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9/26/13 3:38 A

well if you have a problem then so have most of us. I do thing that I call "doing them on radar". I have more important thing (to me) on my mind I just do other thing without remembering doing the.

Like putting your glasses on your head and looking for them emoticon

9/26/13 3:31 A

I've had memory problems since my first days in college (20 years old at the time). Ten years ago I thought I had early-onset Alzheimer's. In my case the reasons for my memory problems early in life may be related to a chronic condition and these memory problems are definitely worse today. Beyond this I honestly believe that there are environmental factors affecting a large portion of the population. (Possibly pollution of the air, water and toxins in the food chain.)

People must think I am "crazy" when I cannot remember their names (people I have known for some time). The continual misplacing of objects might not be so bad if I was a better housekeeper. At one time I was very organized--and still try to be--but the accumulation of clutter over the years in a space that remains the same hasn't helped much. And like another poster has said, finding myself at a loss for the proper words, forgetting the meaning of things, etc.. I gave up doing puzzles, the only thing I do is watch Jeopardy from time to time.

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9/23/13 11:58 P

Yes and that is why I do puzzles both huge jigsaws and crosswords everyday!

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9/23/13 9:59 P

More younger people are losing their memory See here

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11/26/12 8:28 A

Thank you everyone for sharing about your memory loss. I am 45 and have been losing my vocabulary for a few years. My doctor told me it is part of the hormonal changes I'm experiencing but that doesn't make it any less alarming. I also blame the increased tv and pc use. Admittedly, I used to read more and spend less time interacting with the electronic gadgets.

DWROBERGE Posts: 374,074
4/29/12 11:38 P

just your memory!

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4/29/12 9:14 P

Hi, Nightflyer! I'm 62 and have the same problem--- finding the right word... pretty bad since I taught English for years and am a published writer who knows her way around a thesaurus! When that happens, often I've resorted to describing the object, which is embarrassing. I know that it's not Alzheimer's because I've taken the test and passed with flying colors. Plus, I don't put my car keys in the freezer or loose my way home.... yet!

Actually, it's good to have a healthy sense of humor as one ages, because there are lots of surprises up ahead, like gray hair and bladder control problems, to only name a few. And they say, those who can laugh age gracefully and live longer and healthier.

Of course, if you are female and experiencing menopause, memory may be a problem, unless you risk hormone replacement therapy.

There is some food for thought, though. If you are taking medications, some have side-effects, like insomnia. And some food can do the same (caffeine), unless you are also hyperactive, in which case, caffeine may put you to sleep.

All I can suggest is to Investigate! Investigate! Investigate!


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1/6/12 9:25 P

Contact your doctor and allow them to do all the tests and checks for a memory loss problem.. Using forum sites is not the road to go getting answers.. Alot of people don't take people whom start forgetting seriously.. It could be nothing or it could be like my own mother in law small blood clots over many years that steal peoples memory brick for brick- a doctor is needed to rule stuff out.. All info is pure speculation before your doctor stands with results in his or her hands what is happening inside your body..
The sooner you contact your doctor the sooner you have answers..

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,331
1/6/12 6:53 P

to some degree, what you're talking about is normal. i'm not even thirty yet and i've had some of those things happen to me.
i mean, think about it. how many entries in your checkbook have you written? why would you remember everything about every one? it's like brushing your teeth or showering, unless there is something really specific or special about that one instance, you're not going to remember every one of them. you just don't have the functioning brain capacity to do so. heck, the checkbook register exists so that it can help people remember what they spent money on. and you should see how much lotion is currently in my cabinet because i kept remembering that i was running low on lotion [and not remembering that i kept actually buying it every time i remembered. and every time i saw a new scent i wanted to try].

as far as forgetting a conversation, well, if that was pretty much the only interaction you had with people this week, that's a problem. but it sounds like you remembered the conversation once your coworker gave you some hints. and how many of those kinds of balls are you juggling at work? if you have only a few things, that's more cause for concern. but if you have a lot of projects and juggling going on, missing one every now and then happens, especially if it's only for a bit and you can pick it up later. because you just can't give fifteen projects your undivided and entire attention. heck, you probably can't do it for five.

as far as movies and books, some people just retain stuff better than others. also. how different are the movies and books from each other? if you read or watch pretty much the same thing over and over again, it can be really hard to differentiate between them. especially if you aren't really paying much attention to them in the first place.

do keep an eye on it, but sometimes it is just doing too much at once and not paying enough attention.

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1/6/12 5:53 P

Another you drink/eat Nutrasweet/aspartame emoticon

I noticed similar symptoms when I was chewing a lot of sugar-free gum with Nutrasweet and occasionally drinking diet soda. SCARIER THAN THAT, my mother has been drinking diet soda for years and has A LOT of NECROTIC BRAIN MATTER (black dead spots on the brain)--I've seen the MRIs. The family has to hear lots of "you never told me that," "I never said that," etc.

Anyhoo--please do see a doctor about it. emoticon

DEBBIE_J Posts: 1,135
1/6/12 5:14 P

LOL, NIGHTFLYER. Love your response and second that about my hubby.

I'm 49 and noticing a little difference quite recently in putting thoughts into words. Not so much with memory, maybe just stumbling around for the "best" word sometimes. Not sure what's up since this hasn't happened before, but it's concerning me a lot.

1/6/12 4:47 P

Perfectly normal, at least, I hope so, because the same thing happens to me. emoticon If you were a man you wouldn't even be questioning it. Hubby's been like that since he was 22. emoticon

1/6/12 4:27 P

I'm only 30 and have memory problems. I'm constantly forgetting what people tell me. It's horrible. I just attribute it to I've got so much to remember some things are bound to "fall out" of my head :)

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
1/6/12 4:26 P

See your doctor. Don't talk yourself out of it because you're afraid it's Alzheimer's, because it's probably something much simpler. The first thing your doctor will probably ask is whether you snore, because what you've described is pretty classic for people with sleep apnea, and overweight/obese folks very often have that.

And go super-gung-ho on your healthy diet and moderate daily exercise, because getting the weight off is likely to make the memory problems go away even if you never get an actual diagnosis of what's causing it. Pre-diabetes, blood pressure problems, circulation issues, and hormone imbalances can all cause memory problems and are all associated with obesity. And the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients in a healthy diet plus the extra oxygen from a walk every day can also help a lot on their own even if they didn't lead to weight loss.

The fact that you're worried tends to suggest that it's not Alzheimer's; in my experience, people with Alzheimer's realize that something's wrong but have trouble putting their finger on the exact problem. They might be able to say that they forget things, but they don't really respond to it emotionally the way you might expect. They know they forget, but they can't exactly remember why it matters.

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1/6/12 3:54 P

I sit here smiling at your post..same thing happened to me at about your age, kids, work, keeping house,meals and taking care of everyone and everything except myself. I was nearing perimenopause so thought that may be part of the cause. Now at age 59 I seem to remember everything and need to remind my forgetful husband! If you develop any type of confusion or forget important dates, ages/names of your family, where you are, your way home frequently, please get checked out.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,187
1/6/12 3:24 P

Some memory loss over time is normal. There are conditions, as others have mentioned, like PTSD. If you are over-busy or over-scheduled, it happens. It also happens if you have thyroid problems.

If this affects your everyday life or if it is happening ALL THE TIME, see your doctor and get a full blood work up to make sure nothing chemically is happening.

The article Tanya gave you is a good start.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/6/12 3:20 P

If this is not normal for you I'd go see your doctor about this. For me it's normal as I have PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder).

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1/6/12 3:18 P

if you are losing your mind you must have kids

MILLIE5522 SparkPoints: (44,238)
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1/6/12 2:35 P

10 years ago I bought a HUGE dining table which needed to be measured before we could get it through the dining room door. This involved a lot of measuring and trying out different angles and their measurements. My husband and I must have spent at least 20 minutes doing this. The next day I had forgotten completely that we had done this, I had no recollection of it whatsoever! My husband had to spend some time convincing me that we had done it. That loss of memory really worried me but I have not had an incident like that since though I do forget things when I'm under stress. I am now 53 years old (54 in a month's time). I read somewhere that when you are pre menopausal your memory can be affected but this will improve afterwards.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
1/6/12 2:16 P

Mine is from my Lyme Disease, I can be watching a commercial and forget what i just watched, I'm always losing things cause I can't remember where i put it...

LENKA763 Posts: 2,395
1/6/12 1:49 P

happend to me too

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
1/6/12 1:05 P

daily I lose my mind

ZENNITH SparkPoints: (40,321)
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1/6/12 12:55 P

I had Post Traumatic Stress after an accident last year and my memory went really bad, I could barely remember the last sentence I read and I forgot everything. I was also told that other types of stress and depression can have a similar effect. Just thought I'd add that in because it can be quite worrying but a perfectly normal reaction. Are you under any stress at all? You ask if it is just a result of a very busy life so that's why I thought I'd tell you about my experiences.

1/6/12 12:32 P

I am 44 and I forget little things and I have for a while but when you mentioned a lengthy and important conversation and then having no recollection of it, that is a bit alarming. I say go see your doctor, but try not to worry. It could be stress that's doing that or your diet, but whatever the cause please go get checked. If you are that busy in life that you think memory loss is being effected I say you need to make some changes that you are killing yourself. Please make an appt. we both are just guessing here. Hope all goes well and you find some time to relax.

NAPLESMOM24 Posts: 119
1/6/12 10:05 A

Keep in mind: I am not an expert. But, there happens to be an article on the Start page, Healthy News tab about mental decline at 45. Take a look. If you're worried about Alzheimer's, the general thing to keep in mind is that it's not just forgetfulness - it's the difference between forgetting where you put your car keys and forgetting what the keys are for. My father has experienced similar things as you and it seems to come in spurts...he'll go a week experiencing what you have and then be fine, no memory problems for a long time. If you're under stress that could be a reason as well. Of course, when in doubt, bring it up with your doctor. Hang in there!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/6/12 9:44 A

Some small degree of forgetfullness is normal. Here is a list from Discovery Health of common warning signs that memory problems may be more than everyday forgetfulness and indicate need for a medical evaluation.

Coach Tanya

1/6/12 6:37 A

I thought I would toss this out and see what kind of feedback you Sparkers can give me. I am kind of worried, but maybe this is normal for my age. I am only 41, but I seem to forget everything. Three times in the past week I have done things and had no recollection of doing them. Not huge or bad things, just every day things like writing something in the checkbook, buying something then not remembering doing it. I had a lengthy and very important conversation with a co-worker, then completely forgot the entire thing happened just three days later. He had to remind me of it when I questioned him about the very thing we spoke about. I watch movies and read books then within a week I remember very little about them. Is this just a result of a very busy life? I honestly didn't expect this to happen till I got a bit older. Anyone else have this problem? emoticon

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