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5/11/13 5:51 P

Have you thought about creating a rotating meal planner. I had to create a 5-week one for the Rest Home I was a cook, in, so they could get accreditation from our Ministry of Health.

It is best done when you have some time to spare (just might stop you mindlessly nibbling, too :-)

I had to cover Breakfasts, Morning Snacks, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks, Dinner and Supper. I also had to include a dessert. It is best not to have the same meat 2 days in a row, and think of veges as a rainbow - get a variety of colours on each main meal. If you have Rice at one meal, don't have it at another on the same day. The same with Pasta (partly because they are fairly high on calories.)

Once you have it up and running, it doesn't allow for boredom (make sure it is NOT just a 1 week planner where you know every Monday you will have this, and every Tuesday you will have that!!!) It also gives plenty of variety.


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5/11/13 8:13 A

Thank you to all I will try to mix it up a little bit, but i find when i do my own thing I tend to gain weight immediately. I have to get out of the mind set that i have to follow a strict plan for any results.


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5/11/13 2:15 A

I've tried the meal planner, but like other posters, I've found it uninspiring and hard to follow.

If you don't want to give it up completely, start with swaps: Swap a vegetable for another, rice for a potato, beef for turkey etc. That way you can make your food more interesting while still keeping it very healthy.

5/10/13 11:27 P

I really do not like the meal planner here but every once in a while I do turn it back on when I get board or don't know what to eat. you can exchange food on the meal planner foods or completely change the meal

also, there are some interesting recipes listed here (look at the nutrition listings to make sure they fit with your diet plans)

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,863)
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5/10/13 11:10 P

I never use the meal planner. I do my own foods. That way I only have myself to blame if I don't like it ........ but the funny thing is - because I have done it and done what I fancy, I ALWAYS enjoy it :-) Just keep using the Nutrition Tracker re the calories; fats/carbs/protein.


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5/10/13 8:35 P

You can always turn off the meal plans and enter your own. Definitely try some new recipes. Set a goal to try one new food and one new recipe each week. Read some interesting motivational articles here. Try Spark Coach for a period of time. Good luck to you.

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5/10/13 8:34 P

Just use the calorie range, and turn off the meal plans. :) I've never used the meal plans, here. You will need to get a scale and use your measuring spoon/cups, but it's worth it! KNOWING what you're eating (versus guessing) will help you win this battle!

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5/10/13 7:07 P

I use the meal plans on the website but i find it very boring and get very unmotivated.

what can i do to stick with it.


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