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5/31/13 3:31 P

Wear 'em if you can! So hot!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/31/13 3:16 P

Am I unique in my opinion that there is quite a difference between commenting on a "fashion choice" or even "fashion faux pas", and commenting on the attractiveness-or-lack-thereof of a "body shape?"

I hope not.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/31/13 3:15 P

Ah ...... let me say that there are men that look awesome in tight fitting shirts those are the men that have a physique like Mario Lopez or a Channing Tatum. Then heck I say wear them all the time hahaha but if you don't have a physique like that they don't look nice.
But I've always told my husband to wear what feels comfy to him (first woman ever to say that to him , all others tried to change him but my idea on his wardrobe is this I fell in love with him for him he's perfect to me and so I don't tell him what to wear, he doesn't tell me what to wear).
I wish my husband would wear a size smaller in his shirt (he's 200 lbs and wears a size 2 x doesn't need to) but hey he's comfy and that's all that matters.
Some women like a tight shirt on a guy some don't, some women like a hairy guy most don't , but thank god for my hubby I LOVE A HAIRY GUY HAHAHAHA

5/31/13 3:15 P

@IHMF: IDK about anyone else on this post but I know your dislike for me and my "gross" gf (thread about open mouth chewing) and your constant attack on my threads, the only reason I don't report you is because the essence of what you're saying is valuable to the discussions but your delivery SUCKS!

I DO appreciate open and brutally honest replies, really, I DO and I know you won't apologize for how you feel about things (no one ever asks you to, either) but hiding behind the shield of "honesty" SHOULD come some tactfulness.

Recently I have been skipping over your threads because I feel like any remark I'd make may put your guard up (especially your personal stories) so I have been manning up and just not replying to them unless it's clear that what I'm saying is void of malice, I've been trying to live by the old saying, "If you don't have something nice to say don't say it all" but it just seems you ATTACK me on my threads.

I WON'T apologize for thinking highly of myself and the whole "attention getter" thing you keep accusing me of having, well, who DOESN'T like attention!?

There are always two ways to say things like:

"You got a face that could stop a clock!"
"You have a face that transcends time."

I'll skip over your threads if you skip over mine.


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/31/13 3:12 P

"Just hop over my comments emoticon ".....


if you're going to insist on trolling, you really need to come up with some new material.

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5/31/13 2:50 P


I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/31/13 2:27 P

It is a discussion about men in tight shirts and I shared my dislikes. I noticed you don't have a problem when others mentioned a shirt too small on a fat guy with gut hanging out. Just hop over my comments it is as simple as that. emoticon

5/31/13 9:34 A

One of my co-workers (Phys Ed Major) is 28 years old and is ripped and he told me that every now & again he'll hear someone make a snarky remark about his physique (it being too muscular). I have to admit that I use to be one of those people until I started lifting myself. I was a fat old man (at age 43) and was jealous of those folks.

I'm kinda proud of my accomplishments and I have enough self-esteem and ego to sustain such snarky remarks.

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
5/30/13 10:29 P

I think men (and women) should wear what they like to wear and feel good in.

And that people who have worked hard for a certain look, be it muscular or whatever, should feel free to definitely dress in any way that highlights their result and more power to 'em.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/30/13 8:22 P

Who said anything about anyone looking like a fool?

Making rude comments about people's body shape is NOT appropriate. That is all that I am saying, no more, no less. There's nothing for me to check. If certain body types gross you out and make you feel sick, that's your business, but this is NOT the place to share those thoughts.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/30/13 7:45 P

I always do check myself and I never look a fool. Now pleeeassssee check yourself!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/30/13 4:49 P

there's not one damn thing wrong with a "short muscular guy"... good heavens, check yourself already.

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I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/30/13 4:34 P

@KJ- I never said successfully fit people suck.... I said men with bulging muscles in tight shirts trying to show off is very unattractive. I think what a loser, and if they are short even worse as they are as wide as they are tall and that is gross to me, I also call that insecure short man syndrome.... I know several short men who act normal and are attractive as they are not show offs and they do not have bulging muscles in too tight of shirts by wearing one size smaller to show off what? an arm? because confidence is not being shown they show shallowness and insecurity and there is zero attractiveness in that period. I also think they may need their eyes checked to think they look so fine as to want to show off!

5/30/13 3:40 P

@BK: I wish I knew, lol!

@IHMF: Successfully fit people suck, I know, you've made that clear as possible....oh yeah, and their gross, too.

Yup, I agree that out of shape guys wearing shirts that have buttons popping is probably a shirt too tight for them.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/30/13 2:40 P

Anything smaller than "it fits properly" just looks uncomfortable to me and also a little like someone is trying too hard to get noticed.

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5/30/13 2:24 P

If a man is physically in shape, fitted clothes look good. Some call tight for fitted so I would have to see a picture to answer the question properly. I call tight where you can see skin between the buttons because the shirt is pulling. That look I don't like as it looks like you just don't care about your appearance and I like some vanity in a man.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/30/13 1:36 P

If your size is normally large and then you wear a size medium to "show off" then it is too tight!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/30/13 12:41 P

"I also wore khaki stretchy shorts 2/3rds of the year with thin black dress socks and sandals and some kind of Hawaiian shirt."


I demand that you add this to the "What were we THINKING?" thread... and then 'splain yourself, sir!!! I've always wondered what the thought process or practical purpose was, that sits behind a choice to wear dress-pant-socks with sandals... !!!!!!!!!!! And now here's my chance to have this mystery revealed! :D

5/30/13 12:30 P

About "skin-tight" fitting clothes: I suppose I neglected to specify "tight" in my title because CLEARLY there are enough references to "skin-tight" rather than tight. So indulge me a moment while I attempt to "define" men's shirt tightness.

A shirt that "fits" - IMO, this would be a shirt where the seams in the shoulders square up with the individual's edge of shoulder (when it over extends the shoulders that looks tacky to me) and the mid section (abs) part of the shirt has some room to spare.

A 'Loose" shirt - IMO, this is a shirt one or more sizes larger than it should be for the individual. Depending on how much larger the shirt is may give a "tent"-like look to that person wearing it. The seams of the shoulder are way over extended, the neck is too wide open (not from a style cut but because it's just too large) and really floppy in the belly.

A "tight" shirt - IMO, a tight shirt is a shirt that fits with no signs of material stretching because the size is too small. A tight shirt should still be able to have some give to it if one were to pull on the material. The person wearing it fills out the shoulders properly and if the individual has developed pecs then the center of the chest (where the breastbone is) should show that there's pec separation. Note: Man boobs due to not exercising and man boobs due to developed pes are different, not my opinion, they just are. The mid section is somewhat loose but not like a tent and not tight like paint.

A "Skin-Tight" shirt - IMO, this is a shirt like superheroes wear. No give. No loose parts anywhere.

All of this does NOT take into consideration of body types either genetically or exercise affected. When I was a lifetime member of The Fat Boys Club I had a huge fat neck, tiny shoulders, thin arms and a BIG TUBBY BELLY!!!!! I also had no BUTT and sported stick figure legs. I also wore khaki stretchy shorts 2/3rds of the year with thin black dress socks and sandals and some kind of Hawaiian shirt.

Hope this helps to define what I meant by tight.

BETE2013 Posts: 62
5/30/13 11:25 A

Personally, I think any adult in too-tight clothes (no matter their physique) just looks silly. There's a huge difference between 'skin-tight' and clothes that 'fit'.

5/29/13 2:30 P

I like it when men wear shirts that fit. Especially when they are muscular, tight but not painted on. Not the Euro style "metro" tight shirts though, just regular shirts.

My husband lost weight and when he wears an old big boy t-shirt he looks ridiculous, like he's wearing a tent. He went from a XLT to a Medium! He's far too hot to be wearing tents IMO.

I'll admit it, I wear skin tight clothes all the time. I eat clean and workout and you better believe I'm showing off my results! emoticon

LAUROBNAT Posts: 217
5/29/13 1:38 P

I don't care for skin tight cloths on anyone - male or female. For the rare few that can actually pull it off and not look ridiculous - I am just jealous emoticon However most people I see sporting the "look" just look cheap.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/29/13 12:55 P

These days, I've decided that fitted shirts look best on most everyone. A woman who tries to hide her bulge by wearing huge sizes doesn't hide anything, she just looks tent-like.

But at the same time, I don't want to see super-snug on anyone unless they've got the goods. ;) So you have to find the *right* size for you... my husband is awful about wearing a size too small, but because he's in denial about his weight gain... so his gut hangs out of the bottom. It's awful, and unflattering. He doesn't have to wear a tent, but a properly fitted shirt would be nicer.

I've dumped all my 2XL+ shirts because I look like a bag lady when I wear them. Even though my gut sticks out a bit, a fitted shirt accentuates the curves I've gained from losing weight.

Now, the fellow who used to do my boot camps? Scorchingly hot young man. He made me feel dirty. I liked when he wore tight shirts, because he was *ripped*. All us older ladies (including those who would laugh at me for calling myself an "older lady" used to smile and swoon a bit while he was working those biceps.

The best part was making him blush now and again when we complimented him. We were good for his ego.

I'd take you in a tight shirt anyday, KJ. ;) If you got it, flaunt it. ;)

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JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
5/29/13 11:19 A

To be honest, my husband wears his shirts a bit too big for my taste. I am at the very high end of middle age (lol) but I'm not dead, so I still watch men, emoticon and I appreciate a healthy-looking man in a fitted shirt! If YOU are comfortable in a tight-fitting t-shirt and your gf finds it attractive, then that settles it, as far as I'm concerned! It doesn't matter if you please anyone else or not!! You certainly can't please everyone!

5/29/13 11:12 A

Back to the days of the old sitcom CHIPS with Eric Estrada, I liked their tight-shirt looks. Depends on the man though and his other looks (other than muscle), and personality has a lot to do with it too. Some guys can pull it off, others NOT.


SIRENSONGS SparkPoints: (57,040)
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5/29/13 8:04 A

Wow, some people can be harsh! And in a place like this where there is so much rampant insecurity I find that very sad. :( Anyhow, here are my thoughts for what they are worth: I think men should wear whatever they feel comfortable and confident in. Personally, I think men in tight shirts can be quite sexy sometimes, built or not, but that's just me...

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
5/29/13 7:38 A

I prefer baggy type clothes all the time - I don't like tight fitting clothes at all.
too restrictive

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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5/29/13 7:35 A

As a Canadian woman (Anarie) I would agree with the older Canadian guy comment -- the need to take off their shirts the minute they are in a hot place....I don't get that at all and I am 50! I think it is the tanning thing but seriously someone needs to tell them they need to put a shirt on.

Okay with regard to KJ's original question -- I don't like super tight shirts especially if the guy has man boobs. Yet, on the flip side, I think form fitting (read not squeezing every last muscle....sort of like a snake eating a rabbit kind of thing) is very nice.....a little tighter on the top around the pec and delt area but just a little loose but not baggy around the waist.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (588,508)
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5/28/13 7:33 P

I prefer not too right fitting clothes on men.

ELLES26 Posts: 447
5/28/13 6:50 P

Very, very few can pull this off.

GRACEISENUF Posts: 12,805
5/28/13 6:49 P

not a fan of this look

CHOCOLATELEA SparkPoints: (4,692)
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5/28/13 6:41 P

Depends entirely on the man. At a certain point (muscle-wise) I default to thinking "muscle-head" (not exactly a kind thought, I know).

(IMO) Best shirt would be a nice, tailored long-sleeve shirt, maybe with a hint of shine. A man who dresses well will always win (whatever the physique) and if you have the physique, you look twice as good. Not super-tight, just fitted to hint at (slightly show) the definition beneath.

Broad shoulders look really good in a dress shirt, and work for any age. :)

GLAMIAM SparkPoints: (0)
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5/28/13 6:07 P

Good attitude KJ.

Even a guy with a six pack doesn't look good in a tight shirt. It just looks like he's trying too hard. A well- fitted shirt, not too loose and not too tight is hot. The exception is the sleeves, shirts look best when his arms and shoulders can fill out the sleeves (on a short sleeve shirt) without extra loose fabric, then just a little loose in the chest and waist. I guess I'm picky.

Edited by: GLAMIAM at: 5/28/2013 (18:23)
5/28/13 5:30 P

Well, truth be told, I am very "blocky" looking as IHMF gently pointed out but my gf and a few other female friends thinks it's okay but two of my young female co-workers pointed out immediately when we talked about it, men in tight fitting shirts is a turn-off immediately because they think those type of guys are "Playas!" (I think that means bad men).

I am proud of the what I've accomplished and believe me, my ego is way bigger than my muscles so it'd take a lot more than snarky remarks from snarky SP members to get me to think twice that I don't look good in a nice tight black muscle shirt (no fat showing).


Edited by: KJFITNESSDUDE at: 5/28/2013 (17:46)
CAYCESMOM Posts: 381
5/28/13 5:23 P

I never really thought about it until you mentioned it.........then I realized I was smiling. So, I guess that's a big thumbs up for me. Why not show off some well earned muscle definition?

I think people should wear what they like and not worry so much about others. It would be boring if we all dressed alike.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/28/13 4:55 P

" I can't believe how people can be so unkind in talking about other people's appearance."

Yeah I thought the thread was about "do you like tight-shirt as a fashion choice" and not a critique on people's actual body shapes and sizes...

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
5/28/13 4:53 P

If you're over 40, put a shirt on. I don't much care what the shirt looks like; I just don't want to see hairy belly.

Where I'm living right now is a popular retiree winter RV-er vacation spot, and for some reason older Canadian men in particular feel the need to strip down to the minimum the second they pull in here. Normally when a new rig pulls into the RV park, you go try to subtly look at the license plate to see where they're from, but if you look out and the dude's shirtless, you don't need a plate. It's a 90% probability they're Canadian. I have no idea why Canadian men don't like clothes; the women dress normally.

Anyway, I've learned not to be picky about how the shirt fits; I just don't want to see pale hairy tourists without one.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
5/28/13 4:49 P

I think men are expected to all wear basically the same things and to look the same and I think that's ridiculous. Women sometimes wear tight tops and sometimes wear flowy tops and sometimes wear skimming tops and no one cares. YES tighter shirts can look great on men who have nice muscle definition! Especially if it's a nice shirt. YES loose shirts can look great on men too. We should all dress to feel confident and good about ourselves. I can't believe how people can be so unkind in talking about other people's appearance. KJ my husband is the same height as you and he has shirts in every size from S to L and they all look great on him. He's a lot lighter than you (155) but he still has some definition and it looks very nice!

5/28/13 4:49 P

Yeah, like I said, I have found out that tight shirts (that fit) are not everyone's cup of tea.

I wish I could say the same about fit women in tight shirts, but I think it's sexy to see a fit woman in a nice tight fitted shirt but hey, that's just me and no, it's not gross.

5/28/13 4:46 P

Oh yeah, she's totally is into me!

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
5/28/13 4:44 P

I vote no on the tight shirt.....

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/28/13 4:42 P


I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/28/13 4:31 P

I do not like short men with bulgy muscles, they look as wide and they are tall, it looks weird to me, and too small shirt makes me gag like they need mommy to dress them and they are starving for attention, that is so very unattractive. When short men bulge up big it makes them look that much shorter, they look short and fat.

My husband wears the right size shirts. He is a large and he always buys large, too big is not a good look either.

STRONGERLEANER SparkPoints: (172,241)
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Posts: 17,458
5/28/13 3:43 P

I think super-fitted t-shirts are good for showing before and after results in pictures. I expect to see them at beaches, the gym, at outdoor events during warm months. I think they are good for seeing your muscles work when you are in the gym.

These shirts don't bother me or attract me. I think we all should wear what is comfortable for us while maintaining some modesty.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
5/28/13 3:15 P

To hell with the shirt, TAKE IT OFF AND GO NEKKID hahahahaha

men wanna show off the muscles, then show us the muscles

I am not a fan of tight fitted shirts.. its gross

Edited by: JGIRL5799 at: 5/28/2013 (15:15)
YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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Posts: 2,171
5/28/13 3:02 P

I agree to wear the proper size shirt. My SO is a skinny but still muscular guy and he looks a bit silly walking around in a tight shirt (like at home when he's wearing his under shirt, which are tight Under Armour ones).

5/28/13 1:43 P

But I made a promise NOT to wear the mediums.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,485
5/28/13 1:36 P

everyone looks best in the size that fits them right.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/28/13 1:16 P

Do I think it's "OK" for a man to wear...

Yeah, sure, whatever! People should wear what they like!

Now, am I personally a fan of the look? Not particularly... I mean, I'm neither offended by nor drawn to it as a "look."

To each their own!

5/28/13 12:38 P

LOL, in one of the Batman movies the bad guy character Mr. Freeze (play by Arnold Schwarzenegger) said something to the effect of, "...if you want to look bigger, go one size smaller."

I am 5'6" (tallest of short men, hahaha) and am currently 190 (goal is 180 but without losing any muscle mass, hard as hell to do I tell ya) and oridinarily I wear a size "Large" t-shirt except when I feel like showing off then I wear a size "medium" and clearly there's difference to how I look. I don't have that squeezed sausage look but the t-shirt/muscle shirt or tank is unrumpled everywhere except the mid-section (I do have a little man belly but not too visible since my chest sucks up a lot of the volume of the shirt.

Yeah, yeah, the above is vain as hell BUT!

I have found out that not everybody is a fan of this look, fortunately for me my gf doesn't mind this look but only if I agree to go like that on certain occasions and not every day.....fair enough, she loves wearing boob window (keyhole) shirts and though I like how she looks in them so do my buddies and random men we pass in public so we've come to an agreement....(*nervous chuckle*)

Do you think it looks okay for a guy to wear a tight fitting shirt? How about YOUR guy? How about a middle-aged dude?

What's YOUR take on this?

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