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10/13/11 11:18 A

Omelets are great for dinner ! Add your favorite veggies , some cheese and whole wheat toast and maybe some home fries and dinner is done !!

Make some chinese Lo Mein...( minus the meat )
Stir fry some veggies like onions, celery, red and green peppers, mushrooms etc. Cook some spaghetti . Once everything is done, place in a big bowl and mix in some soy sauce or some teriyaki sauce. YUMMY !

Quiche is great and so is vegearian chili !!!

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10/13/11 4:13 A

Vegetarian Nachos

Top tortilla chips with:

Boiled mashed butternut squash seasoned with salt, and a little cumin and garlic powder
Lowfat or fat free cheese
Soy crumbles heated and seasoned with taco seasoning and onions
black beans
canned chili peppers
lowfat or fat free sour cream

Vegetarian KFC bowl (mock KFC mashed potato bowl)
In a bowl layer:

1 cup of boiled mashed butternut squash seasoned with salt
2 Tbsp of Kernel corn
1 Heated Morningstar farm original chik patty
2 oz vegetarian gravy
2 Tbsp of lowfat or fat free cheddar cheese

Pumpkin Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mix 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin with 1 wedge of lauging cow light creamy swiss cheese and add about 2 Tbsp cooked onion and salt and dash of cayene pepper.

Spread this mixture on a piece of bread and add 1 oz of cheese top with another slice of bread.

Brown the sandwich on both sides in a pan with a small amount of butter or margarine.

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10/12/11 4:58 P

My favorite meat-free meal is beans and rice. I take a can of kidney beans and a can of tomatoes. (Between 13.5 and 16 oz, the tomatoes can be in any state between mashed and whole. Onion and pepper can be in the tomato can.)

Then I take enriched white rice to fill the bean can, dump it into the rice cooker with the beans, tomatoes, and two bean cans full of water. (I can't remember how much time this takes on the stove with a dutch oven.) If you use brown rice, drain the beans and tomato and make some complicated adjustments based on how much liquid you can measure vs what the package says you need, then add a little tomato juice.

Spice is a range of flavors between sweet paprika and a flavorful hot sauce. Chili powder is a good mid-ground. This could be topped with cheese, but that offends the same sentiment that insists that it needs Louisiana brand hot sauce combined with a subtler form of pepper.

I think pea soup tastes amazing with a few slices of bacon, but it's not half bad without. I've had bean soup without a ham bone many times as well.

Apples and onions fried with only the spices instead of the sausage sounds like it's still a good topping for potatoes, but I won't vouch for the protein.

Sweet potato slices and tomato layers is a good side... we usually top it with sausage or cheese and have pasta for an adjacent meal. I imagine white potato at half the amount of the sweet potato would be better for one-meal satiation.

I contaminated my last batch of lentils with chicken protein, but the pizza with curried squash and lentils was good... I think my husband added some tomato while the toppings were in the frying pan. I can't remember what was on the eggplant pizza, probably tomato and cheese.

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10/12/11 3:06 P

Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone has any meatless din din ideas. I have a not so picky husband and a almost vegan 18 month old (swear it! she only eats chicken or hot dogs!) We usually have lean meats, extra lean beef,(rarely) certain cuts of pork, boneless skinless chicken breasts, just gettin a little old. No allergies so we are up for anything! emoticon

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