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12/2/11 6:56 P


I had surgically induced menopause at age 30.

I gained weight after but at that point I really needed to. I was about 140 pounds and at 6 foot one, that was way too small to be. I was GLAD to gain weight then. (THEY say I should weigh 178 by those charts. I do think they exaggerate a little lower than I'd prefer -- my own weight goal is 185 these days.)

Anyhow, I've lost approximately 35 pounds and while there seems to be a plateau now, menopause did not remotely stand in my way. You do gain weight when your personal biological system cannot tolerate food for seven days out of every 25 and then suddenly menopause is induced. That early gain was needed.

Unfortunately, afterwards I was making bad food choices of convenience. The single biggest factor for my weight loss has been my decision to MAKE my own lunches rather than buy them in the company cafeteria. And guess what was eliminated: starches and sugars.

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12/2/11 12:12 P


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11/30/11 5:37 P

There is no way around it, you have to count your calories. Exercise, cardio and weights, and staying within your calorie range will help you lose weight if you are consistent. We can do it, however it takes both diet and exercise. Also, we have to work harder at it than when we where younger. I exercise a minimum of an hour every day. A couple of those days I may just walk for an hour.

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11/30/11 3:29 P

I certainly hope so!!

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11/26/11 10:00 A

I would love some advice from a success story. :) I am fighting menopause weight gain and I'm so frustrated. I've never had such a hard time. I joined LA Fitness and hired a trainer and I go to the boot camp classes. I haven't lost any weight at all. My body is shifting but no weight loss. So if you have any suggestions I sure could use the help. Thanks.

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5/3/11 1:30 P

I asked myself the same question several months ago. I have found that yes I can still lose weight after menopause. It just takes a little longer and more effort and determination. I eat between 12 and 15 hundred calories and I try to do some kind of exercise daily even if it is just walking.

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5/3/11 1:26 P

What type of strength training exercises are you doing?

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5/2/11 6:24 P

I was seeing a nutritionist who said never use exercise to lose weight, because if you ever cut back your exercise, guess what happens? Exercise makes us fit and feel good, but for losing weight it's all about the calories, I think.

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5/2/11 5:10 P

Yes we can! I have lost 41 lbs after menopause. I have been postmenopausal for 5 years now and I have lost all 41 of my pounds since October 2010.

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5/2/11 5:02 P

I'm sure going to give it a try.

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5/2/11 3:35 P

emoticon I read again yesterday that once a woman hits 40 she needs to exercise "an hour a day" just to maintain her current weight.
Wow - at my age I have to exercise 28 hours a day to lose!!! (lol)

CC0007 Posts: 133
5/4/10 10:23 P

What is Menopause? I don't know what to expect and how it will change me. Any advise would be appreciated.


LOVEMYPETS Posts: 2,161
5/3/10 2:44 P

emoticon Yes, of course we can, and WE WILL!! emoticon

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5/2/10 2:29 A

of course!

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5/1/10 11:06 P

Yes and it brings so many rewards to adopt the healthy lifestyle that goes with the losing.

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5/1/10 10:46 P

we can do it!

WAY2WIN Posts: 612
5/1/10 12:15 P

One more thing I wanted to say. It is very common that menopausal women gain around the middle. From what I have read, the reason for this is because estrogen levels are now lower in our bodies and fat cells in the abdomen most resemble estrogen. Hence they increase in that area causing a thicker middle. If you notice, most middle-aged women have this. One of the things I've read to help combat extra weight in the middle is to include more soy in the diet. I don't know whether this true or not cause I'm battling the middle age bulge myself emoticon

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5/1/10 12:13 P

Yes - it just takes a little more focus on being healthy.

WAY2WIN Posts: 612
5/1/10 7:58 A

Yes, you can lose the weight despite going thru menopause. I'm 55 but since starting my healthy lifestyle change in December, I have lost over 30 pounds. I watch what I eat by participating in a group that "watches its weight" and I exercise everyday except Sundays. I have to say that although my diet has changed a little (I always ate a lot of fruits and veggies) the biggest aid to my weight loss has been the exercise. It's true what they say about doing different things so your body won't get used to it. I workout at the gym using the elliptical and treadmill, but I also jump rope, hula hoop with a weighted hoop, walk at the track. I also weight train 3X per week. These things have made a big difference in how my body looks, but more importantly how my body feels.

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5/1/10 7:00 A

I am 65 and losing weight. 14 pounds since Feb.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

MEWAJES Posts: 849
4/29/10 12:42 P

Thanks for all the great comments. I think we need to keep a more positive attitude, and keep active as well as healthy eating. I am telling myself, yes it is harder than when I was younger, But it is possible and it is happening. Slower than faster is better.

FITWORTHY Posts: 4,372
4/29/10 12:31 P

I'm so glad I came across this thread. It's been quite the struggle this last year or so. It's nice to read a few success stories regarding this issue.

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4/29/10 10:17 A

Yep but it's slow.

ANNE2002 Posts: 2,851
4/29/10 10:14 A

I too believe you can lose despite of menopause. Exercise, including strength training, is very important!!! (I'm 63.)

4/29/10 9:31 A

Well, I haven't gone through menopause yet but I did turn 50 in November and YES you can lose! I'm sure everyone is different but the key for me is strength training. I have worked with a personal trainer on and off since August 2008 and I have lost 63 pounds and the tire around the middle is GONE! Stick with it, you will succeed!

KIMAGINE SparkPoints: (109,415)
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4/28/10 7:52 P

It is finally coming off for me. I eat healthy foods, never eat fast food, load up on fruits and veggies, exercise every day, and walk an average of 10000 steps a day. I have gotten active and try hard to add more steps. Keep on trying! emoticon

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4/28/10 7:48 P

Absolutely!!! I am losing weight and faster then I thought I would! I am drinking lots and lots of water.. something I didnt think I could do. But, I do workout everyday, even if for just 30 minutes.

I eat six meals a day, snack on fruits and veggies.
I dont eat any white pasta or white breads. I do eat whole grain pasta and whole grain breads. It makes a big difference!!

Count your calories and fat grams and carbs and sodium. Sparkpeople gives me an edge , it keeps me on line. My clothes are loose , feels great.

Menopause is nothing but a happy phase in life. That's the way I choose to see it as.

Time to live a healthy life* emoticon emoticon

DIAMORROW1 Posts: 2,765
4/28/10 6:41 P

Yes but it will take longer. sigh......

CHIPPEE Posts: 13,147
4/28/10 5:08 P

Although I lose more slowly than others, I am losing and feeling younger and more energetic. emoticon

SCHUNE1 Posts: 397
4/28/10 4:22 P

Yes! I have been an insomniac for 20 years. Last year my doctor started me on some low dose sleeping pills. She said you must sleep to lose weight. This year I started Spark, and I am down 25 so far! She is right! Of course, it goes without saying that proper nutrition, strength training, and aerobic exercise all fit into the plan, too!

SKUNKY4 Posts: 1,086
4/28/10 10:57 A

All things are possible! emoticon

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4/27/10 8:39 P

I hope so as I find myself entering that stage quite fully.

4/27/10 8:15 P

Rosewand, Heck yes, give me details. Its good to hear a success story from someone who is living my live. LOL. Tell me about your interval training, as detailed as possible and your diet. You can private message me if you want too. Thanks for being willing to share your success and how you got there.

4/27/10 6:38 P

Absolutely you can lose the weight! I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies. . . with a bigger accent on the veggies. An active lifestyle is also key. Think positive.

GANNY2 Posts: 114
4/27/10 4:54 P

Thanks, that's good to know and congratulations on your weight loss. That is truly wonderful.

ROSEWAND SparkPoints: (185,938)
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4/27/10 4:50 P

The answer is a resounding yes! emoticon
For years since menopause I had struggled. I would
lose 10 or 20 pounds only to gain it back and the
fat would always head for the midsection, always.

Last year it finally came together for me. I have lost
over 45 pounds having gone from a 16 to a 6! emoticon

The excess fat is gone from my waist and tummy. How did
I do it? Interval training and a low glycemic diet. The interval
training changes the way your body burns fat and the LG
diet reduces your ability to add more fat. Let me know if you
would like more info on working with these approaches.

4/27/10 4:21 P

No, I haven't been. I have heard its important. I guess I have to start doing it. Thanks for the suggestion from one in the know. I will do it.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/27/10 10:54 A

Are you doing strength training too? That makes a difference for me. Even with that and cardio, it's a very slllloooooooowwww process. My main problem is still not sleeping well. When I don't sleep well, I eat more. If I could figure out how to improve the sleep, I think I'd lose much more consistently.

4/27/10 10:37 A

I haven't been a normal weight since I started having children in 1986. I have been running though, completing marathons even for the last few years. However, I had to have a hysterectomy and since then the weight is just coming on regardless of excercise and careful eating. This is extremely frustrating. I also have gained around my midsection now having rolls when before I carried my weight mainly in my butt and thighs. Has anyone else dealt with this and been able to drop the weight? What works and what doesn't? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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