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10/24/14 10:53 A

Perseverance is all that you need. I run into the same issues being stuck. They only way past it is to go right through it. On the other side you will feel so proud of yourself for your accomplishment. Since you know what is triggering your to get stuck. DON"T DO THAT! this is not to be funny. I used to chew tobacco for twenty one years. I trigger was confidence to live without it, so one day I said I will have it later, then I used I will pick it up later at the store. Before I knew it, it had been two days without it. I said at that point could I do three? That was the long two weeks of my life. Because that is how long it took me to break the cycle. I am proud to say that I have not had any tobacco for the past 3 years and do not wish to have any. I look at it like, I have a second chance so I am making the most of it. Yes its hard. yes I called a friend for those two weeks when the urge was so great. I even went to the gym to stay occupied. This Website is here for that reason. If you need help talk about use the coach. the best thing you could do is change your normal routine so you miss the trigger and look for the trigger that drives you to Stay Fit For Life!!
Best of luck! I hope I have help you in some small way.

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10/23/14 9:23 A

I was sitting on a plateau that seemed to go on forever. Last time into the doc she said 8 pounds off. Now I'm feeling pumped up to go for more...or shall I say for a little less of me.

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5/4/14 5:23 P

My mental block is the periodic stressor of life. I do ok for a week, half week and then life gets to me. It is a roadblock. Day to day living stopped the revolution.

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5/3/14 8:20 P

LADYCROFT sounds like you are genuinely busy and walking two miles is nothing to sneeze at. I have a bad knee and would love to be able to walk that far without pain or discomfort; worse I don't want to damage it any worse as I'm hoping to put off surgery a while longer. Meantime I am having difficult getting the exercise I can because it requires a special time of day and trip to the old PT office, and after work I just don't feel like doing it..

Today though I bought a swim cap so I can start going to the community pool a couple times a week, just as soon as I can get it into my budget. Joining the Y is about $600 a year and right now, that's a big commitment until I pay off some other bills.

Looking in the mirror should be motivation enough - seeing my gut sticking out is not a pleasant sight so maybe I need to have a mirror in front of me when I eat? emoticon

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5/3/14 11:50 A

My mental block is being able to "make" the time. I really can't tell if its in my head or if I am legitimately as busy as I feel like I am. I am a full time commuting senior in college, working 2 jobs, and the assistant director of a theatrical production that closes tonight. I try to pick healthy options on campus but at home I have no motivation to cook and I have a hard time making it to the market. About the only exercise I get right now is the two mile walk from my car to classes (1 mile in the morning and 1 at night)
The semster will be over in just over a week so I guess then I will really be able to measure if its life or my head.

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5/3/14 11:49 A

JUNKDRAWER, I think we all have a little corner in our minds that screeches to a halt over something... and not being able to afford new clothes myself, I do get where you're coming from with the thrift stores etc. My size is also hard to find, and the condition? Eeesh!...

...I'm so glad I learned how to sew--though I'm not great with tailoring, I CAN do simple alterations, and have gotten VERY good at repurposing! LOL

I'm up there with the best in finding excuses not to do something about my situation! LOL

The thing is, there are free tutorials available online on just about anything you can imagine, including how to sew and tailor. As I lose the weight, I've found that I CAN keep the clothes I have now--just taking them in as I go! Of course, at some point the basic shape is going to alter, but I can certainly buy myself a LOT of time... and so can we all.

So I learn something new. (I'm studying the Korean language right now! LOL) I stop pouring my energy into why things aren't working as I want them to. I remind myself that I can get through to the next level, and then do something constructive to stop my mind from feeding energy into the barriers, and move onto something positive

...and I've also found that learning a new skill can actually boost my self-esteem and motivation, provide a new interest to take my mind off stress, use up time that might be spent in binging--and I don't necessarily need a sewing machine for little tucks in a seam here and there. Needle and thread and a thimble may be old fashioned and slow, but they still do the job!

I like the question you posed... made me think! LOL

Good luck! emoticon

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5/3/14 10:34 A

I really don't know what my mental block is at the moment. I just know I have not lost much weight. I am stressed, but I have become a healthier eater. I walk/run more, but the weight won't budge. I still have twenty pounds to go. Help!

Also, for the soda, try to wean off of it. I used to drink a lot of diet soda and so did my mom. She had brain cancer and passed away, and I think it was linked to the soda. To stay healthy, I would drink one less can of soda per week and swap it for an unsweetened iced tea, water, or seltzer (bubbles). You can do it!

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5/2/14 6:45 P

I just can't seem to totally give up the soda. I know it is bad for me and loaded with sugar. But I just can't seem to break that habit. I try, but I am just not strong enough to kick the habit. Grrrr.

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5/2/14 5:49 P

I've been trying to lose two stinking pounds for EVER, so I have a little lee way before special events/weekends. Once I hit a certain weight and maintain it a while, I seem to find an excuse to binge it up so I have two pounds to lose instead of heading the other way. It's such a mind game.

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5/2/14 11:46 A

My mental block is thinking I can't do it or my lack of motivation. I am trying to be determined and get myself going.

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5/1/14 2:31 P

In regard to mental blocks/barriers -- I'd lost weight and was doing great maintaining until I was badly jarred in a car accident Jan 2013 -- I let it set me back and have no one to blame but myself. I think I felt sorry for myself, was feeling lousy, and kept thinking that I'd get back to better habits "later." I used it as an excuse or mental block. ENOUGH OF THAT! I'm logging onto SP, tracking and reading motivational stuff (like this thread!) each day and feel so much encouragement. One day at a time. Oh, and as to clothes and re-sale shops -- I live in small-town rural America and I am ALWAYS on the look-out for thrift, used, consignment and re-sale -- and I find stuff in even the smallest out-of-the-way places. Except for underwear and socks, I almost never buy anything new anymore -- so, keep trying -- there's stuff out there. I guess I'm mentioning this because the original poster brought it up, so I'm just guessing that it must be a little-bit of an excuse there.

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5/1/14 8:59 A


I had a recent experience of gaining half of the weight back that I lost in 2011. I was so mad at myself and spent a few days "grieving" after I finally weighed myself. Then I got on here and started talking. The best advice I got was to forget about the weight gain and start over. That's not to say that you aren't upset and you should acknowledge the sadness for a bit. However, moving on is ultimately the best thing you can do. Obsessing over the weight gain will not change it- I know I tried :) I got back on track this month and I am down 1 lb. I still have 16 more to go but it felt good to get back on track. I am empowered to lose the weight again and KEEP IT OFF this time! A hard lesson but in the end it will make me stronger.

Best of luck.

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5/1/14 8:46 A

This isn't a reply so much as a plea for help. I started grad school last fall and I'm miserable. I've gained 20 lbs (which I'd worked really hard to lose in the first place) and the antidepressant (again, thanks grad school) makes it almost impossible (or so it feels) to lose weight. I hate the way I look now, but I don't see results very fast when I'm careful (and I used to, before the antidepressant) so I'm not feeling motivated to keep trying. I would love any suggestions or words of encouragement, if anyone has any. Thanks for listening.

4/30/14 5:55 P

there are always options to finding clothing - that can not and should not be the reason for your being stuck. Are you at your body's best for it weight? that can be a different number than what you think is right. Do you have someone being upset with your weight loss? a husband who is afraid if you get too attractive he'll lose you (they are not always conscious of this)?A girl friend or family member who is jealous that you've lost and they haven't? Are you afraid of how you won't maintain your weight loss so rather than go there, you fail at losing to lose? Have you just gotten to the point where you need to kick it up a notch? increase the exercise or make some changes to the diet to fool your body into losing some more? and if it really is about the clothing - learn to make your own and/or take in what you have. Start a swap with friends who are also going through weight gain/loss. there are always options, it just takes you to embrace them

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4/30/14 11:28 A

Congratulations on losing 46 pounds, that's a big deal! Send me a message. I have lots of new and almost new clothes that I'd be happy to ship your way. I was going to donate them anyway. It will be perfect if they are your size.

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4/29/14 8:40 A

Faking it until I make it -- I do that too. emoticon
In the past I once got stuck right about 200 pounds -- I could not break through to ONEderland -- in fact, I went the other way, to 300 then 400 land. Then, I had surgery and got down to about 299 and then, started gaining again. I don't understand it -- yes, the body does establish a "set point" and the little fat cells do all they can to maintain their size and shape, so it is a battle against our own flesh. Also, there is the mental block -- who am I when I am no longer the fat girl? What if I regain after I pass this threshold and find I am a failure, again?
The added stresses of the recent financial hits you have taken have not helped you in your endeavor,either. All I can offer is the fact that you are more than a number on the scale or how your clothes look. You have the tools to do this. Review your goals as to why you want to lose weight -- make them front and center of every place you are. Don't focus on the miss-steps or the back-slides, keep your eyes focused on the goal.

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4/28/14 4:35 P

Once I was aware of the mental block honestly it still took me months to start to move past it. Then again I've never been very good at that sort of thing, so I imagine it may be much easier for some people.

I did also attempt my own alterations on clothes (my budget is nonexistent for clothes! I have not bought anything in several years) and found it easier than I expected to get decent results. So if you have a machine or can use someones it may be worth trying.

4/27/14 9:50 P

I think so many of these ideas are just THE BEST! Maybe we need to start a site on SP just for that reason. We could have our own swap shop for clothes. :)

4/27/14 3:04 A

I find that my cravings hit hardest when I'm alone and a little bit lonely which happens a lot because I work overnights. Those binges tend to derail me by making me feel terriblr and adding tons of calories to my stockpile.

Also I find myself getting stuck every 5-10 lbs for a few weeks. It's hard to be patient through those plateaus. I start to get obsessed and wear myself before the break through.

I try to keep wearing my big clothes as long as possible because buying a whole new wardrobe is completely out of the question. When the time comes I buy one or two items at a time.

4/26/14 6:43 P

BOREDA -- Good point. If nothing else, you at least need to buy new bras once in awhile.

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4/26/14 5:32 P

I had a wardrobe full of clothes of all sizes, including a few outfits in some kind of super-giant size I bought (although I could ill afford it) to accommodate my heaviest weight. I then never wore the super-giant clothes, because I was so disgusted with myself for having allowed my weight problem to get so out of hand, but used this instead as a spur to lose the flab and get healthier. Now, over 60lbs down, I have donated all my super-giant clothes (still unused, in the original shop bags with labels attached) to the local charity shop -- an expensive lesson, but worth it as the push to get me to do something about the problem. On my way down in weight, I found that most things in my wardrobe have come back into service at some point -- although there were a few favourites that I was too fat to fit into, and waited patiently to try again, only to find that when I did eventually try them on I had lost too much weight and they were too big!
The lesson is that all clothes can usually be used in one way or another: try a belt to cinch an overlarge shirt and turn it into a mini-dress; wear baggy jumpers and outsize t-shirts with joy. (The exceptions are underwear and jeans -- not a lot you can do with a bra or a pair of jeans that is four sizes larger than you are...) So just try not to use clothing as a (subconscious) mental barrier: there are ways around the problem that do not involve spending money (are you handy with a needle and thread?), and the more important goal is getting yourself healthier.

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4/26/14 5:07 P

Sometimes older clothes are still in really good shape and it's worth the $10 or so to alter rather than having to buy new which is usually much more expensive. I've done that with some pants and tops and instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, I've been able to keep my clothes and downsize them with myself!

Secret eating is something I occasionally do as well and it's a result of my DH thinking he needs to tell me I shouldn't eat something. Last night, I wanted an oreo...and I got up to have one. When he heard me open the pantry, he yelled "get out of there". He thinks he's joking and teasing and that I'm overly sensitive, however, it made me angry. I don't know who appointed him the food police, but it was not me. I've told him many times that he does not need to police me or yell things out like that..but he doesn't get that it's counter productive. He truly thinks he's helping me. I went to put the darned Oreo's back and at that point he asked me to bring him a couple. I did...but I never ate the one I wanted. I was too upset. I don't know if he noticed or not. I don't know how else to get him to stop policing me.

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4/26/14 2:02 P

I do the same thing!! I also have a bad sweet tooth..

4/26/14 1:23 P

It seems like a shame to stop losing weight because of the expense of buying new clothes. I wore my old clothes until people were pulling me aside and telling me "You really need to go shopping." I'm a terrible seamstress, but I do have an old sewing machine, and I got it out and ran some seams up the side of my pants and on a few of my tops. It was enough to buy me more time. Eventually those items got too big too, but I've been buying one or two pairs of pants at a time, or one or two tops per season. If I buy basic things like black pants that go with multiple different tops, it helps.

I know it's easier said than done, but maybe the financial sacrifice needs to be made somewhere else so that buying a few new items of clothing is a possibility. A lot of us have been neglecting ourselves for a long time. Losing weight and buying new clothes, when possible, are ways to take care of ourselves that, for some of us, are overdue.

LILYISME Posts: 10
4/24/14 2:27 P

I get stuck after every ten pounds I lose for a couple of months. It has taken almost a year to lose 50 pounds because of that I still have another 30 to go before I hit my goal weight of 120.

I keep my bigger clothes around and wear them on days I'm staying inside to remind myself of how far I have come and where I will not go back to. They are a form of motivation for me to keep going to keep eating right and to keep moving.

I pick up just a few of essentials I need when clothes shopping like a pair of jeans and a few shirts I do that only though when I drop under garment sizes.

You could try selling your bigger clothes on Craigslist or something to get extra money for new clothes. Like if you sell one pair of pants use that money and that money alone and buy one pair of new pants .. use it as a constant reward system?

DEB4299 Posts: 831
4/24/14 11:39 A

Susan - I too am a secret eater. Whenever I find myself alone in the house I think I need to eat everything sweet an full of carbs in the house. For some reason I am sure if I don't eat them I won't get any more. A few years ago my stepson lived with us. He was a very big kid and at the time weighed over 300 lbs. I would shop and the next day half of it would be gone. Maybe part of the problem stems from that, since I harbor resentment over the entire situation. I struggle everyday not to binge the moment I am alone.

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4/21/14 6:56 P

Interesting concept. I find it wired that I put it to the test, and it is so true.

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
4/21/14 2:15 A

I think we all have mental blocks and pre-conceptions of what should occur and should not occur. I was taking a course on thinking that was quite interesting. They took four pairs on panty hose the same brand and asked people to select the best quality. It did not end up as that each pair was selected 25%, the pairs to the right hand of the individual were selected between 69% to 75% more often. Individuals seem to select the "right" side over the left side. They also introduced a fishy smell in the room and asked individuals to judge an issue and the issue was more often judged as suspicious in cultures where the comment "something is fishy here". I guess the point is that sometimes we have to push ourselves past our initial perception of an issue to judge it clearly. My issue is candy or secret eating....I like to think that if I eat in secret - no one will know or that if I have candy I need to eat the entire box because tomorrow I will "never" have it again. Neither of these perceptions or mental blocks have any real logic to them. If an entire loaf of bread disappears people will notice. Candy will always be available and therefore I do not need to eat the entire box. Do not take this post as a I have conquered the situations, I have not...but I am working to change my perception.

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4/20/14 2:33 P

Of course, maybe you are an experienced sewer, Junkdrawer! :)

NOOSNER SparkPoints: (11,557)
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4/20/14 2:32 P

Hi Sheryl

Agree it wouldn't work with heavy fabric but it's a good technique for someone who's not an experienced sewer because you don't need to cut into the fabric.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,501
4/20/14 1:08 P

the gal in the alteration video really isn't experienced. That approach would only work with a very light weight fabric. And even then...When you are trying to alter something, you want to take it 'IN' at the seams.

NOOSNER SparkPoints: (11,557)
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4/20/14 4:26 A

Oops, sorry I didn't add that link to the skirt instructions properly. Here it is again:

NOOSNER SparkPoints: (11,557)
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4/20/14 4:25 A

I too was wondering if you could make some simple sewing alternations - or maybe you have a friend who is handy with sewing who might do it for you in exchange for something you could do for her? The internet is full of videos and step by step instructions - I've learnt tons about sewing (and also about gardening) following them. It amazes me how generous people are in sharing their expertise for free. Here's an example I just looked up - how to take a skirt in (it takes her about 2 minutes to do!)

4/19/14 10:57 A

That's a tough one, but maybe it's okay to wear ill-fitting clothes while you save up to buy new ones. People who care about you will recognize that your clothes are loose because you're working hard to change your life. People who don't care about you probably shouldn't be bothered with anyway! Don't let your budget stop your hard work.

LOISRS Posts: 430
4/17/14 4:45 P

Friend, family, co-workers you can swap with?

KDYLOSE Posts: 1,664
4/17/14 1:16 P

As far as the expense of new clothes, this is a real concern, but on the other hand you will be saving a lot of money down the road in medical expenses if you keep losing. A couple of ideas come to mind: (I have numerous thrift stores in my area, some with really nice things, so it's too bad you don't have that option.)

1) I've never done this but my daughter has found some very nice lightly-used clothes on eBay. You can check the sellers' ratings on the site.

2) It's hard to say without knowing your lifestyle, but could you function with a smaller wardrobe while you're changing sizes? For instance, at my job I can wear the same pair of black pants all week with different tops and nobody notices. Could you just buy a few basic pieces and get by?

3) Any chance you could do very simple alterations? I'm no seamstress, but I've found I can take in a top that's gotten too large with a curved seam down the back and it looks pretty good.

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4/15/14 9:17 P

I wear a leg brace so while the weather was so awful outside I didn't go outside to exercise as much. The last thing I want to happen is to lose my freedom to walk independently. So while those options were closed to me for the season. It allowed me to work on DE cluttering part of the house. So then the struggle goes on to part with certain things. Although it's cute, or whatever rationale strikes me at the moment I need to open up more real estate in the house. It is quite something when I was use to before and now I'm working on the now. How my mind tricks on me to sometimes sabotage myself. Here's to fresh beginnings and positive outcomes.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/15/14 12:40 P

fresh beginnings, I hear ya. I'm in the same place

4/14/14 5:46 P

For the runners and walkers needing some motivation to get out there, someone plugged the app "Zombies, Run!" on one of the other message boards and it has gotten me to go out for three runs I would not otherwise have gone on in the last 2 weeks. The same game designers have another app called "The Walk" for walkers. They "gamify" walking or running. You are a character in this story which unfolds as you run, jog or walk, interspersed with your music playlist. It's a little silly and quite fun and has been so far for me the extra push I needed to get out running. I'm hoping this will help me get through a mental block that has kept me from getting back on track for some months now. And even if the scale doesn't budge, it's spring, and it's gorgeous out, and I'm running from scary zombies for 30 minutes at a time a few days a week. Sounds good to me...

SHAGAN16 SparkPoints: (1,208)
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4/14/14 4:17 P

Great tips!
I am noticing I dread my runs, but if I run a race or run with friends, I do just fine and enjoy myself. Isn't it crazy how our minds work?

4/14/14 4:07 P

Maybe dealing directly with the issues in the back of your head will help.

Sounds like you need a clothing strategy.

I am in the "loose clothing, need new clothing, but not near my goal and definitely don't want to spend the money again" phase of this process.

It is painful, because I had just spent a fortune replacing my clothing upwards and got rid of the lower sizes before being inspired to do this process again.

I bought just a few things to wear now, since I know I am still losing, but I have done this process before and have spent thousands of dollars on probably 4 to 6 different sizes that I have fluctuated by starting and stopping, rather than developing a lifestyle and it is getting harder to afford failing at this process. LOL!

One of the testimonies on this site, a woman paused in the middle of the process and did maintenance for a while, then dropped the second half of her weight and she said that it helped her.

I think taking responsibility for your decision by thinking it through and making up your mind - whether to slow down your weight loss to not have to buy clothing as frequently or what to give up to budget for clothing or where to drive to find a place that has your size as inexpensive as possible or if there is a cheap enough place on-line to buy even a few things.

My decision is that I am going to wear them baggy for a few more months, except a few special occasion outfits. It helps to make it as a decision, because I looked in the mirror this morning and looked ridiculous and that usually would be an emotional trigger that could make me fall off the wagon, but I know that this is just a season.

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4/14/14 3:16 P

Just having started back I had to overcome a lot of mental blocks just to get started. Nothing anyone around me could say or do would motivate me. I just had to decide one day to start back on the healthy track. One thing I can say that I have learned from "falling off the wagon" is that I can't make excuses for not sticking with it. Just because I am down or life is hard, there is no excuse for making bad choices about my diet.

4/14/14 6:27 A

Can anyone else feel a block approaching?? I'm currently trying desperately to avoid a mental block. I feel it, but according to the scale it's not here yet. I've had my share of unique and unusual stressors lately. This time around I'm not eating emotionally or binge-ing to regain control, but instead what I'm doing is to cling to the basics for all I'm worth. TRACK. MOVE. CHOOSE WELL. I'm showing 1-2 lbs losses each week, but I feel like I'm not quite over the hurdle. Soon I'll be in new territory for me... a weight range I haven't been in for 15 years and that I don't have the clothes for. I think another responder mentioned the same - Believe me I understand how powerful those mental thresholds can be.

I don't know what the magic answer is, but I think I've figured out what its NOT. Hitting pause on the goal, letting in the negative thoughts, letting myself become distracted because weight loss is WORK --- I think those things are not the best answers. Is there something to the idea that our minds see a barrier when what's really happening is that our weight loss journeys are not a ready source of happiness but a source of constant work? Is it any different for people at a healthy weight?

In summary, I choose to keep going. It sounds like many of us on this feed are doing the exact same thing. I want to know the person I will be on the other side of this hurdle.

4/13/14 3:17 P

I find getting the focus off of the barrier you currently have helps. I started the Sparkpeople bootcamp the last time I was dragging my feet, asked for a buddy on the board and ended up making a super good friend. I was able t push past that barrier. I realized then that I needed to focus on something other than being "kinda happy" with how far I had gone. So the challenge was good for me to focus on... I was focusing on toning, tracking, week to week challenge, etc... and lost an additional 20 pounds before I got pregnant again. I still do this.... start up a Turbojam workout and follow the plan; start up a challenge with online friends to kick my butt in gear, etc... it all helps. I am slumped again (last week of challenge with friends and I"m not winnin' even though I've lost another 6 pounds in 5 weeks); but I know I will keep working at it. hugs and prayers for your strength girl. It's SUCH work. But SO worth it! (hugs)

SETAGOAL1 Posts: 3,096
4/13/14 9:33 A

I am faking it until I make it. When I make it I ride the emotion until the next tide. emoticon


IMREITE SparkPoints: (422,299)
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4/13/14 12:46 A

I loose my focus quickly. i get mentally distracted and eat mindlessly or spend too much tie on my butt. i do well with workouts although i could push myself more if i stay mentally aware of what i was doing but i tend to loose form or use a smaller range of motion because i am not concentrating,

HORNOWL Posts: 2,744
4/12/14 10:53 A

Currently stuck for umpteenth time. Getting nutritionist to explore emotional eating. After all I did get rid of 90 unwanted pounds at one point.

I can change things up and reach final goal. But actually final goal outs to maintain that healthy weight for the rest of my life.

4/12/14 8:36 A

I agree, there is a mental aspect to this weight loss. Here is my example. I know I can run three miles, but lately, I've been bored on my runs and they haven't been enjoyable, however, I like running for the results and it takes half the time of walking. So this week I invited a friend to run with me -- I told her how she would actually be doing me a great favor. Well, we ran together and it was the fastest easiest run I'd had in a long time. Chatting while we ran just made the time fly. So that confirmed my running woes are in my head . I can easily do the distance, but I need to find out how to keep my mind from defeating me. Maybe like your mental block at 42 pounds? So the challenge is finding something that will empower you to get past it -- sometimes it is just recognizing it and planning. I like to turn to spark articles. Many people have gone through the very same challenges we are facing and reading about what the experts have written helps. I'm going jogging alone this morning, but with the knowledge that I can in fact do it quite easily. Hopefully I can find some reading that will give me some good ideas to overcome boredom.

We can do this!!!

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4/12/14 8:21 A

I get stuck to. What I find myself doing is going back and reading positive stuff I have saved to keep me going. Good luck. I hate to think about spending money I don't have to adjust for weightloss, I think that is one of my biggest roadblocks.

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4/11/14 8:35 P

This is the second time in my life I've reached a certain weight in my goals and gotten just plain stuck.

The first time was after my second child I made it this far and then a few things happened and my weight started going up again. At that point I had lost about 22 lbs.

This time around I'm stuck around 46lbs but it's the SAME number where I got stuck last time. I don't know how much of it is my body fighting against all this, or me mentally getting stuck and acting like it. Like this is some line I can't get over.

I know some of it is stress and life events. For some stupid reason I honestly think realizing if I lose a few more pounds I'll be clothes hunting again, which is totally not in the budget, so I think I have this back of my mind thing going on that keeps defeating myself and sabotoging things just enough I don't keep moving forward with the weightloss. We've had a lot of very expensive things to deal with lately so I am feeling the stress of trying to make it all work. Then I stress eat. Then I gain or don't lose. Ugh. Feels like a giant hampster wheel.

And just to pre-empt the resale shop comments I live in a very small town, my size is rarely available, and what random things I DO find are usually pretty stained up and nasty already.

Once you realize there is something blocking you mentally, how do you work past it??

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