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11/17/11 11:39 A

BREWMASTER said it perfectly.

Before I started exercising again (stopped because we just had our 1st child, I work out in the mornings, and I couldn't get up at 4:30a when I would be up with her from 2a-3a) my wife and I started eating chicken salads 2-4 times a week for lunch. She didn't lose any weight and I would lose even though I wasn't working out.

The BMR is much higher in men. When we eat 1,800-2,000 calories a day AND add working out to the equation, pounds fly off.

To agree with everyone else, dieting is the same for every person - it's a matter of self control. Weight loss is much easier for men I think because we have a higher BMR and more muscle tone.

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11/15/11 5:50 P

Easier to diet or easier to loose weight?

Easier to diet. There would be no difference as it is a matter of commitment and self discipline. These qualities cross gender lines and are a matter of character not sex.

Easier to loose weight. Men have it easier. It is natural and less unhealthy for a women to carry extra weight. Her physiology is designed specifically for that purpose during child baring. I also point to the calorie charts. Men of the same height and weight routinely get nearly twice as many calories as women to maintain or loose weight.

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11/15/11 5:10 P

My wife kicks my butt at weight loss. She doesn't exercise, but is a master at moderation when it comes to portions size. I just need to feel full too often.

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11/15/11 1:56 P

Dieting or weight loss? In my opinion, dieting is the same level of effort for men and women. We have our own set of temptations (pizza, beer, etc). However, it's not a matter of opinion, it is fact that weight loss is usually much easier for men. We generally have a higher BMR and often exercise more intensely.

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11/15/11 1:05 P

So....everyone post whether they think dieting is easier for men or women and at least one reason why :)

Thanks guys, for letting me post in here :)

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