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FASTWALKER48 Posts: 24
12/20/12 6:53 P

I was in the same boat. I pretty much have the same message everyone else has posted here: mix it up both in exercise routine and in your eating. Variety is the spice of life, right? I had maintained for nearly a year even though I had increased my exerise routines and added the weight training - frustrating! I had a nutritionist look at my food logs. With the amount of exercise, I wasn't eating enough carbs! It seem counter intuitive to up my carb intake, but once I did I dropped 25 lbs in about 4 months. My body required more fuel to keep up with my activity. Now, I try to keep carbs at 55-60% of my daily intake. Everyone is different, so keep researching and keep at it. One thing is for sure, if you give up the weight will come back on.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/18/12 3:00 P

Uhhh.. Thank goodness no hair loss yet. I am 51 and still menstruate every 14 - 24 day . Hate it but keep reminding myself that I don't have other symptoms yet (night sweats etc etc), just memory challenges (names of people, words). I have started losing weight again through tracking tracking tracking - and changing my gym routine all the time (Tabata works for me). Sometimes it seems that by having a break (few days without exercise and a day of over indulgence), I kick start my body into losing again. Good luck!

SUSANS706 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/18/12 9:32 A

Fighting that same battle. I have been in the same rut for the past 4 years!!! Going to try something new after the holidays. We have a 28 day cleanse system at our office that some of our patients have done very well on. I usually don't like that type of "diet", but I think if I get the scale moving and shake things up a bit. Then I can keep the momentum going. That's my plan right now........

PHATPAT18 Posts: 214,248
12/18/12 9:10 A

Mztiger51, hang in there, make a few adjustments. Try increasing your calories or changing the excercises you do. You can do it, and you will make it.

MZTIGER51 Posts: 4
12/17/12 10:12 P

I think thi is exactly where I am, too. I know I have to keep track, and then this place. I have only been on here for a few days.

This is so frustrating.....but I am not giving up. I started this a little over a year ago, just mostly walking at lunch, then when the weight first started dropping off, got me encouraged. Then when the clothes started getting too big, that felt great to buy a smaller size....And then I actually have muscle in there! And I feel so much better, now, than I did a year ago.

But my scale is stuck, stuck, stuck, been this way for months. Am going through menopause, I eat healthy, take my vitamins, I am 51, I exercise (walk, eliptical, weight train) at least 6 days a week.

And...I wish I had a better solution. A remedy....but don't give up...and I won't either...we are here to talk, to help each other...find what may work for some, well, maybe it will work for me. I think I will try the every other day eating vegetarian to see if that would help.

PHATPAT18 Posts: 214,248
7/26/12 10:57 A

Hang in there. I know from experience that things get better on the other side of menopause. Pat

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (247,043)
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Posts: 17,808
7/26/12 10:39 A

I was in the same boat. I did a lot of research, and what finally worked for me was cutting back on all animal. I didn't totally give it up, I think that would have set me up to fail badly, but I started eating vegetarian every other day, cut my meat portions down, committed to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and finally i had weight lose. Some weeks I stay the same, but for the most part i lose half a pound a week.

THETROUT SparkPoints: (30,282)
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Posts: 293
7/26/12 9:26 A

Glad to have found this topic because I'm having the same problem: Consistent exercise, tracking food, eating within ranges, no weight loss. I can at least be happy that there is no weight gain.

PHATPAT18 Posts: 214,248
7/25/12 4:41 P

Zmomma, I found out that your body falls into a rut and like any aspect of your life, change begets change. You don't like what your body is doing, trick it. I made it through menopause and I could not lose weight, but by maintaining, it made it easier after the change was over with.
Pat emoticon

ZMOMMA Posts: 337
7/25/12 3:28 P

I think Pat has the right idea. Bindari, you need to change it up a bit. A nutritionist I know calls it "muscle confusion." Your body settles in to the same exercise routine and the exercise becomes less effective. Change it up with different activities and the body gets jolted into working harder because it's working different muscles. I do weights and walking some days, Zumba and belly dancing others with occasional water aerobics tossed into the mix.

MCK6BOYZZ Posts: 9
7/25/12 1:52 P

You sound exactly like me. No matter what I have done, I only lose 2-3 pounds, then I am right back.
Did you get any feedback from your post and are you willing to share?

PHATPAT18 Posts: 214,248
7/13/12 9:48 P

Bindari, try changing up your routine cardio 3Xs a week and weight training 3Xs a week with a day off. Menopuse doesn't last forever (it just feels that way) so if you can maintain your weight during that time, the pounds will come off.


NESARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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7/13/12 9:41 P

Every doctor I have seen about the weight gain all "know" what I am talking about but have no real answers as we are all so different. Also, thyroid test standards are loose and what is low for some may be in the normal range for others. The test perimeters amazingly can be chosen by your health association. The latest guidelines are not always in effect. Same with Vitamin D levels. Please do your research and learn about test results and ask what your lab follows. Once any metabolic condition is ruled out, the decrease in calories and increase in exercise is next. Build muscle mass, legs and butt have largest muscles so target them, and you will burn more calories 24/7. Portion control is key also. It takes so much more effort to lose weight and get in shape and stay in shape now. But, hey, every single one of is worth it, right?

PAMBROWN1010 SparkPoints: (13,585)
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Posts: 101
7/13/12 9:17 P

I feel your pain Ms Bindari. Only 50 but through menopause. Have you had your thyroid checked. I have hypo thyroid, but I packed on 25 pounds before I saw my doctor. Was literally gaining weight as I slept. Insane. So now that my meds are stable, I've managed to lose 18 pounds, then nothing, but the same 3 or 4 over and over again. So frustrating. I would also crank up your protein intake and keep your carbs to less than 50 grams if you can. Do this for about a week, then try no more than 100 grams of carbs. I did this this week and dropped 2 pounds. Good luck and keep up the great efforts.

CINDILP SparkPoints: (196,445)
Fitness Minutes: (170,706)
Posts: 12,940
7/13/12 9:04 P

I've found that I have to get almost obsessive about calories and portions. I'm also trying to limit my carbs. Not go no or very low carb, just limiting my carbs. Bob Harper from Biggest Loser has a book out called The Skinny Rules. One of the rules is no carbs in the afternoon. I've been trying to stay away from carbs at my evening meal. Another one is drink a glass of water before each meal and another one during the meal. I've decided part of my problem has been some of the habits I've picked up over the years and so I've been trying to adopt some of his rules to help me with those habits.

BINDARI Posts: 1
7/13/12 8:36 P

Hey ladies, maybe someone can think of something I haven't tried. I am post menopause. Several years post though I am only 54. In the past year I noticed that I was suddenly unable to loose any weight. I started simple and added our elliptical to my daily routine. I thought 30 minutes a day would help me maintain but I continued to gain. I bought a Bowflex Treadclimber with no luck though I continue to use it 30 min every day. Two months ago i decided to add back in my Wii Fit Strength training. I had used it in the past with great results.
Long story short I have been seriously trying to loose 10 lbs since the first of the year and have not lost a single pound. I gain a few and loose them again but I can not get below my starting weight. Even more frustrating is that my measurements have actually increased.

I watch my calories and make every effort to hit the goals for my nutrients and protein everyday. I do 20 min a day of strength training in the morning and 30 min on the treadclimber every night. I may skip one day in seven but otherwise I am afraid to stop any of it for fear I will need to buy an entire new wardrobe.

PHATPAT18 Posts: 214,248
7/7/12 5:56 P

Hi ladies, I am almost 58 and went through menopause almost 8 years ago. I am glad to say that going through menopause was not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought the worst was the weight gain. Now that I found SP (about 3 months ago) I feel that I have found a plan that I can stick with. The food tracker is my best friend and should be yours too. I have lost 20 lbs that I thought was going to be my friend for life, but I said good-bye to 240 and am looking forward to getting back into the 100"s and eventually to my goal weight of 160. Everyone have a great day.

Pat emoticon

CINDILP SparkPoints: (196,445)
Fitness Minutes: (170,706)
Posts: 12,940
7/7/12 5:38 P

I'm 55 and in the last year can say I am now in menopause. I was without my period exactly one year last Thanksgiving when I had some spotting. Long story, short, I had a D+C to remove a polyp and from that day I really noticed that no matter what I did, the weight doesn't budge. I've tried low carb and have to admit, I can't do that long term without binging. So, I'm back to tracking religiously and working to keep everything in balance. Can't say I've had any other symptoms of menopause.

GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,233
7/2/12 2:04 P

Gosh, this was my biggest motivating factor for getting my weight off and keeping it off, 2 yrs ago. And from the looks of it, I did it just in time! Right when my 50th birthday arrived, I noticed that my period did not!! emoticon

Today, I'm still waiting at 65 days and counting. Luckily, no symptoms of any form, so it's pretty uneventful, except for a bit of water retention in the tummy that's annoying.

As others have stated, I, too, believe that diet is key. So is strength training, as the more muscle we can add onto our changing bodies, the better they will be with burning those calories and keeping the metabolism up. Also, be certain to weigh and measure everything, as it is so easy to 'assume' we have that perfect eye ball capability. emoticon

If you are so very low on Vitamin D, there is a good possibility you are quite low on others, also. I take 10 different vitamins (6 morning, 4 night) and have for the past 8 yrs, when my one and only peri-menopause symptom arrived..Heart Palpitations..and once I started my current vitamin regimen, they stopped and have never returned. Also, I do Soy Milk and Flax Seed, which is known to help 'some' women, alleviate or avoid, symptoms.

Anyway, become a books, Google, and ask your doctor...In time you WILL find what it takes to work for YOU, during this changing hormone time. emoticon

NESARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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7/1/12 7:10 P

It can be done and YOU can do it!

SUSANS706 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
7/1/12 5:53 P

I too have been very frustrated with my weight. Tried going on hormones, but it did not change a thing. Decided not to risk the other problems associated with hormone therapy, because I wanted to lose weight. My other menopausal symptoms were just not that bad. I have other menopausal friends who are not on hormones, and have lost weight. I am going to increase my weight/strength training. I do not know why I don't feel like I have worked out unless I do cardio! I am also going to increase my water intake, I am just ok on drinking enough water. I also need to get back to being honest in my tracking!! I know it can be done, it is just going to take more time, and needs to be done differently than I have done it before! It's nice to know you are not alone!

NESARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,465)
Posts: 2,539
6/30/12 1:46 P

Thanks for the info, Anne!

ANNE007 Posts: 153
6/30/12 1:04 P

I agree with other posters, the calorie count should come down. We simply don't need as many calories on a day to day basis as we get older.

Also you don't really say what kind of calories you are consuming. Are you following the spark recommendations on your food tracker? Generally you will do much better with a plant-based diet, using lean meats, chicken and fish as protein only in small portions. Also, your carbohydrates should come from fruit and vegetables and whole grains.

For constipation make sure your diet contains enough fiber. For bloating, drink plenty of water (this also helps if you will be increasing your fiber to reach daily spark goals). It sounds counter intuitive to drink water if you feel bloated, but often bloat is caused by retaining salt, which is often due to a lack of clean fluids in your body.

Many of your symptoms could be directly related to your diet. If you make some changes you can feel better and drop the weight. Being low on vitamin D is really bad, also, and it's good that you've taken care of that. It may be some time before your body responds, but an adequate supply of vitamin D is essential for good hair and nails so hopefully this will correct itself in time as well.

As other posters have mentioned, strength training would be a good thing to add to your exercise routine at this time. Aim for 2-3 times per week and get a good full body work out. See a trainer or check with someone at your local gym before you begin.

You're on the right track with spark! Keep on!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,050
6/30/12 7:51 A Roby Mitchell, M.D. has a lot of help with hormone imbalance. I found him when my son had Testicular Cancer three years ago, since Dr. Mitchell has had advanced prostrate cancer and cured himself with diet and exercise. He is a graduate of Texas Tech medical school and has a PhD. He is a very interesting person and understands hormones, which many doctors say is "all in your head."

NESARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,465)
Posts: 2,539
6/28/12 3:58 P

Menopause for me had me feeling like a stranger in my own body. I am adjusted to feeling this way now but can still be hit with the night sweats, sleeplessness and daytime fatigue. Key for me is to exercise daily and be spot on about eating protein, which I shy away from normally. Just do not like the stuff. So many alternatives and I am finding protein is in a huge variety of natural foods. Getting to know your transitioning body is key. Diff for each one of us though so just adding what helps me.
you are not alone!!!

6/28/12 3:03 P

Personally I was in shock when I lost half of my hair! emoticon

The thing that helped me the most, was to actually measure out everything. I used my measuring cups for everything I put in my mouth! I was pretty surprised at how off I was at guessing. More protein is also good.


Good luck!

Laura emoticon

JDD123 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 89
6/28/12 3:02 P

I have had no problems with weight gain,it has shifted to other areas.Like the other posts said..calories,weight training with a good exercise plan,vitamins all help.It is just another step in life,until you find what works for you...hang in there.

JNABEHNKE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 2
6/28/12 2:31 P

Yes, the weight loss gets harder as you get older.....I'm there too!!! I would also try cutting a few calories, up your protein and maybe add some weight training....Good Luck!

CHERLOU Posts: 3
6/28/12 1:38 P

Check out this article as well!

CHERLOU Posts: 3
6/28/12 1:36 P

In short, YES, weight loss IS that difficult. You will want to cut back on your calories a bit to see if you can start dropping some now that your metabolism is slowing down. Make sure you're getting plenty of protein as well, and (I found) a multi-B vitamin also will help.

Good luck! I'm there with ya!

PARBURDEN SparkPoints: (671)
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Posts: 1
6/28/12 10:06 A

I'm 49 but my question is menopause so I hope no one will mind me squeezing in here.

After having my period every 14-21 days for the last year (lucky me), I'm finally starting to go 6-12 weeks between periods.

And despite doing all the things that used to cause weight loss, my weight is slowly creeping up. I've added walking 30min speedwalks 5x a week, recording all my intake and keeping calories under 1800/day and not losing. (195lbs so should be losing at that level.)

In my 30's, I ate out every day and never went over 145lbs. In my 40's, I switched to salads for lunch and yogurt and fruit for breakfast, and my weight creeped up to 180. I added walking and lowered caloric intake and now I'm at 195. WHAT is going on?!

I feel ridiculously bloated, have frequent constipation and my hair has thinned so much you can easily see my scalp. I got my thyroid checked out and everything was normal except my Vit D levels which were ridiculously low. I've been on 50,000mg Vit D for months and hair isn't growing back and weight is still creeping up.

My dr thinks these symptoms are related to menopause. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Also is weight loss really that difficult at this time and how do you get past it?

Thanks, everyone!

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