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4/17/13 1:05 P

It sounds like something is affecting your immune system, which you probably know. Babies or their associated connections such as other caregivers or other children can be germ magnets. They are developing their immune system and they are much more likely to get sick but you might also be taking some of the brunt. Your body has taken a big sacrifice to give birth to two babies as multiple births put you at risk. It takes a while to overcome the trauma of have two lives to feed inside your body. If you are breastfeeding that is also taking some energy and immunity from you. My mother gave birth to triplets and it was a stressful time in her life. Just worrying about getting back in shape can add to your stress and finding quality time with your spouse while earning an income. I am by nature a vigilant person but I was hypervigilant when my daughter was little. I awoke at the sound of anything and I worried about every sniffle or sneeze. You might also be compromising your system if you are dieting and also missing your babies when you go to work. There is a product called ASEA that helps your immune system. I do not take it but a co-worker sells this product and she looks incredible.

Don't give up by the time they go to college you will be able to get back in shape! LOL

4/17/13 12:48 P

Oh how I would love to take a family walk in the afternoon! Weekends are good for this, otherwise I go straight to work once my husband gets home. We have a tight schedule, but for now I'll just keep squeezing in my walks with the boys in the early afternoon in between their naps. Today is beautiful out, and we are getting ready to head out. I had a great lunch of tuna (no mayo) wrapped in lettuce with a hard boiled egg. I feel great today, no upset stomach after my lunch! Wahhoooo! Thank you for all of the kind words everyone!

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4/16/13 2:21 P

Do you track all your food (every bite)? The keys to successful weight loss are, in order: diet, strength training, and then cardio. The most important compenant by far is your nutrition. It sounds like getting into an exercise routine can be difficult for you, so the easiest thing to control is what you eat.

As far as squeezing in time for exercise, every little bit helps. 10-20 minutes of strength training in the morning before the kids wake up, a 20 minute workout video while the kids are napping, and taking a family walk in the afternoon may get in the exercise you need.

Try not to overwhelm yourselt! Remember, you can't do everything at once, but you can by definition do one thing at once.

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4/16/13 1:57 P

I got in the best shape when my daughter was little as I put her in her office while I ran on the treadmill. My running got better everyday in anticipation of her getting tired and fussy. She still remembers my music even though she was just able to sit up and then stand for a few min. I could run a 6-7 min. mile and reached 8 miles before I finished. It was a challenge but it sure took of the baby weight and then some!

4/16/13 1:21 P

Well I am def. not working out too much, I can barely fit it in as it is. I reduced my calorie intake to 1350 a day which was suggested by SparkPeople. I do have to admit that I've been fighting this addiction to sweets lately. I am aiming to lose 20lbs by mid-July. I am just getting back into exercising so everything is at sort of a beginner's pace. Lately I am just walking on the treadmill or outside when I can and doing a couple of different routines with a resistance tube and light weights.

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4/15/13 6:29 P

Some thoughts:

1) Are you eating enough to support your activity? Cutting calories too severely and working out too much can stress your immune system.

2) That lack of sleep is enough to suppress your immune system. Not getting enough sleep can sabotage your efforts to lose weight, fight cravings, get fit, and more.

How many calories are you eating, and how many are you burning? What's your calorie range and weekly weight loss goal? What kind of exercise are you doing, for how long, and what sort of intensity?

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4/15/13 5:37 P

Maybe you have the answer to my problem? After having twins exactly one year ago, I am finally able to squeeze in exercise in the attempt to lose these last 20 pounds. However, every time I start an exercise plan (ex: I started walking since Spring is here and I can get outside with my boys), I end up sick or run down within a week or two and end up having to start all over again. I work evenings so I average maybe 5 hours of broken sleep (my boys still wake up from time-to-time). I'm not overdoing it, I know that. I have been doing more strength training than cardio until recently (stretch bands and dumbbells). I eat relatively healthy too. What gives?

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