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7/16/09 6:05 A

I loved reading that story. I too believe this is a choice that you have to make everyday for the rest of your life and sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I love greasy fattening foods but today if I eat those foods I feel tired and moody. Today I am in tune with my body and what food makes me feel bad. I still eat pizza and enchiladas but only once or twice a month and only 1 instead 2 or 3. emoticon

7/16/09 6:04 A

great job im waiting to have lap band done can i ask your age dieting is hard ive lost 100 lbs.about 7 yrs. ago just by walking and watching what i eat ive kept most of it off but it seems since my hysterectemy i cant seem to lose it im 57 now i have 120 lbs to lose

7/16/09 6:02 A

Congratulations on your accomplishment! I imagine fitting into those size eights was a great feeling!Thanks so much for the inspiring words. I'm sitting here with my first cup of coffee, thinking about eating a fattening snack and you got me out of that mood. Thanks. Good Luck I know you'll meet your goal!

7/16/09 6:00 A

This was soooo motivational to me. I always feel guilt when I give in to temptation (that one cookie) and then I am irritated at everyone the rest of the day because I "failed" the test. I like how you describe the temptations as tests and that giving myself a gift of a temptation makes things go better. I will think of that the next time the cookie yells my name! Thanks so much!!

CANNINGNANNY SparkPoints: (558,005)
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7/16/09 6:00 A

emoticon for sharing your story. Your inspiration came at a Great time for me.
Wishing you continued success...

JENN200933 Posts: 2
7/16/09 5:57 A


SHEVICE Posts: 150
7/16/09 5:57 A

Just the inspiration my morning was needing.

I am amazed at how our own personal struggles, choices and triumphs are used to effect others lives when shared.

Thanks for posting, for choosing to continue in your success because your story inspires me this morning.

PIGGYS1 Posts: 11,530
7/16/09 5:57 A

thanks emoticon

7/16/09 5:57 A

What an inspiring message you have shared! Thank you so much! emoticon

IZZYJEAN Posts: 5,027
7/16/09 5:49 A

WOOHOO!!!!!! Reading this email was a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

SONPARI1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/16/09 5:45 A

gr8 post, congrats!

7/16/09 5:33 A

I just cried my eyes out reading your blog today. What an inspiration and the whole idea of it being 'just the beginning' is so motivating and true. Thank you so much for sharing!

3NANCY Posts: 8
7/16/09 5:29 A

Way to go!!!!

TOULULA SparkPoints: (0)
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7/16/09 5:12 A

hi just read your storey great you put into words just how i feel now

7/16/09 5:06 A

MeE and MY Shadow....Wow Congrats, Hats off, Absolutely Amazing! Fantastic! You did it, very encouraging indeed for those of us who are trying!

These sort of messages will definitely increase, take care

7/16/09 5:05 A

fantastic story.....fantastic lessons! Very inspirational, honest, and encouraging!
Thanks for your post! emoticon

PEPPER141 Posts: 292
7/16/09 5:03 A

you are doing a great job keep it up emotional eating is hard to stop so we have to be persistent emoticon

RIRI009 Posts: 4
7/16/09 4:57 A

Amazing! Your story reflects so much of the truth of struggles with losing weight everywhere. Thank you for posting it and thank you for writing it so well. It really struck a cord!!

And keep up the good work!

SWIMMAN Posts: 2,309
7/16/09 4:54 A

WOW! What great lessons you have learned and I hope to be learning :) Thanks for sharing your successes :)

7/16/09 4:53 A

MeE and My Shadow, wow, what a great journey you're on! Congratulations for your wonderful inspiration to us all here at SparkPeople, and i know you'll achieve your final goal. Well done.

LAUGH2282 Posts: 1
7/16/09 4:49 A

I am new to SparkPeople and haven't done much with this site, but have been trying to work up the courage to throw myself in. I just read this post and it really struck me as great insight. These are things I know but for some reason choose to overlook, and I am so glad that you posted these facts to remind me that I am worth the effort.

I think you have a great attitude and it is no surprise you've been so successful thus far. Best of luck with your future health goals, and thank you for giving me some motivation to pursue mine.

7/16/09 4:48 A

Congratulations on your success! What an inspiring message. Keep up the great work.

7/16/09 4:36 A

Wow, what a way to wake up!! Its 4 a.m. and I'm getting up for work, pulled up Sparkpeople, and there it was!! Your story, 'Me and My Shadow'. GOOD FOR YOU!! Thats inspiring, and and heck of a way to start the day. That is awesome.

ANNAPIP Posts: 11
7/16/09 4:35 A

Congratulations, great story. It was an encouragement to me that I needed. My husband and I have been doing Sparkpeople for just under a month now, we lost 6lbs (me) and hubby lost 5lbs. and we weighed in the other day and the scale had not moved for either of us.We vowed to ignore the scale and continue forward. We know we are eating healthier and moving more, so it is o.k.As we walk I will be watching my shadow.Someday I will be surprised as to who that person is who is following me. Thank you for sharing. God Bless

TCHOZET Posts: 1,343
7/16/09 4:27 A

I haven't yet learned all those lessons. But I am going to give myself credit for learning some. It is so easy for me to fall back into old patterns of guilt, self-doubt, self-loathing, etc.

I simply (?) have to remind myself that I have made progress. And although I have many miles to travel, I can only focus on the present and take the next step right now.

ROVIANNE Posts: 42
7/16/09 4:26 A

Congratulations on meeting this goal. May this new part of your journey take you to continued success in whatever way you define it.

RETRAC2 Posts: 180
7/16/09 4:20 A

Thank you for sharing your story. I really needed to hear it as I have been slipping for months now. After reading this is encourages me to try again.

7/16/09 4:12 A

WOW, Congratulations. I am very impressed. Your Message gives me great strentgh to continue this hard trek. I too have failed at many diets and finally decided that I needed a change in lifestyle. Gone are the double cheeseburgers every time I am on the road and the late night orders of Pizza Supreme. (But its not easy). I must log into this 20 times a day to keep from eating. I hope I can leave the same kind of message less 59 pounds.

7/16/09 4:05 A

I absolutely loved that story. It is my new inspiration to stay motivated when I really don't want to be. That story was a slap in the face for me, just what I needed. Thank you sooooo very much and congrats on your sucess.

ALLIBK Posts: 1
7/16/09 4:05 A

I have only been logged on to the Sparks site a couple of weeks but can't believe what a great site it is especially when you come across encouraging stories like ME and my shadow.

I have yet to start losing weight and with this story in mind I plan to view it as often as possible to remind me that it is up to ME to be able to do something about trying to find the ME that is hidden underneath all this fat.

Thanks for giving me hope.

MPAGE257 Posts: 1
7/16/09 4:03 A

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your words of encouragement! I have just begun my journey in losing 60 pounds! Your words are SO ENCOURAGING! I hope I can wear a size 8 some day in my future as well! GOOD FOR YOU!..I am so proud of you! Makes me have more incentive to stay with it....may be some bumps in the road, but what journey of worth does not have such encounters. God bless you as you continue your journey...

SHAYBREW Posts: 53
7/16/09 3:54 A

BEAUTIFUL!!! Hooray for your continued successes!!!

7/16/09 3:41 A

That's a great story. I remember last year I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans my daughter swore I could wear, I knew I couldn't. I put them on and cried infront of the womens dressing room. I couldn't believe they fit. emoticon

DEDE729 Posts: 1
7/16/09 3:34 A

Your words hit me like a ton of bricks. I have lost probaly over 55 pounds since march. I have been very diligent I have only alloted myself probaly five days of cheat until now. I recently had a home fire and all h-ll broke lose. I had been unable to prepare my meals, everyone had needs and wanted me to fulfill, I had to basically contend with the insurance company to be fair in my dealings and not to mention my husband has been drinking like a fish and unusually rude. I ran for my all comfort and tonite i started to feel the old anxiety feeling coming back i think thanks to msg from eating potatoe chips. i came across your entry and eureka everything i knew and needed to hear in order to be healthy and stay that way this fight with food is never over but I thank God you have brought me back to perspective I pray God to continue to bless you. I can't wait to wear a size 8 thanks again for your timely words.

VICUNJA Posts: 83
7/16/09 3:20 A


And congratulations - on your lessons learned as well as on your weight loss. May it long continue!


7/16/09 2:58 A

Thank you for sharing those lessons. I began my journey just four days ago and your words were an inspiration.

7/16/09 2:56 A

Thankyou. That has set me up for the day.



NAEBOE Posts: 109
7/16/09 2:54 A

great post.

everything you said hit exactly home with me.

congrats on your success so far

7/16/09 2:33 A

Such an inspiring report, and so excellently written. I am copying it to refer to over the next several months of my own journey. Thank you so much for caring enough to share in such detail. It really is one step at a time, and a couple of bumps along the way don't have to remain permanent (literally... emoticon ). Looking forward with renewed inspiration to my own size 8 jeans.....

LYRIKO Posts: 1
7/16/09 2:05 A

Your message was so encouraging....I can relate to so much of it. Most people when they hear me talk of losing weight say that I am find "for my height". I used to weigh 165 or 170. At nine months pregnant I was 199lbs.

Today I weigh a total of baby inside to speak of. I am embarking on my journey today. And yours is a motivator. Keep up the good work. I know it hasn't been easy. emoticon

CPAINTER1 Posts: 1
7/16/09 2:05 A

This was very encouraging.
I am struggling to get back on track.
Lots of personal situations right now
and I have gained addl 15 lbs since Jan.
Now I have to lose 35lbs.
Just can't seem to stay focused on it.

PIXIE37 Posts: 16
7/16/09 2:04 A

What an inspiration! Thank you for this...

BRIDEZILLA2008 Posts: 17
7/16/09 1:50 A

While I admire the effort that went into losing that much weight it seems like in reading your post that there is far too much self-loathing for your former self. It's good to be healthy but worrisome the amount of societal and commercial pressure that affects our self-image so much that a larger frame induces such disgust. You are the same person now--only a little lighter.

7/16/09 1:43 A

Thank you for this! You have inspired me to keep going, one more day at a time!

KITTYKRS Posts: 242
7/16/09 1:17 A

YOU!! GO GIRL!! What a story! I've lost 20 of the 60 I need to lose and I am so inspired by your story. One step at a are so right!!

Kitty emoticon

ATXCHRIS Posts: 44
6/28/09 11:32 A

Awesome! very inspiring emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (70,078)
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6/28/09 11:16 A

Woohoo - congrats on your results and thanks for sharing your story!

As you say - here's to reaching many more goals in life now.


REVSERENA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,252
6/27/09 11:18 A


You and I have had very similar journeys, my friend! Congratulations on your tremendous progress and lessons learned.

emoticon emoticon

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (473,833)
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Posts: 36,566
6/27/09 9:48 A

What a great post, thx and congrats on doing a super job emoticon emoticon

TKT123 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,005
6/27/09 5:30 A

How does that song go?
I was walking the other day and looked down at the sidewalk and saw this stranger walking with me. I stared at the image and for a brief moment I asked "who to heck is that?" " This person doesn't have all those lumps and bumps of ugly fat on her that I do"... A brief moment, then tears came to my eye's as it hit me. This was ME.

I weighed myself yesterday. The scales said 141.6...I realized that I had now lost 70 pounds! I then put on my gift to myself a pair of size 8 Kymaro jeans I was saving for this moment. Never in my life have I wore a size 8. They look good, yes, I can honestly tell you that. These jeans are designed to hold in all that loose skin a person of my age gets after losing that 70 pounds, and they do just that. Oh, the journey is not over, far from it with still another six pounds to go in order to reach my spark goal and then toning up my body, all in good time ..but for now I reflect on some of the things I have learned on this my journey of a million steps.

I have learned that the prison of shame and guilt that I had built was my own creation and that I had the power to tear it down, or to build it up. It is all up to ME

I had to learn to take personal responsibility for every bite of food that I put into my mouth, and that I had to eat healthy to BE healthy.

I had to learn that you either do IT (diet/exercise), or you don't -- there's no middle ground and that life is full of choices and I choose to be happier and healthier with mine.

I learned that I could acknowledge myself in ways other than eating. That I no longer have to be an "emotional eater" to do that.

I have learned that it was ok to say "I gotta take care of me first...."

I learned to admit to myself that I was fat and unhealthy because I chose to overeat and I chose foods that were unhealthy and fattening.

I learned that I could enjoy exercising -- and actually look forward to
walking and exercising every day -- I also learned that it doesn't take a lot of money to exercise, that all exercise is: Is moving our bodies to bring up our heart rates. That means I could dance like no one was watching, and still call it exercise.

I learned I just needed to find a diet plan that worked for ME. For me this is the Idiot proof diet plan. Eating the right combination of foods, eating small portions knowing I will eat again in two hours, and eating healthy food was and is my key to success.

I learned that I am not a failure even though I may have "failed" when I dieted in the past.

I have learned that "temptations" along my journey are merely a test to my commitment. And, if I give myself the "gift" of an occasional temptation it makes the journey go much better.

I have learned that wherever we are on our path, it is **exactly** where we need to be at this point on our journey! I have learned that God puts us just where he wants us to be, and I praise HIM for His help on this journey.

I have learned that losing weight is not the end result but the beginning of a new chapter -- complete with new challenges, commitments and dreams!

I have learned that the journey will NEVER be over for me, that this is just the beginning of another journey to a happier and healthier life full of mountains and valleys, but with the help of all my Spark friends I will accept the hills and valleys and travel with them...with the knowledge that I CAN continue, and I CAN do this, with their help and support.

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