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SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
4/18/14 10:58 A

Oh! Can you message me a link to it? Man, I may be dead by one episode. xD

4/17/14 7:07 P

For Supernatural:
Dean Smirks - 5 squats
Sam sighs - 5 push-ups
"Maybe this isn't our kinda thing" - 15 jumping jacks
"SONOFAB****" - 15 crunches

This one was a lot longer. There are a ton for Supernatural!

4/17/14 7:05 P

I LOVE these, and have started to do them with the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I know there are a bunch out there for Supernatural too (my new addiction) so I think all you would have to do is Google them.

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4/15/14 5:11 P

That show is ridiculous. But I bet if you googled "House Drinking Game" it would give you an idea of things that happen every episode or so. Like the flyovers of Princeton - each time that happens, 5 pushups.

SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
4/15/14 5:04 P

1) Actually, it's all Netflix. Should've mentioned that. I don't have cable so I Netflix/Stream almost everything.

2) Is it bad that I laughed? I feel bad that I laughed...because that happens WAY too much.

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4/15/14 4:41 P

Rule 1: You can't be sitting during commercials

Rule 2: Jumping jacks every time someone goes into cardiac arrest on House.

SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
4/15/14 4:36 P

So I've become quite the show watcher lately.
Currently I've been watching House M.D. and Supernatural.
Now, since I'm sitting on my butt throughout most of these shows, I was wondering if anyone who (hopefully watches these shows), wouldn't mind brainstorming with me on making an exercise game to keep myself active while watching so I won't be sitting down for hours and hours.
I know Sparkpeople have made things like this during things like the Superbowl, but I wanted to do something similar that I could hopefully share with those around me.

Through some ideas at me! Aaaand go!

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