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1/20/14 12:34 A

Plenty of easy options such as…

Homemade fried rice with veggies
Tofu Scramble and veggies
Baked Zucchini with middle scopped out and toped with diced veggies and vegan cheese
Slow cooker veggie stews n soups
Pasta sauce with veggies over rice
mixed fresh veggies served on a lettuce leaf
Lettuce Leaf Vegan Tocos
Quonia and Fresh Fruit with Maple Syrup or Soy/Rice Milk

KATHARINA01 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/19/14 7:32 A

I'm not the best cook either, but there are a few great fish recipes which use frozen filets and can be done in the oven. Not much skill required. I do a lot of those. Also, a great source for new recipes (if you feel like you've exhausted the ones on SparkPeople) is I've found a lot of inspiration there and tried recipes I've never done before.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,344)
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1/19/14 2:01 A

turkey burgers
vegetable beef stew
broccoli cheese casserole
stir fry
tuna patties (impossible to mess up)
spaghetti squash noodles

KPA1B2 Posts: 786
1/18/14 5:40 P

My kids are simply tired of chicken. Doesn't matter how I fix it, crockpot, BBQ, baked, fried whatever. I don't do the same recipe more then once in the same month. I don't like shrimp or lobster or crabs or oysters.

I've tried to make fish in different ways & haven't been successful. I do like the packet idea which someone suggested to me.

And veggies, oh man. They are so picky!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,330
1/18/14 3:41 P

you're going to need to share what actual meals you are bored of if you want better suggestions. otherwise people are just going to suggest the things that you're already doing since we don't know what that is.
a lot of people love the sparkpeople slow cooker salsa chicken, so that shredded up into a lettuce wrap could be an option. black beans would be a nice side to that.
and find some time to learn how to cook fish and seafood. shrimp is pretty easy and there is a lovely bbq shrimp recipe that you bake that goes well over cheese grits or sauteed greens.
this is as close as i can find without having the recipe i use in hand. the shrimp part is pretty close though the grits part looks off to me. and like i said, the shrimp are wonderful on sauteed greens.
and there are tons of packet cooking fish recipes where you could basically prep all the veg the day before, toss everything into the packet and the oven when you get home and have dinner ready by the time everyone is settled in enough to eat. lots of season and bake ones as well, and steamed veggies are the easiest side dish ever invented.

KPA1B2 Posts: 786
1/18/14 2:04 P

My family is tired of chicken and pork chops. I try to avoid red meat. I can't cook fish well. I need to mindful of carbs and cholesterol. Plus I work late 2 nights a week, so those have to be quick meals.

Both me and my family are bored with our options.

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