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6/22/14 7:01 P

i had migraines for years until one day i had a egg sandwich for breakfast, then at lunch my boss made too many egg salad sandwiches so she said i will share it with you since its late and neither of us had eaten because we were so busy. by the time i was to go home . i had a migraine so bad i couldnt see to drive. thats when i realized the cause was eggs. i stopped eating them and i really havent had a migraine since. i too take blood pressure med. that is for water retention, which helps too. watch what you eat. they say dairy products, chocolate are a couple of things that can cause headaches. my best friend has them often and her doctor has her taking magnesium . something that i noticed i dont get enough everyday either according to my nutrition report. so i am taking multivitamin. hope you can find an answer because i know how bad they can be. good luck.

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6/22/14 12:50 A

Caffeine withdrawal could be a big part of the issue. There is no reason why you can't have a smoothie AND some reasonable amount of coffee.

Be sure to stay well hydrated--that can be a big key to avoiding migraines. Also look up the low-tyramine diet and see if you are consuming too much of any of those foods. Eliminate nutri-sweet/aspartame from your diet completely. Birth control can make migraines worse.

You really should see a doctor, but take some notes and having a headache journal can help you to get a better diagnosis. Good luck!

6/20/14 7:37 A

There have been great advances in the diagnosis, treatment and management of migraines. There are now physicians who specialize in the treatment of pain management.

Do talk to your doctor and ask about a referral to see a specialist if needed.
I think this is your first step---since you have never talked to your doctor about it.


6/19/14 8:46 P

A hopeful story for you:

My mother had migraines all of her life. Bed-ridden, vomiting, light sensitivity, sometimes for days. Her worst trigger- the smell of cinnamon candles.

She was never a healthy eater, hated vegetables, didn't like or drink water, until her doctor put her on blood pressure medication.

At the age of 60, she decided to get healthy. She lost 50 pounds!

With all of the changes she eventually made, including kicking her six pack of Diet Coke PER DAY!, her migraines DRAMATICALLY decreased in frequency and intensity. She says her migraine medication actually works now.

Wishing you perseverance and health.

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6/19/14 7:18 P

Kayla, on another post you mentioned that you are experiencing an unusually high heart rate and that you have had heart issues in the past. Add this to your migraines and I would be concerned that you may be experiencing symptoms of something more serious. Please check in with your doctor, these are not things to be asking about on a message board.

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6/19/14 7:17 P


Two things come to mind. . .
1. Withdrawal from caffeine can cause a migraine-like headache because of the vasodilatation effects of caffeine --with caffeine blood vessels relax and more blood flows through; without caffeine, blood vessels contract, less blood flow, and what's called a vascular headache.

2. Mind-body medicine can work wonders for migraines! Learning to meditate, practice deep breathing techniques and lovingly care for yourself is a wonderful way to attain better health!

Wishing you great success!


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6/19/14 4:38 P

I did try to quit cold turkey. And yes that was pretty much all I had in the mornings.
I have never went to the doctor over my migraines since my mom had them everyday I just kind of deal with them like she does. Never think to tell my doctor about them lol.
I started drinking coffee again though like I used to since I had no energy at all even with the smoothies.
I also started writing down what I was consuming and think it was because I wasn't drinking enough water. So I think I was getting dehydrated along with not having caffeine.

I am forcing myself to drink more water though and my coffee and haven't had headaches like I was.

I am still drinking my smoothies for breakfast and do feel a lot better through out the day. Like it makes my energy last longer or something? I don't really know how to explain it. But smoothies are definitely staying. :)

6/14/14 9:16 A

My best guess is that this is tied to your caffeine intake. Have you stopped "cold turkey" on the coffee???

You can eat a healthier diet and still enjoy regular coffee.
You can still add some cream, sugar, sweetener to your coffee (what were your doing?)
Now, if you were using those coffee drinks that contain hundreds of calories, that may need some adjustment.

I would suggest that you also talk with your doctor who is managing the care of your migraines.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/14/14 12:45 A

"some kind of nutrition besides just coffee"

So your habit up until now has been just coffee in the mornings?

That could be your whole answer, for a couple of different reasons.

If you cut out the coffee, your migraines could be from caffeine withdrawal, or it could be that caffeine was preventing them. (Lots of migraine relief medications have caffeine.) If you added a big smoothie to the normal coffee, the dairy or just the extra food could be changing how you metabolise the caffeine-- it slows the effect of the coffee.

Last (but totally NOT least), if you quit the coffee, did you replace it with an equal volume of some other fluid? A lot of people who think they're getting migraines from caffeine withdrawal or because of an artificial sweetener in their drink are actually getting dehydration headaches. Being even just very slightly dehydrated can cause a world-class, please-kill-me-now level migraine.

6/13/14 3:43 P

There are phone apps that can help you journal, online apps or you can do it old school:

by time of day you log:

Food and drink

Activities or events
(e.g. weather, work,
social, bowel
menstrual cycle)

(What + dose)

Headaches and
other symptoms

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6/13/14 3:18 P

My husband and son both get righteous migraines with any artificial sweetener.

As you are trying to eat healthier, are you buying things that say "No Sugar Added?" That's often a flag that an artificial sweetener is included. While they have lower calories, it's due to artificial additives in place of sugar. Certain breads and other things you might not expect to find them have them hidden.

It's definitely worth a trip to the doctor, but try journaling your food and see if any particular types of foods appear on the days you get these.

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6/13/14 2:17 P

Yes, I get them too with Asparatame emoticon

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6/13/14 2:02 P

For migraines, everyone has different triggers. It could sugar withdraw, change in caffeine intake or the sweeteners you now use or a whole list of other things.

A few things I've found that bothered me:
Yogurt - which I love btw.
Asparatame, Sucralose (Splenda/Equal)

Direct sunlight - If I have to squint (I have auto darkening rose colored sunglasses now).

I've had zero migraines since switching to Stevia as my primary sweetener.

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6/13/14 1:21 P


It could possibly be withdrawals or it could be something you're eating now is triggering the migraines.

I know for me, avocado (Tyramine) was a big trigger as was whey protein to a milder extent.

If you regularly suffer from migraines try an eliminating approach. See if you can determine the trigger.

If you haven't already, see a doctor regarding your migraines and you both can work together.

Good Luck.

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6/13/14 1:17 P

I would see a doctor. You have migraines if you eat healthy or junk food.

Until them I would make sure you are drinking water, no longer having caffeine (expect headaches for a bit when you cut it out), reduce sodium.

Personally, I would track what I was eating. You can also log how you feel, your menstrual cycle, you may have a specific food trigger. You don't have to stay in any calorie range, but it will be helpful.

Foods that can trigger a migraine:

Other causes:

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6/13/14 1:03 P

Hey there! I'm trying to start eating healthier. I'm not counting calories right now due to I just want to teach myself to eat healthier first. My family is huge on junk food and so it is a big change for me.
I'm happy with eating healthier but I've noticed that I am getting migraines a lot. I never really have been a big breakfast eater and so I have incorporated smoothies into my diet in the morning so that I have some kind of nutrition besides just coffee before 1-2pm but I haven't seen a change yet (only done the smoothie thing two days so far). I figure though that my body is just going into shock from not having so much processed foods.
But how long will this last? I hate migraines and while I've always suffered with them they always seem to get worse when I try to eat right and exercise.
Am I going to have to deal with this from now on? Or is it something that will go away?
I hate them because they hinder my work outs and I have got to the point that I love working out and don't want to have to delay it for a day because of migraines!
Opinions and advice?

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