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Take a day off, take several if you want. There is no "wimp" when it comes to pain. We have to consider that we're doing this for a lifetime. Don't turn something quite manageable into something that could sideline you for longer.

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I had to take a couple of weeks off running due to an ankle injury (fell down the stairs, go me!) and have just started back in this past week. I've been running every other day and everything feels really great, except that yesterday (my rest day) and this morning I've been feeling some dull aching in my shins, as well as mild strain in my hamstrings -- probably because I ran a number of hills during my run on Sunday.

Should I take an extra day off to avoid stressing my joints/muscles more, or am I just being a wimp?

Or -- should I compromise and just go for a short run instead? I normally only go about 5k/30min.

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