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ROBTEACH49 Posts: 33
2/26/12 1:33 P

I do yoga once a week...only problem is the entire class is composed of women...I would prefer a more evenly distributed class. But even can't find an all male yoga july of 2010 I weighed 350 I weigh 206. This with a combo of gym 6 x week and yoga plus diet has made me a better person...and incidentally my wife says better in bed too...

BOB1216 Posts: 81
1/26/12 2:07 P

I've done yoga twice in my life. This week and last week. My wife's been going to a class for a year and trying to get me to go with her, but I've been hesitant - for a lot of reasons that are mentioned below. Plus I always had a good excuse (like "the game is on"). I don't know if I will continue long term at this point, but I will say it was much better than I thought it would be. I came home feeling wonderfully relaxed. Almost anybody can benefit from that type of activity. I know I need it.

JACOB_B Posts: 317
1/25/12 2:40 P

Nice. That's still cool he has ties still in Atlanta.

1/25/12 9:11 A

Rock 100.5 out of Atlanta. The regular guys morning show.

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Posts: 60
1/23/12 4:24 P

I did it when I was more of a hippie...

There are some poses I do as part of a post-workout stretching routine, but generally I don't do yoga anymore. It isn't because it's feminine, it just doesn't really suit my overall sensibilities anymore.

JACOB_B Posts: 317
1/22/12 2:13 A

That's the Yoga I'm talking about. I believe it was Tito and it has helped professional wrestler Chris Jericho with back problems. What was the radio station?

1/21/12 11:10 P

On the radio this week, I heard Diamond Dallas Page (wrestler) promoting his new yoga exercise dvd's. I'm sure this wasn't typical yoga, but he proclaimed that (I can't remember his name) MMA fighter tried his yoga and within something like 2 minutes had his heart rate up to 130 BPM. That's serious business!!! Personally, I have been trying to incorporate some aspects of yoga into daily my daily activities.

there is the site if anyone is interested.

1/20/12 6:49 P

I do yoga!! I am not as consistant as I should be, but I haven't lifted a weight in 18 months. Weight training just doesn't fit my game plan anymore and yoga does! And yes I am sure there will be guys that read the comments here and have an egotistical issue, but you need to do what ever works best for you, plain and simple!

MWILSON432 Posts: 97
1/20/12 10:44 A

My husband does yoga. He does Yoga X, which is the yoga dvd in the P90X program. Its pretty manly for yoga. :P I think of yoga as extreme stretching...which can be therapeutic for anyone. He draws the line at pilates and zumba though :P

LARSIL Posts: 942
1/5/12 11:05 P

I'd be more interested in Tai Chi than yoga -- some similarities, I think, without the eastern metaphysical facet.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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1/5/12 7:46 A

I don't particularly care for yoga, but not because it's girly. If you do it right, it's freakin' hard man. Look into some of those vinyasa poses (I think they're called). But ya, if you're just breathing and doing warrior poses for an hour, that's pretty lame. Yoga is like any other exercise, you can make it easy or hard and that's what separates the boys from the men as they say.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (64,533)
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Posts: 5,643
1/4/12 5:18 P

You're right, many men frown upon yoga. I've never practiced it repetitively, but I've done a bit of it. As a golf professional I need plenty of flexibility and core strength.

My advice, do what YOU want/need to do. I've never heard of a woman looking down on a guy cuz he did yoga. Quite the contrary.

JACOB_B Posts: 317
1/4/12 4:53 P

Was wondering how many guys here do yoga or hate yoga because it seems too "girly"? I did some digging on yoga and found this pretty manly yoga that I'd love to share with you all and also learn more about yoga from the guys that do it (or the reason why some guys don't).

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