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I was a newborn, I've had this since i was born I was only able to have soy milk when I was ababy and it's not gone away I'm still allergic to it I still get sick from drinking it.

And fish makes my stomach turn just from the smell... I'm a picky eater so I'm not really helping myself
I LOVE almonds though those are my favorite and i'll def give your other options a try though I'm not so sure about tofu

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These might be of help, but I agree with becky - seeing a dietician and allergist to get to the bottom of whats going on and find a solution is the best option. I was told I'm lactose intolerant but that I also had signs of it actually being a Dairy Allergy along with a Gluten issue here's a list of foods I was told I could try to add to make sure some areas that dairy other wise would give me I'd get.

Since I do most of the cooking in my family adding dried and fresh herbs to my cooking is automatic and the fun thing is that some of the herbs actually are a source of calcium though small they do add up over the day. Dried savory, Celery seed, Dried thyme, Dried dill, Dried marjoram, Dried rosemary, Sage, Sisymbrium, Oregano, Spearmint, Parsley, Chervil, and Dried basil are a few apparently good sources.

If you can have them Sesame seeds a good source of calcium weather roasted or dried though it does take about an ounce of them to give that good amount, but still they are healthy in their own way. Sesame Butter (Tahini) is another source, though not as good its still helpful and actually makes a nice addition to toast and other foods as a treat.

If you can have it Tofu does have calcium, though if you have a soy allergy or issue (like I have) it might not be a good option save on occasion if even then.

Almonds, Hazelnuts and Brazil Nuts are also a good source if you don't have an allergy to them or a general nut allergy in general for that matter, can't say much about them since they are a non option for my family and me. Also most beans are a source of calcium such as pinto beans, Kidney, backed and navy.

Flex Seeds also are a source of calcium though they have to be whole and unrefined, so you get a good source of calcium plus omega fats - I'd avoid the oils if you are looking for calcium since most oils are refined and thus have lost that side of things unfortunately.

If you like your veggies then you might stock up on Dark leafy greens which are a very good source of calcium either raw or cooked, plus good for other nutrients. I'm not a major fan of them but Raw turnip greens are good but might be a bit bitter if your not use to them same for Dandelion greens, but a staple for my family is Bok Choy, Kale, Mustard Greens and Collard greens. Several fruits are also good sources of calcium such as dried figs and oranges

If you can have fish Herring is a good source of Calcium as well as Vitamin D and you can also eat Salmon (keep the bones in since that is where the calcium is) and Sardines are yet another fish source of calcium.

2/24/13 3:28 P

The allergiest who diagnosed your milk issue should have given you food options and supplement options to assure your are meeting need each day.

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2/24/13 3:00 P

My doctor has never prescribed anything except Iron pills for my anemia.
I can't take multivitamins they make me very sick. I've tried them twice.
As far as calcium I've not tried it I may have to?

2/24/13 2:08 P

Has your doctor prescribed a calcium-vitamin D supplement??
You should discuss this topic with your doctor who is following your care.

SP Dietitian Becky

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So, I'm allergic to milk (milk alone it's very strange) I can have cheese and that in small quantities... Cottage Cheese, cream cheese, sour cream all make my stomach upset if I eat too much of them in a day. So my question is what are good sources of calcium that won't make me me sick.
Also, I've tried almond milk I like it but I can't drink more then like a tablespoon before I'm over it and gag when it's in my mouth. I don't like soy either.
I also have a stomach problem which keeps me from drinking orange juice. I can handle maybe a small glass a day without ending up in pain...
I feel like a problem child, but I really need more calcium and I know that I just wanted to know if anyone knew any other sources of calcium.

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