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3/30/13 7:10 A

I started using GNC's Total Lean shakes - the regular, not the higher protein ones. I'm borderline high cholesterol and am using it more for the insoluble fiber in it rather than for high protein. By the way, their Cookies & Cream is the best!! yum!!

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3/30/13 12:46 A

I use a protein powder from rainbow called top care they have 3 kinds, a soy one, a whey one , and one with soy and whey. 120 calories per serving 20-25 g protein depending on which you get.

I mix mine in a vita mixer and add frozen fruit and a couple packets of stevia and just use water.

Also I have used the market pantry protein powder from target and that's just as good.

both of these really don't have and sugar in them that's why I add the stevia, cause I want mine to be more of a low carb shakes plus too I am allergic to cane sugar, and corn products.

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3/29/13 7:01 P

I use Secure (HSN), only 70 calories if mixed with water. There are several flavors....All are good tasting. I prefer vanilla & the chocolate. I add tbsp each of Chia & flax seeds almond/coconut milk & kefir ± fresh fruit and vegetables, put all in VitaMix and a healthy meal on the go.

3/29/13 4:33 P

Slimfast are fine to use as a meal replacement shake. There are others options too and they are all basically the same: Boost, Ensure, Glucerna, Carnation Instant Breakfast, HMR shakes, Medifast shakes, etc...

Find one that you enjoy the taste and can afford.

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3/29/13 4:16 P

Make your own with yogurt, protein powder, and fruits and veggies? A single serve smoothie blender or immersion blender can run as little as $20 and you can know exactly whats going into your body.

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3/29/13 4:13 P

I usually use slimfast but I have read a lot of negative reviews about the sugar content and I have heard there are much healthier options for meal replacements (dont say to eat an actual meal lol). What would you suggest as a better alternative to slimfast... my town has a walmart, walgreens, bakers, and hyvee. I enjoy the taste of the shakes so i don't want to give them up, I just want to be consuming the healthiest brand that is offered.

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