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LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
11/29/11 9:28 A

Welcome to SP!

LAURIE5658 SparkPoints: (293,047)
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11/29/11 7:40 A

Hi emoticon and congratulations on beginning your Spark journey!

There's so much here to help you along the way and excellent advice to setting and achieving healthy goals. With the thousands and thousands of fellow Sparkers you will always find someone you can connect with. I am always amazed how many lives have been changed for the better through the use of SparkPeople.

If you have not already done so, I suggest that you check out the videos in the "Healthy Lifestyle" section. Scroll down for the site orientation videos.

That should point you in the right direction. I find that if you just start looking around Spark, you will quickly learn about the wonderful tools available for your use. After being a Sparker since 2007, I still find something new and very useful.

Welcome and best wishes!
emoticon emoticon

RORYLYONS Posts: 18,459
11/29/11 12:44 A

Hello & emoticon to spark, where you will find all the support you need. I for one am on that path to eat healthier & exercise daily. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.. emoticon emoticon

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11/28/11 11:23 P

emoticon And emoticon to Spark People…you will find lots of information on sparkpeople as well as lots of support and encouragement from all our members. And hopefully you have fun along the way.

Things to remember that will help you reach your goal:

Be sure to track your water you drink. You need to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day – just one at a time throughout your day and you can reach this goal.

Use your nutrition tracker daily: tracking your food at first will seem difficult but over time it will become second nature.

Use your fitness tracker: Get active/exercise: just 10 minutes here and there adds up quickly. Park your car further from the store and walk. Take stairs rather than the elevator, etc.

Remember this is one step at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time and it all adds up. Don’t feel you need to start with 30-60 minutes in one sitting at first. It will come in time.

Remember this is about changing your life style not dieting. So do it little at a time, in baby steps. Don’t expect miracles right away…again it is a life style change!!! And over time you will begin to notice the difference in how you feel, your energy level, and how you look.

Post your questions and concerns: Don’t be afraid to ask question or seek out help. We are all on the same journey but at different levels of that journey.

Setbacks can be and are a part of this journey: Don’t let them dictate your mood or progress. Let it go and keep moving forward. Keeping your focus on your goal and you will reach them in time.

Celebrate: Celebrate all your accomplishments. (Set small goals for yourself so you have a way of seeing your progress) Do this through blogging, posting updates and rewarding yourself.

What SparkPeople has done for me: I am a type 2 diabetic that is almost off all my medicine. (I was on 5 orals plus insulin now down to 1 oral which I go off of Feb 1, 2012). Let me tell you how God and SparkPeople have and are helping me: Wow, I have always been heavy and at my peak I was 345lbs. With God’s help and the tools on SparkPeople I have been able to lose 162lbs to date. I still have another 20lbs to go but I know I’ll make it. If I just keep on doing what I’ve been doing. So I know you can do it too!!
(I have always recognized that it’s God who has enabled me to be who I am and to accomplish all I have accomplished)

God bless you on your journey to a healthier you.

Steve - SAC-6582
PS check out these videos:
ticles.asp?id=1124 and
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/28/11 10:59 P

Well, I am getting started for a healthy way of living................again!!! It seems that my response to stress is to eat. I can get through the day pretty well, and then night sets in. the kids are in bed, my responsibilities are finished for a while. Let me reward myself with what ever is in the pantry/fridge. any ideas on what else i can do to destress. Food used to seem a harmless, cheap way to indulge. Now that I'm overweight (significantly), food can no longer be my crutch. HELP!!!

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