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4/14/10 9:37 A

In Progress.... Bathroom in the basement just completed a remodling. The rest is finished from the prevoius owner of this house but is going under a major transformation.

4/13/10 1:20 P

Mine is the Basement! My wife can say what goes where upstairs but the Man Cave is mine!

LANCE992 SparkPoints: (51,290)
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3/29/10 10:25 P

Right now my grandmother's bedroom is one. Since she is now permantly in a nursing home I have her bed, a TV and my wii system in there. When company comes they use it so I don't have my own "man fort" but my garage may become once it is cleaned out.

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3/29/10 2:21 P

I told my wife that I was going to put up a sign that said "Nude women welcome, others not". It didn't go over well. emoticon

3/29/10 1:42 P

"The He-Man Woman Hater's Club"

I was thinking about getting a sign for my man fort entrance that says that!

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3/29/10 11:58 A

My neighbor has what he calls "Papa's pad when Mama is mad" in the back yard. It's converted tool shed taht has a bed,cable TV,chair,DVD player,sterio,fridge,heater, and sink.

He must spend a lot of time out there with all of that in there.

DUTCHPETE641 SparkPoints: (121,654)
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3/29/10 9:55 A

Sounds like a great idea!
Whenever I am doing something (or rather nothing) I get hassled into doing stuff.
I don't have a basement but might use the attic!

LWLYWRM67 Posts: 359
3/29/10 9:24 A

Toolshed. 4'x7'. just an air compressor, a cassette player, and some vollitile liquids and me sitting on an overturned 5 gal. bucket.

It is Bliss.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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3/26/10 2:52 P

Never had one, never will! Oh wait, this isn't the drinking thread. emoticon

Hrm, I think we've kind of taken over the family room. It has the comfy chairs, the big TV, the digital cable box and the xbox. While not completely masculine, it is rare to find a female anywhere around that room for an extended period of time.

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
3/26/10 2:46 P

I have a 10x10 section of the basement that is my "cave in progress". I have yet to fully furnish it & trick out the way I want, but it does have a TV, mini fridge, bathroom dartboard and my comfy chair. Now I need to convince my daughters that it's not their cartoon room and my wife that it's not for folding laundry.

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3/26/10 10:34 A

I have a man fort. It's pretty basic. I have a finished basement with a couch a large table,bar,27 inch TV,dvd, WII, bathroom, minifridge,bathroom and a door to the garage where my weight bench is.

There's lots of woodwork and I have some original paintins of wolves and other wildlife. My gaming stuff is on a bookshelf.

MMA is banned from being watched upstairs by the chief domestic associate(wife), so that's where I get to watch it. Also, where I generally watch football or any other sports. Reality TV and girly life time network is all that's on upstairs but down im my man fort it's MMA,Boxing, Football, SPEED,SPIKE,History Channel,Military Channel and Discovery channel!

3/26/10 10:05 A

Who has one?

My entire cellar is my Man Fort. I could live down there for days on end. It's an unfinished cellar but I fixed it up to be my gaming room/hide from in-laws room/workout room,.....every and anything I want it to be.

I LOVE my Man Fort!

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