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3/19/13 6:27 P

If you haven't already, get your Thyroid tested! emoticon

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3/15/13 7:30 A

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3/15/13 7:24 A

I recently found that I wasn't eating enough for the intense exercise program that I was doing. I was sore all the time, didn't have the energy to finish my workouts, was becoming very drowsy by late afternoon, and was having a lot of cravings for junk food. Due to the cravings I started cheating on my nutrition goals.

The amount of carbs and fat I was eating were below the recommended amounts for me on the SP nutrition tracker, so I decided to try eating within those ranges. The first day I did it I was alarmed to see I was at the high end of the recommended calorie range, which I thought was too much, but I stuck with it for a week to see what would happen and I had a lot more energy and recovered faster from my workouts. The scale went up but I stuck with it and now on my second week the scale is starting to go back down and at the same time I feel more fit. I'm doing P90X right now which is about 45% strength training, 25% cardio, and 30% yoga/stretching.

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3/15/13 7:14 A

1. Strength train
2. Cardio
3. Stay active thoughout the day
4. Eat at maintenance for a day or couple of days.

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3/15/13 6:27 A

My Dietitian put me on a specific calorie target (no range) to kickstart my metabolism. It obviously worked - I started to lose weight after having been overweight for about 30 years, on a very healthy diet, and what had been a very healthy normal weight-loss range, too, and on which I was steadily gaining still. My exercise regime never altered at all.


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3/15/13 6:10 A

don't eat the same foods day in and day out. mix it up, eat a wide range of foods.

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3/14/13 7:49 P

Start looking through the videos here on SP! There's a ton of short, easy videos that you can use to get you used to the idea. Invest in some resistance bands... they're cheap, portable, and versatile, and even better, grown with you.

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3/14/13 6:15 P

something that worked really well for me was 1) taking a weight management multivitamin (oneaday w/ green tea extract) 2) as many have already suggested is strength training 3) occasionally indulging. The way I did it was I would do my 4 workouts per week, and eat at the lower end of my calorie range for about 2 weeks with limited treats (all being within the lower range) and then for 1-2 days allow my self to eat at the high end of my calorie range with some not so healthy treats. I found after doing this something just kicked in and in 2 weeks I had lost 4 lbs when in the previous 4 weeks I had only lost about 3/4 -1 lb per week. Good luck!

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3/14/13 4:05 P

Ok, so weight training is something common here, how do you start when you have never really done it and aren't into the idea?

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3/14/13 3:31 P

1) Eat enough to support your activity level. Undereating causes it to be slow. Update SP with your fitness goals and choose a reasonable weight loss goal that you can attain (roughly 3% of your total weight loss goal per week is a good measure).

2) Eat a variety of healthy foods, at least 80% of the time. It's okay to stray now and again, and just make sure it's in your calorie range.

3) Strength train. Lean muscle burns more calories!

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3/14/13 11:31 A

Don't skip meals and/or snacks!

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3/14/13 10:57 A

Exercise - particularly strength-training (which over time builds lean muscle tissue, which is more metabolically active than fat; more muscle = higher resting metabolic rate).

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3/14/13 10:53 A

Any suggestions on the best way to get metabolism working again.


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