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So I made it last night with much more sucess. Added 1 T cocoa powder, .5 tsp stevia. and just a little bit of milk. Stirred this up as best I could. Added slightly more milk and zapped for 5 seconds in micro to melt cocoa. Then when I stirred I got the paste. Added rest of milk and stirred. Microed 1 min. Took it out just as it frothed, but it was still a little cool so I put it in for another 30 seconds. Took it out just as it frothed again. Added .25 tsp vanilla and a little cinnamon and nutmeg. Got the conistency right. Very chocolatey and good. Only drawback was, indeed, that it was thin which I don't think can be helped with skim milk. But this is definitely doable for me now and only dirtied a single mug!

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11/16/12 12:34 A

fill the mug halfway with the milk, sugar equivalent. zap 30 seconds. stir in the chocolate and a teeny pinch of salt. zap 30 seconds. stir and add the rest of the milk. if it is too cold, zap another 30 seconds. stir in the vanilla last (heating it makes it lose some of its flavor). sprinkle cinnamon on top if you like. or put some canned whipped cream or cool whip fat free in a spoon and float it on top of the chocolate, then sprinkle the cinnamon. the key is to have plenty of room for the milk to rise up in the cup. so heat slowly

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This is frustrating me. I have skim milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia, splenda, and a microwave all at my disposal. Why can't I get this right? All I want is a guilt free, warm, comforting drink before bed. I know that it won't be quite as good as traditional hot chocolate, but I'd still like to have this *cries. Plus I have major sleep issues, and last two times I had this I fell asleep fairly quickly, so maybe there is something to the whole "Warm glass of milk" before bed thing. Normally I just have herbal tea which helps sometimes. But I kinda like this since its a little thicker. Wish it could be made nice and thick tho

I got off track, but the first problem is that so often the milk bubbles over and makes a mess in the microwave. Even when I heat it correctly, it doesn't seem quite chocolately enough, but there is lots of extra cocoa powder in the bottom so its saturated. What are the amounts of each ingredient you use, and how exactly you microwave/prepare a single serving hot chocolate?

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