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ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
4/30/11 9:41 P

There's always next time! It was really fun! I'm glad I did it, plus it was a great walk route, a gorgeous day, and a great cause.

WISHABONE Posts: 691
4/29/11 11:20 P

Unfortunately, my employer scheduled a nursing conference on the same day they are planning to put together a team for the March of Dimes. I already committed to the conference.


ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
4/28/11 2:25 P

This is my first one, and I'm excited. It is tough to raise funds, but just keep your goal modest, or don't set one at all and anything you give is great. There's no rule that says you have to raise money I don't think either. It's a good cause to spread the word on. I'm thinking of maybe doing the breast cancer walk next year.

MRE1956 Posts: 9,360
4/28/11 10:11 A

I don't "hound" people for donations when I do these kinds of walks - I simply give a modest amount on my own when I register.....haven't registered for the MFB walk this year yet - that day is fairly busy so I need to sort out a few things and make up mind as to whether to do that or not this time around.....

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
4/28/11 9:35 A

I don't do this one........I do the ones where I pay a reg fee, get a tee. I won't go hound people for donations.

ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
4/28/11 9:17 A

Just wondering who else is doing the March this weekend. Where and for whom/what? I'm doing mine in Augusta, NJ for my nephews.

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