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5/12/11 11:00 P

Another meal at least partly while driving. Must problem solve that somehow. Spouse is working a double shift so I had dinner alone. I had to DECIDE to sit at the table...not an internal argument, but it would have been easy to just turn on the tv and sit on the sofa. The radio was on in another room, but I did sit at the table and enjoy my dinner. I found a lovely snack that could possibly replace popcorn with butter both at home and at the movie theater...edamame, Mmmmmm. I've had it before, of course, but hadn't thought of it as a healthy option to take to the theater. Always the kind in the pod because it's the work that makes them extra yummy. :)

I ate when I was hungry. I did have a need for chocolate, but it fit well within my numbers and served as a snack. I'm trying to replace coffee (with accompanying halfnhalf and sugar) with tea in the evening to make for better sleep. A light green tea is what I currently have on hand. It will take a day or two to get used to it again. (having done the replacement before). I think I've gotten a streak going of staying within (or very close) to my calorie goal daily. I think it's been about a week! I also think it shows on the scale when I do that.

5/11/11 10:24 P

Today I didn't even make it to my favorite corner of the sofa with the bowl of cereal! That's progress! I had a snack while doing computer stuff, crackers and cheese. I haven't determined to count those as a time I need to be mindfully sitting at the table. We haven't had dinner yet, but I'm planning a steak, edamame, and carrots. These days my Spouse and I share a steak from Costco...probably more than enough for a serving each. I'll set the table and maybe he will open a bottle of wine...or maybe not, but we'll eat at the table and he'll help clear up. :) Yay!

I am finding I mostly eat because I'm hungry. That's good. In fact, I may be holding off too long to eat when I am hungry. I'll be watching for those times where mindlessness pops up, as I'm sure it will.

5/11/11 1:14 P

Tuesday's are busy busy days for me. While I ate my meals in the same place, it was, sadly, in the car while driving. I think that is something I must work on. It's funny. When Spouse, who is anything but mindful in general, eats while we're out, we do not use the drive through and we almost always sit and eat at a table in the restaurant, even fast food. Alone, sometimes I do that, but I am more likely to eat on the run, unmindfully. The price for it yesterday was food on my shirt...go figure. :)

One way in which I was mindful was because I knew I was going to be eating fast food, before I left the house I went to the website for the restaurant and planned my meal in advance. I was able to stay within my calorie goal for the day and still eat what and where I wanted. Mindfully.

I think I eat mostly by the clock, with a nod to actual hunger. I have meals at the time such meals are 'supposed' to be had...breakfast/lunch and dinner. My most mindless eating occurs in the evenings, especially when I am alone...boredom, loneliness, and mindlessness make for very ineffective habits. I am working to pay special attention in the evenings, and drink lots of water instead of rummage for food.

5/9/11 9:29 P

Well, I am at least mindful enough to realize I have gone directly from the kitchen to the sofa, by passing the dining room table, with my plate. :) Lunch and dinner, both, I got up and went to the table. Yay me! I had coffee and a snack from my favorite spot on the sofa, but it's the meals that are important to me, at least at this point.

As for WHY I decide when to eat... I had 'brunch' because I was hungry. About an hour before dinner time, I got hungry again and had a not-so-healthy snack. It's counted in my totals of course, but choosing differently would be more effective. Yesterday when I was in 'give me something sweet' mode I had a measured serving of raisins instead of high calorie and high fat chocolate and salted caramel covered macadamias. I didn't do that today. I had dinner partly from being hungry, partly because it was time for dinner.

Now it's all about getting through the evening, often the hardest few hours of the day. Tonight I'm going to watch House then go for a walk after. By then it won't be long til Spouse is home after a long day of double shift and bedtime.

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5/9/11 6:17 P

Wow! Congratulations on the huge step you are taking in your life. It is amazing how many things we all do on "auto-pilot." Taking the time and energy to be conscious of what you are putting into your body is a huge, but awesome goal!

5/9/11 6:14 P

I'm wanting to be more mindful in all areas of my life. SP certainly encourages it with eating. The below are the action steps for the second phase of the Spark Diet. I'm starting this journal to do this tracking and other tracking that comes up. LOL It will also give me Points to post here. :)

Action Steps
1) Eat in the same place every day (preferably not in front of the TV)
2) Record and track your reason for eating every time you eat

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