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10/5/12 3:20 P

I believe that both men and women are just about equal in the overweight department.

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10/5/12 3:12 P


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10/5/12 2:55 P

Some people seem to think its ok for a man to be overweight but woman have to worry about there weight, no matter their age.

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10/5/12 2:48 P

While social perceptions about being overweight are changing, it's still considered okay for men to carry a few extra pounds. Back in the day, a man was expected to carry some girth to show he was well off. That's still true to a certain extent these days. However, we are more aware of the health risks associated with obesity. so, even men are becoming more conscious of their weight.

Why else would we have a word like MOOBS ?

In the US, I would say that there are fairly equal numbers of overweight men and women.

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10/5/12 11:57 A

I think that the numbers are probably equal but my observation is that clothing sytles for men vs women show it more in women. Men can always wear a larger shirt, but women seem to me to tend to tight clothing regardless of body size. Now let the flaming begin.

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10/5/12 11:54 A

Tig you have a very good observation. I think for far too long the emphasis has been on women to look a certain way but lately I've noticed in the news more conversations about the 'health' of the nation as opposed to only looks. If this continues I believe men will start taking weight issues more seriously because it's no longer about how you look but about your health.

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10/5/12 11:16 A


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10/5/12 10:34 A


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10/5/12 9:53 A


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10/5/12 8:59 A

I see more overweight women but it seems that men get a lot of press for being very large and losing large amounts of weight (just saw an 800 pound guy on TV who has lost 400 so far). I don't really see women in the spotlight for this even though I'm sure they're out there. Maybe we're too embarrassed?

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10/5/12 8:29 A

I haven't noticed, to be honest. At my work, I'd say there are more overweight women. I've probably only notced because there are a few who are really big and it makes me sad.

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10/4/12 9:19 P

I also notice more over weight men than women.

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10/4/12 6:24 P

Personally, I'm turned off by obese men. But unfortunately, society seems more critical of women. But I feel that just because you're male, it doesn't mean that it doesn't matter. To me, it matters equally; whether you're a man or woman!

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10/4/12 4:08 P

Much emphasis is made for the female body to be thin in our society but I recently went to a conference and noticed the majority of the men were overweight compared to the women. This was quite an interesting realization on my part and I'm wondering if this is the norm around the United States. Thoughts?

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