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7/10/14 12:14 A

That makes NO sense--usually migraines are much improved by good hydration. I am very disposed to migraines (and I am an aneurysm survivor) and I find that I need 10-12 glasses a day to stay out of the headache danger zone. I would be in agony if I only consumed 6 glasses of fluid a day.

It makes much more sense that something is very amiss with your kidneys. Kidney failure can mess up your electrolyte balance and that can make migraines worse.

You really do need to see someone (a different internist/generalist or a nephrologist) soon as you can. What your are describing is certainly NOT normal.

7/9/14 9:04 P

Based on the information you are sharing, I encourage you to locate a new doctor as soon as possible. Call your local hospital and find out about their physician list and who is accepting new patients. Or call your insurance company to see the doctors on your plan then start making the calls. All the medical situations you describe need the attention of a physician.

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7/9/14 8:57 P

My doctor didn't show concern and ignored it. He recently passed away and I'm in the search for a new doctor. Once I get one I plan on looking more into it. I do know my kidneys don't work properly so I think that may have a affect on it... the retaining water bit.... but IDK about the rest. When I get a new doc I plan on him looking more into it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue

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7/9/14 8:42 P

I guess anything is possible, and considering you have been noticing a pattern, and so too has a co-worker, then I would assume that your guess is correct.

What did your Dr say about this? I would be inclined to ask for a referral to someone in the Specialist field.


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7/9/14 4:28 P

I've gone through this in the past. I can drink 4 cups of fluid a day no problems, 6 can be questionable and 8 is a definite no no. I've talked to my doctor about it too. I retain water like a bloody camel! Why we have no idea and I've taken pee pills in the past but even still if I drink too much I get wicked migraines... to the point my head actually swells (I know, weird right!). I used to work in fast food and have to wear a visor and would daily have to change my cap size upward of 2 inches at times when a migraine was head on or kicking in. Once it was over with generally my visor would sit on my nose. I thought it was a prank at work until the one lady was noticing the change and we talked about it. I tend to drink more before a migraine not realizing until after that I've done so. Does anyone else find they get this? I have yet to find out why it happens.

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