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To clean brass, try rubbing alcohol on a soft cotton cloth. You can clean any surface in the bathroom with it without harming a finish.

Is your marble actual marble or a composite? If it is actual marble, the only true solution is going to have it professionally ground down and resealed.

As for shine, there are commercial marble cleaners out there that work. However, the sheen is generally related to the sealant rather than a topical application. Is this a sheen that has worn away or is it all over the surface?

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2/1/12 7:05 A

Well, Oxyclean doesn't seem to have any warnings against using on marble, but you might want to call the company and talk to them. Call the company that makes CLR and ask them about brass. Bar keeper's friend might not be good for the brass, and I'm not sure if it's too abrasive for marble or not. Baking soda might be okay for brass, but it's still an abrasive.

Sorry, I tend to clean with white vinegar. (It's not poisonous, but still kills germs on food surfaces.) I have a stone tile, and I haven't noticed any damage on that.

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1/31/12 1:20 P

Single dad and i was cleaning the vanity top and sprayed something like clorox cleaner and now the vanity is spotted where it set to long. Apparentley wrong thing to clean with. Question...Is there anything to remove the spots and what do i use to bring out shine on marble vanity top ? also how do you remove mineral deposits on sink hardware without ruining the finish. It is a dark brass finish. Still learning. Thanks

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