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9/6/13 9:44 A

Thanks for the input KCLARK89! and congrats on meeting your goal :-)

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9/6/13 9:25 A

I do that pretty often; I have a few beachbody workouts that come with meal recommendations and I always swap foods out for something similar if I have it, or if something else is cheaper lol.

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9/5/13 7:34 P

Thanks so much for your response Heather! Very informative! I wish you the best of luck in your journey :-)

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9/5/13 7:25 P

No. That's why you have a calorie range; as long as your substitutions don't put you over your calorie range, they won't sabotage your efforts. Keep things equivalent, though; the meal plans are designed to provide proper macronutrient balances, so if you take a protein off, and replace it with say, a simple carb, you can increase cravings and end up more likely to binge and overeat. If for example, though, you don't like turkey, and instead swap it out for an equivalent amount of chicken, that's not going to change much of anything. :)

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9/5/13 7:11 P

If I substitute or change the items in my meal plan will that affect my expected weight loss?

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