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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/25/13 2:55 P

I never use the unit "serving" when creating a manually entered food. Instead, when writing the description, I'll indicate the suggested serving size right in the description, i.e.

"Brand A 5 Grain Cereal (serving=35 grams)"
"Brand X Red Pepper Pasta sauce (serving=1/2c)"

And then I'll input the nutritional information based on "grams" or "cups"...

Most of the time i prefer "weight" measures (grams or ounces), as it makes it very easy later to just put whatever i'm eating on the scale, oh, 26 grams! 4.3 ounces! easy easy easy to measure and input, no last-minute math required. Whereas if you put the measurement in by serving, it's a) easy to forget what the "serving size" was supposed to be and b) more complicated to calculate when eating partial servings.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
4/25/13 1:55 P

Where I differ from the other posters is if the package says 4 biscuts are a serving, then I put 4 in the serving size entry. This way, I don't have to fiddle with decimals. It gets hard for me when I want one thing and the serving size is some odd number.

I usually go by weight though, except for things that I only buy and keep at work. Then those go in the same as above.

RABBITL42 Posts: 19
4/25/13 1:46 P

Grammy7070 - I'm with ya!! I like to save everything myselft too to ensure I a have the right measurements. For me, it depends on what I'm saving. Say if its Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (blueberry is my favorite) then I follow the package and list that one packet/4 biscuits = 1 serving. If later on in the day, I eat only 2 biscuits as a snack, then I will log that as .5 serving.

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4/25/13 11:26 A


I'm with Heather, I've found entering data by grams the most helpful.

Some days you might want more, some days you might want less then 'a serving'. If you enter it by grams then you have the control of measuring the amount you want and the tracker will take care of the math.

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4/25/13 11:19 A

I always use the actual measurement wherever possible. Grams and ounces are more accurate than "serving" and it's best to weigh and measure your food, so that if you don't feel like sticking to one serving, you can measure accurately and have the best estimate of your intake.

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4/25/13 10:27 A

I'm trying to make my own custom list of favorite foods by manually entering them into my food tracker. When you do this, is it best to put the amount of the serving next to the food name on the manual list and just mark it as 1 serving or do you just mark the serving portion under the serving box as to the size. It seems sometimes the serving doesn't have the proportion I'm looking for.I'm trying to make this list as accurate as possible to save me time later in tracking.
Thanks and have a good day.

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