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8/17/11 1:22 P

Lol Bachmann's insane religious ranting prevents her from being attractive to me at all!

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8/17/11 7:07 A

Perry unhinges in his first week on the campaign trail. Even Karl Rove was appalled at Perry's crazy comments on the Fed Chairman.

Daffy Duck is looking better and better as the only bona fide GOP candidate out there right now!

8/15/11 10:28 P

Perry/Bachmann ticket is an auto-loss in my opnion. Eric is right about a referendum and people will vote by their wallet November 2012.

Still, I really like a Romney/Bachmann ticket. As for how Bachmann looks at 55, she is a very pretty woman.

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8/15/11 5:22 P

Bachmann is hot, especially at 50+.

Looks, skin color, hair color, accent, etc. shouldn't have anything to do with it, but obviously they do. I'd like to see a Perry/Bachmann ticket, but I doubt it will happen for political reasons.
(I'd vote for Daffy Duck and Porky Pig over the current clown and his 30+ thieves.) He's so inexperienced and so far over his head it's unbelievable.

When politicians say they want to do things to "help the people" it only means they're trying to win votes to get reelected. (Buy votes). That's why our borders are a joke, why Fannie and Freddy lent money to people for housing that they couldn't really qualify or pay for, why unemployment benefits have been extended for years, etc. etc.

(I've lived in Nevada for twenty years, and when Harry Reid got reelected it's the first time I was ashamed to admit it. )

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8/15/11 4:40 P

I'll repeat- this will be a referendum on Obama and the economy more than anything else. Unless there is a real war or national security risk of great proportion (and 2004 counts due to the recency of 9/11), the only thing that matters is a person's wallet. i am convinced that most people count the $ in their wallets the day of an election, and decide if it feels like enough. if it feels OK, the incumbant president stays. if it doesn't, he's out. The GOP could probably run Daffy Duck and win if the economy hasn't improved by 11/2012.

That said, Bachmann is pretty out there. The GOP will be well-served by a big-state contender's emergence. Don't know how wacko Perry may be on social conservative issues, but if he isn't too far gone, he'd be good.

As a Fiscal Conservative and Socially Moderate/Liberal person in my political persuasion, i DO NOT LIKE social conservative policy. i do not want people to tell me how to live my life or to try to suggest that their philosophy/religion is better than mine.

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8/15/11 4:26 P

As long as Obama is gone I will be happy. But I would say a Perry/Bachman ticket is more likely.

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8/14/11 7:19 P

Obama will either win it or lose it based on the economy. It is irrelevant as to who the GOP candidate actually is.

He can only hope a wacko like Bachman is selected, and Obama can play the "Bachman is a social conservative nut" card to try to scare the voting population, like W did in scaring the nation in 2004 that we needed him to be safe.

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8/14/11 6:52 P

not the best picture of her but yep she is hot.

8/14/11 5:53 P

Jon Stewart scolding Newsweek (Tina Brown editor) for the cover picture:

8/14/11 5:44 P

Ok, so this is the picture that folks made much ado about last week. This woman is freakin HOT!!! That look in her eyes is INTENSITY, she's a "True Believer" for her following.

As for Bachmann herself and the race for the GOP ticket?

I say a Romney/Bachmann ticket is a massive landslide win over Obama and that's an opinion from me; a Liberal!

That ticket would have my vote in a heartbeat. If it's Bachmann at the top of the ticket it's an auto-loss for the GOP. The country will never elect a far right candidate. Say what you will about "W" but he was no Far Right Winger, not even CLOSE! Nor is Karl Rove or Dick Cheney. Those guys were near centrists with right leanings.

Romney is NOT the bad guy conservatives are making him out to be. First of all he was a gov. for a massive populated state and his healthcare plan was meant to, oh I don't know, TO HELP THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya know, us? He's not even remotely funny but I don't want a funny guy in the office, he's a real politician that a lot of moderates could learn to like because he's NOT an extreme right winger. Bachmann on the bottom part of the ticket will bring in the rest of the party that may not like Romney's style.

Obama has still got a chance to win IF the economy gets better (it wont) or if unemployment gets lower (it wont) or if there's a CLINTON anywhere on his ticket as in the top or bottom part. That's it. The only other way he could win is if the GOP blinks like they did when The Maverick put Miss Alaska on the ticket and then everyone realized it was like "Driving Miss Crazy" around. Hahahahaha!!!!!!! (btw - Palin is hot, too)

What say you my Brothers on both sides of the isle?

Nothing heated, just good old discussion. If it gets ugly or personal I'll personal press the Inappropiate Button myself (which I have never done).

remember, no real mudslinging at each other!

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