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1/31/14 1:17 P

If you're looking for a "different" way to get into shape then you should look at doing's already working for me.

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1/25/14 2:41 P


1/24/14 6:54 A

So I was going to wait a couple weeks before starting MetCon because I hadn't felt comfortable with several of the exercise but after two days watching the videos and practicing with light weights I decided to give a shot this morning.......sweat is pouring off of my forehead as I'm typing this and I am out of breath.

Here's what it was:
Dumbbell Snatches 4x's each side with a 35# dumbbell
Dumbbell Clean & Press 4x's each side with a 45# dumbbell
Dragon Flys 8x's
Dumbbell Swings 16x's 40# dumbbell

I did this circuit style three times with a 1:1 exercise time to rest ratio (I had to use a stopwatch on my iPad)

At the end I was as out of breath as I am when I do HIIT. I am going to stick with the schedule I wrote in the post before this and will start it the Monday after next but this preview was awesome!

Burn fat B-U-R-N!!!!!!!

1/22/14 11:19 A

SURE! But I like listening to this kind of music while working out


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1/22/14 10:27 A

can I be your w/o partner?

1/22/14 10:10 A

So after more research I was finally able to put together two workouts using MetCon but I also found out that I should alternate it with HIIT so my schedule in two weeks will be this:
Monday - Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 routinbe (shoulders) then MetCon
Tuesday - Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 routine (back) then HIIT
Wednesday - Traps then MetCon
Thursday - Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 routine (chest) then HIIT
Friday - Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 routine (legs) then P90x Yoga
Saturday/Sunday - walking for 30min only each day.

Yes, this schedule does cut me from 3 to 4 days of HIIT but with two days of MetCon it's a good trade off since I'll sweating and huffing and puffing my butt off all four days the end the week with P90x yoga (no day in that park with THAT routine).

1/21/14 2:35 P

Like HIIT (high intensity interval training) this method of workout burns fat like KWAZY!

I just found out about this yesterday and am looking into it, I know it's CrossFit oriented.

Anyone do this?

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