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8/16/12 4:27 P

Thanks Love4kitties

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8/16/12 4:24 P

Well, whoever made that comment to you wasn't being very nice. People like that often have their own issues/problems and make themselves feel better by bringing others down. They cannot just feel good about themselves or something they have accomplished. In other words, they have nothing going for them than makes them happy, so they pick on others to feel good.

Unless you have a medical reason for the man boobs, I'm willing to bet that you lose weight there just the same as everywhere else.

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8/16/12 8:34 A

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. It is much appreciated.

Eight kilos in a month sounds realy a lot to loose. I have lost 4 kilos in the first week and the rest over a 3 week 2 day period. I eat within the daily recommended calorie allowance and have set my goal to loose 17 kilos over a 7 month period.

I have eaten 2-3 times so much calories per day before I have joined spark people without exercising, and I think my body is just ajusting to the new eating habits and exercise.

I do about 50% cardio and 50% strength during my 180 weekly fitness routine (I burn about 1250 calories a week) and eat around 2180 calories a day.

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8/16/12 8:01 A


Not too sure how much weight you need to lose, however, you are losing at a rate much faster than many experts, including SparkPeople recommends. Of course if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, it is not unusual for your to lose more in the beginning. Remember your goal is to only lose 1-2 pounds per week after the initial first week, so if you continue to lose too much, too soon, you may need to re-evaluate your goal, time frame to reach your goal, etc.

Remember too, that it takes time for everything to catch up and do not forget about the need to strength train to support the underlying muscles.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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8/16/12 7:56 A

The other thing to remember is that we can't control where our body decides to lose weight at any given time. Take me for example: I haven't lost a cm around my waist in months but my 'pre butt' (hah, I don't know what to call it, right above my butt I used to have quite a concentration of pudge) has disappeared. In the first 6 months of losing weight, my waist became smaller but that pre butt remained. It is like my body suddenly remembered that store of fat it had saved up!

Def. go see you doctor, make sure it is nothing hormonal, but then just keep at it. You could have a month where the ONLY weight you lose is on your chest :)

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8/16/12 7:44 A

I agree that you should go to the doctor to rule out a medical problem. You're probably fine. Overweight men often have man boobs because excess weight goes to all parts of our bodies. When women lose weight they lose in that area. I'm guessing you will too.

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8/16/12 5:57 A

Thanks Slimmerkiwi. I will go see the doctor.

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8/16/12 5:48 A

I think that this is something you should discuss with your Dr because there are often medical reasons for this. He/she can do some hormone levels to check if there is something not right there, and undoubtedly other tests/examinations, too!

Another thing that may need to be considered, is whether you take certain medications which can impact on a person in this way.


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8/16/12 4:28 A

I have lost 8 kilos so far in my first month. My man boobs emoticon has gone down a wee little bit, but are still protruding. Someone asked me the other day, jokingly emoticon , what size of bra I am wearing.

Here is my fear. I am losing a lot of weigth and toning up, BUT, what if I am thin with massive man boobs... it will look horrible.

Any exercises that I can do in addition to eating wisely and doing aerobic exercise to reduce my man boobs?

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