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1/11/13 8:50 A

i am eating beanie weenies this morning for breakfast. yesterday was a crab melt. the day before was dirty rice. last week i had barley risotto with kale and mushrooms. just because the cereal companies decided to narrow the scope of foods that are considered breakfast foods doesn't mean you have to.
other options include:
-rice cakes with hummus or nut butter
-dip and veggies
-lasagna using eggplant slices for noodles. or really any pasta dish that uses veggies in place of the pasta.

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1/11/13 8:36 A

Why dairy? Think outside the box of traditional breakfast foods. I generally aim for sausage, or bananas myself, but why limit yourself to things on the breakfast food aisle? If you'd eat it for lunch, eat it for breakfast! A nice sandwich on whole-wheat bread, or some muffins.

Here's some more ideas:

JKW1957 Posts: 185
1/11/13 8:30 A

You don't have to eat traditional breakfast foods. You could try a bowl of rice. In some Asian counties they eat sweetened rice for breakfast. Or what about a fruit smoothie. You could also try it with soy milk. It seems that with all the gluten free products on the market there should be some kind of gluten free breakfast bar. There are some brands of oatmeal that are gluten free also.

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1/11/13 7:35 A


So I use the Meal Plan in my Nutrition Tracker for ideas, to follow, etc. But I'm surprised to see that there is no option for "No Dairy". I can't stand dairy in the mornings - my taste buds rebel, and so I think I might be lactose intolerant, too. I am out of ideas for breakfast. Can't have oatmeal (gluten), can't have dairy. What's left? Eggs? Bleah. Yeah. See my problem? HATE breakfast!

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