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5/1/14 11:56 A

@ MissRuth - I'm not too concerned about the cheaters. I'm sure it's pretty well understood that the prizes aren't going to be anything to fabulous - how big can our 'employee tomfoolery' budget actually be? emoticon Not to mention the expense of buying enough pedometers so that every employee could potentially participate (although they don't look like they cost a lot of money, lol).

@ Silversparrow - That's an idea I'll have to pitch to my supervisor! It sounds like a fun way to get everyone active.

@ Veg_Girl - That's the spirit! Maybe if you get enough people interested in the idea you could even have an employee-organized fitness month or something.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,655
5/1/14 11:28 A

Working for a tiny private company - no, we don't have something. BUT as one of the people in the office focused on a healthy lifestyle - this gives me a great reason to bring in some healthy snacks each Friday- and post quotes and such at the outside of my cube each day as an inspiration! Maybe I'll even get one or two people to walk at lunch!

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5/1/14 11:22 A

My Employer (Government) has a walk/run club and we've been following a 12 week program. 3 weeks left until the Deputy Governor's 5K walk/run race we've been training for. I got a registration form today :)

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,839
5/1/14 9:09 A

Nope. My employer's big thing is at the beginning of the year, and I skipped it this year. It's a time suck, and wasn't very well organized this January.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,320
5/1/14 6:36 A

My employer isn't participating, but I think it's fabulous that yours is! And the free pedometer is a great motivator.

One thing I'll say though... any time there's a competition with some sort of prizes... there will be people who get to work on figuring out how to "game" the system. My DH and I both have pedometers (different brands) and it's possible to rack up some steps just sitting in the chair, by shaking the pedometer. The first thing my DH said when I bought his pedometer was "I could put that in the paint shaker at work and get 5000 steps in no time".

So take the whole thing with a grain of salt, and use it as a means to motivate yourself and not necessarily as a competition to win.

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5/1/14 5:03 A

Anyone else have a participating employer?

At my workplace, everyone who wants to participate gets a pedometer - we'll all be competing throughout the month to get the most steps (and the top 3 get prizes of some kind).

There are also some scheduled activities like hikes that people can choose to participate in if they like - unfortunately, being a third shifter makes me disinclined to be out enjoying nature mid-afternoon most days of the week. I'll have to rely on my regular fitness regime, and hope it's enough to keep me in the competition! emoticon If not, it will at least serve as a motivator for me to be getting up and moving more often!

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