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5/19/13 2:14 P

I started having Vertigo migraine this past February. It has been super hard for me to live my normal life. Since I am very dizzy and feel like I am standing on a boat most of the time. The situation has really stressed me out. I have also gain 10 lbs because I can't exercise.
My doctor has put me on multiple supplements, but so far nothing has worked. Then I was put on Amerge, but I found that it made me very tired? Has anyone this this?
Any suggestions or exercise for Vertigo migraines?

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
1/30/13 4:20 P

Has anyone had success with yoga? I've had two doctor's (neurologists) strongly suggest this for me to help with them.

DEBRA554 Posts: 19
1/29/13 5:07 A

I am debra554,Ive suffered since I was 12 with these.I have Chronic Migraines which ruin my quality of life and tasks.Im fighting back with meds and excersize dont know what to do anyone whos suffered and has ideas Id be willing to try anything.Are there any excersizes to combat these?

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9/2/12 5:05 P

I had migraines from my early teens until I was through menopause. I hope that you get rid of them too. If I could go to a dark room, take medication within 15-30 minutes and lie down with a hot water bottle on my head, I could usually manage not to throw up and stop the headache within a few hours. If it got farther ahead of me, sometimes lying down in a warm, not hot, bath with my head mostly submerged so that just my face was out of water, it helped too. Otherwise my headaches would sometimes last for days. Exercise didn't seem to have any effect, positive or negative.

IACTA_ALEA_EST Posts: 2,362
9/2/12 2:32 P

I used to get them especially if my head got sweaty, then chilled, or if my body overheated in the sun...thy just went away on their own.

I do irrigate my sinuses more and that has seem to help.

WISDOMTOOTH2020 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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9/2/12 12:43 P

I've had migraines since I was 8 years old. I am now 52. I've tried everything, including no artificial sweeteners, chocolate, caffeine, etc. etc. They are manageable now and I don't take it for granted that have more migraine-free days than not. It's just "new" to have them come when I exercise. I blame menopause. It's probably another twist in chemistry.

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9/2/12 8:39 A

I also suffer from chronic migraines, so I understand your frustration. I take 50mgs of Topamax daily (which has helped with the neurological symptoms...I can't tolerate a higher dosage because of side effects) and Zomig 2.5mgs PRN as an abortive. I also take 200mgs of CoQ-10 daily and Super B-complex (I tried Magnesium for a didn't work for me, only bothered my stomach, but I have heard that it can be very beneficial).

What I find is that watching my diet (no artificial sweeteners, watching my refined sugars and caffeine, no chocolate, very little alcohol) and moderate exercise first thing in the morning, seems to help (unless I wake up with a migraine, then I'm down for the count). Massage and yoga also seem to help. Good luck in finding relief...Maybe your doctor has some other recommendations.

WISDOMTOOTH2020 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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9/1/12 9:29 P

Hi Drop,
Thanks for your reply about migraines and exercise. I know my headaches are vascular and the direct result of chemical influences - hormones, stress, exercise, etc. What fun! :)
Oddly, I have LOW blood pressure. Without fail I have readings like 110 over 70. Not even "dr. office" anxiety readings!Thanks for the thoughts.

WISDOMTOOTH2020 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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9/1/12 9:27 P

Interesting. A vitamin regimen to prevent migraines. I'll have to ask my doctor about it. I am pretty convinced mine are now as related to hormonal fluctuations as anything. Now that I'm perio-menopausal they are coming regularly and always with my cycle. It's maddening! If it's not cramps, it's painful migraines!

WISDOMTOOTH2020 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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9/1/12 9:25 P

Hi Maggie,
I appreciate the link. It had some interesting information.
I know my migraines are vascular. What's interesting to me is how I "know" when I've got one coming and what is the likely cause. I am scheduled to see my doctor this month and I will bring up the ideas presented in the article. Hopefully, I can get some answers so I can start and stay on an exercise program that keeps migraines at bay.

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8/25/12 9:16 A

Yah - I've suffered from these before. They can be horrible! Jennylt1 has some good input on cutting back the intensity. That seemed to do the trick for me.

JENNYLT1 SparkPoints: (25,243)
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8/24/12 11:48 P

I would get them when I began running again after taking a long time off. I also suggest cutting back your intensity until you get used to it. I also take the following vitamins daily to help prevent migraines, which as recommended to me by my neurologist. I had to stop taking my preventative meds due to side effects. 500 mg magnesium, 300 mg Co-Q, 250 mg B2.

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/24/12 5:49 P

Here is an interesting article that you might shed some light

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/24/12 5:18 P

I don't experience exercise-induced headaches, but I do get migraines and other types of headaches so I know how they feel and how debilitating they can be.

Have you just started a new exercise program after having been inactive for a while? Have you started cutting back on your calories? Two things that can lead to headaches are dehydration and not eating enough. Be sure you are eating enough calories to sustain your activity, and be sure to drink enough during exercise. An electrolyte balanced drink like gatorade might help too.

Also, try dialing back on the intensity of your exercise until you can complete the 30 minutes without getting a headache later. That might mean you have to not sweat for a little. Then ramp up the intensity more slowly, until you get to where you want to be without a headache happening later on.

I worry that something cardiovascular might be going on, like higher blood pressure or something. That's of course a question for the doctor!

WISDOMTOOTH2020 SparkPoints: (1,619)
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8/24/12 10:10 A

I have suffered from migraines since the 2nd grade (my parents just didn't know that's what they were back in 1965!).
I am now 52, perimenopausal, and am now getting a bad migraine within 24 hours of a moderate exercise session (I am trying not to kill myself on the treadmill, just exercise for 30-minutes at a moderate pace, break a sweat...we're not talking P90X here.) These are painful, I-want-to-avoid-exercise-to-avoid-the-pain

Yes, I am talking to my doctor about this! I have never had this happen before this point in my life. I was an exercise nut in my 30s and had the body to show it! However, age, life, and fat have caught up with me.

Does anyone else experience exercise-induced migraines and do you know what causes them? I've been told everything from "exercise releases toxins in your body to your neck muscles are contracting during exercise causing the blood vessels in your head to spasm.")
Personally, I think it has something to do with the increased blood flow that occurs during exercise to fuel muscles and that's being interpretted by my "migraine brain" as "Oh! Let's have a migraine!"

I can't tell you how discouraged I am when this happens. If you have never had a migraine you wouldn't know the pain I'm talking about and what you'll do to avoid it.


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