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9/13/13 1:03 A

I lost 150 pounds on the Medifast program and have been successful in keeping it off over a year. While the maintaining has been harder than weight loss, if you continue to follow the habits you learn, you can be successful too.. As far as it being a MLM, not sure I can agree with that. I have done many programs and diets.. I learned far more that enabled me to have success beyond the weight loss. My coach truly cared about my success.. I do not think you have to be a dietitian to help and support someone to reach their long term goals...

7/27/13 5:19 P

Meal replacement type programs can help with weight loss---it is just a way to cut calories, control portion, etc. There is research that shows benefit using meal replacements and weight loss.

The key is "what will happen" when you return to your typical eating environment. Will you just gain back the weight. Has the program provided any education on keeping the weight off, eating healthier in today's environment where food is everywhere, meal planning, etc. This is what you will want to investigate.

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7/27/13 5:06 P

Medifast is a multilevel marketing program, that focuses on very low calorie diets.

Unless your friend is a medically trained professional or a registered dietician, they're learning from marketing materials... not ethical and scientifically based education.

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7/27/13 12:31 P

Have any of you used/tried Medifast 5/1 program? I was talking to a friend who is ahealth coach with them and am considering doing this myself.

Any experiences out there??

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