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1) Turn down screen brightness as much as you can!
2) DISABLE wifi.
3) DISABLE all other location services. Honestly this is the biggest power-drainer, but it's necessary for the map my walk app. I'd honestly suggest only using that for legit walks and use a pedometer app for daily walking around if battery life is your main concern (there are some that you can have the screen OFF for, and they don't use location services, so it doesn't drain).
4) Consider battery cases or external power packs.

All the above apply, basically, but also:
1)Only connect to the data if you need to. This will help control your download allowance too. Opt for wifi over data IF there is wifi readily available, but make sure that stays disabled- not just not connected- because phones will spend a LOT of energy looking for wifi signals. 2)Make sure nothing has location services set unless you need them
3)Close out of the apps- like CLOSE them out, not just press the home button- when you are done. You can do this by quickly double tapping the home button. A list of all of your apps open will show at the button. Press and hold on any of the icons and they will start to wiggle and have "x"s next to them. Press the "x" on each icon, and it will close out of the app and save you battery life!
4) Plug it in when you can. When you are at work, if you have a computer, just plug in the USB. You don't have to sync or anything. Or, if you don't have a USB,
5) Turn it off. If you don't NEED to use your phone, turn it off. In meetings? Turn it off. You'll save power AND seem more respectful!

On thye subject of external batters: Most of them ARE expensive, but I got a new off-brand slim-fit battery case for $16 for my iPhone 4S. It isn't as good as say, Mophie brand, but it works decently. I'm the definition of a power-user, and it holds up alright. I also have a Mophie brand power brick my honey gave me this Christmas. They have the same capacity as the battery cases but for like half the cost. You charge the bring with a USB connection that comes with the brick, and then plug the brick into the iPhone, press a button, and it recharges the battery. I'd say they are worth it in the long run! These means you can charge it while walking!

They DO have solar chargers, too. Most of them that I know are not perfected and can be expensive, but that is a viable option too- plus, renewable energy, woo!

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Do you turn wifi off? That can drain the battery quickly. Make sure your wifi and 3g are off. Turn off any apps you're not currently using, and make sure you don't check the phone as you go, just leave it alone.

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Newer phones have far better battery life.

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I use map my walk it is a fantastic app - however it will only last for about 4 hours before it kills my phone battery - how can I keep my phone charged for longer or even better can I charge it whilst walking ie solar. Phone is i phone 3g.

Thanks for any advice


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