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3/20/14 2:31 A

Im also fighting with menopausal weight in my midsection of course.I just cant seem to find energy and motivation hoping as the weather warms up it will get easier.Looking forward to keeping up with everyones posts and my own progress.Good Luck !!!! emoticon

MIAMIRN SparkPoints: (81,804)
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3/19/14 11:11 A

I am 63 almost 64 and I find loosing weight really hard, but that's because I have a hypothyroid and am on several medicines that make it more difficult to loose weight. Every doctor I've talked to and I have many says yes it's a little difficult to loose when you are post menopausal, but certainly not very hard. I wish I didn't have medical problems. It would be that much easier for me!

Good luck!

SPORTY883 SparkPoints: (45,072)
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3/18/14 7:46 P

I know what you mean. Even though I weigh slightly less than 10 years ago, by body looks different. Keeping it toned is a job. And heaven forbid you slack on the workouts for a while!
I did for a month after we came home from a Jamaican vacation in January.
I worked so hard for 6 months before that so I looked and felt great on vacation. Only gained 3 pounds while away but when we got home, I had no incentive to work out or watch what I ate, and I paid for it with 10 pounds extra and feeling awful
. So I am back at it with the start of lent. 6 pounds down and back to working out daily. I already feel so much better!
I won't say I will never have the body I once did. There are plenty of women my age who really transformed their bodies!

ALILNH Posts: 1,350
3/16/14 4:19 P

I'm grateful for this site too. I've noticed a huge difference in my body between now and 13 years ago when I lost a bunch of weight. I'm not nearly as toned as I was then and even though the scale is telling me good things, I don't look the same this time. It's a real adjustment to realize that I'm in my 50's now and not in my late to early 40's.

LINDA_LEE_2014 SparkPoints: (18)
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3/16/14 3:15 P

I understand what you're saying exactly. That's exactly why I am trying this site- to get some sort of support to help me stick to it in those times when the whole goal feels overwhelming. emoticon

3/16/14 2:37 P

I'm having a terrible time wanting/doing exercising or keeping my weight down. I'm a returning Spark person, so hoping for support. Meal planning/shopping being simplified may help.

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