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SUSAN727 Posts: 1,881
2/3/14 1:48 P

My doctor suggested this and at first, it worked great but I wasn't consistent. I'm going to try taking it like a previous post suggested and see what happens.

2/3/14 10:40 A

I took it for a couple of weeks and didn't really notice any effect.

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (88,985)
Fitness Minutes: (74,876)
Posts: 4,930
2/2/14 10:47 P

My son took it for awhile. But it didn't help him at all. :( He sleeps well now that he works full time. (this was while he was still in high school)

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (275,872)
Fitness Minutes: (112,082)
Posts: 14,971
2/2/14 5:09 P

Yes I do use it, but not nightly. I deal with insomnia particularly the week before TOM. So, I use a time-release melatonin and plan to have at least 8 hrs sleep. I do wake-up, but fall back to sleep far easier/quickly. (My form of insomnia is primarily waking up in early hrs & unable to get back to sleep.)

For me, it has been quite useful. -- For a friend, she indicates nightmares that were not acceptable as a "solution" for sleep.

You would have to try it and see what works for you. (It really is not an expensive trial item.)

VESUVIOUS SparkPoints: (27,345)
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Posts: 785
2/2/14 1:48 A

there has been info that taking less than 1mg is most effective. It is hard to find in that dosage. Probably have to order it off Amazon.

KENTUCKYMEL14 SparkPoints: (41,613)
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Posts: 304
2/1/14 10:42 P

The thing about melatonin is it's not a one and done sort of deal. My doctor made me try it years ago due to insomnia I've had most of my life. She told me it would take 4-8 weeks of me taking it regularly at the same time every night and going to bed as close to the same time every night as possible. For me it did take a while for it to kick in but once it did, man, it was awesome. I'm not sure why I ever stopped taking it because it worked really well for me. Other posters say it didn't work well for them so I suppose it's not the same for everyone. I'm not a doctor but my advice would be to try it every night for at least a month and see how that is. If you really don't like it then you don't have to go the whole month. Whatever works for you. Just know that it is one of those aids that take time for it to take full effect on your body.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/29/14 8:48 P

I take 5 milligrams every night and it helps me sleep just fine. I get more rest if I take it then when I don't. I have taken it for years. I wake up more rested.

1/29/14 10:18 A

I tried it twice, while it did help me sleep a little is also heightened my dreams so that my sleep was not restful. It wasn't a good trade off.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,313)
Fitness Minutes: (197,887)
Posts: 15,876
1/29/14 10:03 A

I took it for about a year post partum, I had terrible insomnia and I felt like it helped. Or maybe it was placebo.

SKEYDOO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,328)
Posts: 397
1/29/14 9:42 A

Do any of you take Melatonin? I do not take it regularly, but the first time I took it, I slept amazingly. Every time after, it hasn't been very effective. In fact, I feel like I am waking just as much, or more, through the night. Anyone else?

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