring cleaning. No one to bother me or expect any visitors. Cleaning is great exercise and I will get a head start on alot of projects. Yep, today is cleaining day. Off I go!!

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2/17/13 5:59 A

February 17, 2013 Sunday morning and feeling a bit tired. Once I exercise, I know my energy will be high. Got alot to do today but am not going to stress out about it. Yesterday, with the car breaking down on MIke, I just felt like having a good cry but Mike told me everything will be okay and usually he is right. Things could of been alot worse if the motor had fallen out while he was doing 55 MPH instead of 10 on our back road. If I had decided to go to Manchester to see Kim, the car could of broken down on me while I was 2 hours away. I know that we are very lucky with the way things happened. Thank you Lord.

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2/16/13 5:12 A

February 16, 2013 Today is Saturday and I have many things to do but I will not get stressed out. I am making a To Do list (just like I do at work) and work on one thing at a time. My meal plan and exercise plan will stay the same as I do all week long. Not going to change my routine because I know if I do, I will start going in the wrong direction on my journey and I have come too far to do that. Today is a great day and I am going to live it to the fullest.

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2/15/13 5:23 A

February 15, 2013 I am so glad that today is Friday. Been a pretty hectic time at work with more work put on me but I didn't let the stress get to me. Making a To Do List and prioritizing the different items I had to do, really helped me not get uptight or stressed out. It also gave me a sense of pride of what I had accomplished during the day. I did not overeat and did alot of walking around the building going from my office up to the dispatch office then back again retrieving paperwork or talking with the drivers and supervisors. All in all, I had a great day come to think of it. lol Today will be another great day because I am going into it with a positive attitude.

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2/14/13 5:13 A

February 14, 2013 Yesterday was a stressful day and I did real well on my eating until I got home. I had my portion of spaghetti and sauce and was full but as I was putting the sauce away, I put about 1 1/2 cups of it in a bowl and sat down in front of the TV and ate it. This morning when I weighed myself, I had a 1 pound gain. That sauce was not worth the gain!! What was I thinking!! Today, I will still to my plan and exercise to try to get that gain off. Today is a new day!!

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2/13/13 6:43 A

February 13, 2013 Although I am totally stressed today, I am going to take a big deep breathe and destress before leaving for work. I have my lunch all set to go and my meals planned for the day and will stick to my program.

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2/12/13 5:13 A

February 12, 2013 I overate a little yesterday on protein but otherwise I did well. Did not go to the vending machine because I left my purse and money in my car at work so I wouldn't be tempted. Had the whole office to myself which was nice so i could listen to my Wayne Dyer CD's which keep my spirits up. Eating right and making the good choices is becoming easier now that I plan my meals ahead of time. Exercising is part of my morning routine and I feel so good afterwards and all day long. I have made tracking my food and exercising a game instead of a bother so it is easier to do. I can do this and I will lose this weight.

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2/11/13 6:33 A

I am very proud of myself with the choices I made yesterday at our banquet. I did not overeat!! I gave up the chocolate cake that was given out for dessert and I munched on grapes and crackers (portion controlled) on the way home. I can do this. Today will be a great day too because I have my meals all planned and I will not go over.

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2/10/13 4:52 A

February 10, 2013 Today I have a big challenge in front of me. We are going to a banquet and I have been doing so well that I have to put on my big girl pants and handle the food situation sensibly. I am going to write down what I will eat and track it on SP. For the ride to the banquet, I will have veggies and fruit to munch on and fill me up before I get there so I will not overeat. I am at 228.75 now and I will not go the other way. I can do this.

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2/9/13 6:26 A

February 9, 2013 I am now at 229 and scared. This is the lowest I have been in a long time. I do not want to binge and gain the weight back to put me over 230. I have to take a good look at what I want to achieve and set myself some mini goals. Place them somewhere where I can see them as reminders. I can do this. I know I can. Just have to keep pushing through this fear of success and get down to the weight I want to be at. I don't want to be skinny. Just toned up without all this extra fat I am carrying around. Forward I go. No more backsliding.

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2/8/13 5:38 A

February 8, 2013 Today, I am very frustrated. I need to give myself a pep talk I think. Okay here goes: Georgann, you are tracking your food, exercising, posting on SP everyday and staying motivated. Don't feel frustrated just because you don't feel you are losing alot of weight right now. You are toning up and muscle weighs more then fat. Look at how many inches you have lost!! Notice how good you feel when you exercise!! Count your blessings because you have many. You are healthy, you have a roof over your head, a job, wonderful family and awesome husband, your dream of raising miniature horses has come true and you are able to do anything you put your mind to. Stop frustrating over a number!! Take your own advice and use your tape measure not your scale for tracking. You can do this!!
There, I feel better now. Time to exercise!! emoticon

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2/7/13 6:41 A

February 7, 2013 So far I am doing pretty good and am proud of the choices I have made in my eating and in exercising. Procrastinating is now my last thought. I know I can suceed and I just have to stay focused and not let anything stop me from reaching my goal. I am the one who controls what I eat and if I exercise so if it is going to be, it is up to me. I can do this.

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2/6/13 6:35 A

February 6, 2013 I am very motivated today to stay on my program and not let anything bring me down. Exercising makes me feel good all day and I both mentally and physically able to work without feeling like I just want to go to sleep. Today I will stay positive and make the right food choices. I can do it!

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2/5/13 5:19 A

February 5, 2013 I did pretty well yesterday with my eating until around 5 PM. I work until 6 PM so I try to have something to eat around 5 and I take healthy food with me to work. Why do I have to go to the vending machines at that time instead of eating good food that I brought? I do not eat chips or salty foods of any kind or sweets. I usually get a salad or a sandwich but still I am spending money that I really don't have to. Today I am going to make a very strong effort not to eat from the vending machine. So my plan is to not walk past them when I have to go up to the other office. I will go down around the warehouse offices, which is good exercise, instead and see if I do better. I know I can do it. No machine is going to ruin my health!!

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2/4/13 5:14 A

Well, here it is February 4, 2013. I did accomplish my goal of walking a 5K around Granite Lake and then I made the climb up to the Fire Tower on Pitcher Mountain. It was very difficult and I found that I had to stop many times because I couldn't catch my breath. I went to the doctor's and he ran a lung capacity test and discovered that I have the lungs of a 75 year old man due to secondhand smoke. I never smoked but lived with smokers all my life. Anytime I have to climb stairs or walk up an incline, my lungs hurt and I get very tired. The good thing is though that I can walk on flat areas with no problem. I do a walking DVD every morning which is a power walk with weights in my exercise room and I am fine. Any way, I am doing good and feeling great. Working on tracking all my food and exercising regularly. I am the only one who can do it. No magic diet or pill is going to help me on this. I have to do it for me.

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9/9/12 6:46 A

Well, I didn't get my climb up to the fire tower done due to having company but I still plan on doing it before winter. Had a nice visit with daughter and her husband and I stayed within my food goals so it was a very good day.

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9/7/12 6:30 A

TGIF!! This seems to have been a verrryy long week at work and I am really looking forward to this weekend. Plan on climbing up to the fire tower on Pitcher Mountain on Saturday with my daughter, Kim. This is one of my goals for the summer and places I want to hike before it gets too cold. I have procrastinated long enough and have run out of excuses. Now is the time and I am going to do it!! emoticon

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9/3/12 7:29 A

Got up this morning and took care of our two Shih Tzu dogs and their 5 adorable puppies then did dishes and put in laundry. Now that that was done, I took time for myself and did the Walk Away The Pounds DVD using the 2 pound weighted balls and what a workout that was. I wasn't tired at all through it which is amazing because a year ago, I couldn't make it through the first half mile even without the balls. My body is toning and I am getting stronger but I never realized it. Exercising and eating right really does WORK!! For years I have tried to lose this weight and nothing seemed to work because I didn't stick to the plan or stay motivated. This past month has been an eye opening for me. Exercising has become a daily habit and tracking my food also. If I even think of not exercising or tracking my food, I think I have withdrawals. lol It may sound strange but that is the way I feel. I will never give up on me because I am worth it. emoticon

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9/2/12 5:45 P

Today my wonderful husband, Mike and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We didn't go anywhere special or have a special dinner out. We did what we enjoy doing and that is just being together. We own a small horse farm so we don't leave for very long except to go to our full time jobs during the week. It is a beautiful day outside and the air is a bit chilly but I like it like that. Concentrating on staying within my food intake and getting some exercise by helping with the barn chores. I feel very blessed today and am never going to complain about having to get up early to do barn chores because I am sooooo grateful that the Lord has given me another day to look forward to.

MINILOVER1 Posts: 3,396
9/2/12 5:40 P

Thank you for the information on Dr. Mitchell and I will keep your son in my prayers that all goes well at his checkup. Cancer is a terrible thing and hard to deal with but until they find a cure, it is going to keep taking loved ones and affecting lives. Again, thank you for your comment.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,115
9/2/12 9:25 A

emoticon Sorry you are losing your friend. As Farrah Fawcett said before she died three years ago "CANCER is a horrible illness and this is what it looks like."
My son had Testicular Cancer three years ago and gets checked this month. He's 28. The doctors have told him that when he is in his 40s he could have problems from all the CAT-SCANS he's had and the chemotherapy, but it has been a necessary evil otherwise he wouldn't have lived to his 40s. He's following Roby Mitchell M.D. whose web site is at Dr. Mitchell graduated from Texas Tech Medical School and also has a PhD. He is 54. He had Advanced Prostrate Cancer and tried himself with diet and exercise. He is a very interesting man.

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9/1/12 3:22 P

Today is September 1, 2012. This is my first attempt at writing in a journal but I am going to challenge myself to write in it everyday during this month. I guess it really doesn't matter how much I write, just as long as I write something each day.
Sitting here in my computer room thinking about how lucky I am and what blessings from above that I take for granted. I have a small farm with my wonderful husband, Mike. The animals are all healthy and such a joy to be around. I do not have many friends but the ones that I do have are true blue in any situation. Always there to cover my back. My children, grandchildren and great grandson are all doing well. My stepdaughters and their families are also doing well. I have no health problems except my weight and for that I am very thankful.
I do have one thing that I am very depressed about is that my best friend of over 30 years is dying of brain cancer. Doctors give her possibly 3 to 6 weeks to live. She is at home with her husband and Hospice is there. I have gone to see her a couple of times and she knows who I am and has a good memory but her body is very weak and she is bed ridden. She has lost all her hair from radiation and chemo treatments and she has lost alot of weight. It is so very hard for me to go see her but I know that friends aren't friends just when things are going good. A true friend is there when you really need them the most. I will be there for her for as long as she is on this earth.

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