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5/30/13 9:55 P

You are so welcome and thoughtful...sending you wellness wishes emoticon

ANOSAKO Posts: 28
5/30/13 2:57 P

Thank you! I will be sure to look into it as my body heals. I appreciate the information. :) Blessings to you.

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5/30/13 2:43 P

ANOSAKO hello and glad to hear you are mending.

I would recommend slow and mindful Hatha Yoga with focus on breathing techniques. My studies of yoga have served me in so many ways.
Tips for Practicing

The practice of yoga improves posture, increases flexibility and range of movement, and regularizes and deepens respiration.
The strengthening, balancing, stretching, and energizing effects of yoga are calming and relaxing. Practice slowly and carefully. Adjust your postures for maximum ease and sensible pain-free benefits.
Breathe normally while in the postures. Breathe deeply and smoothly allowing diaphragham to open and expand between postures.
Never force or strain in the stretching postures. Move easily into the poses and hold steadily l5 to 30 seconds, breathing normally.
Skip the difficult postures until your body is ready. Be patient. emoticon

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ANOSAKO Posts: 28
5/30/13 1:41 P

So I recently had emergency surgery due to finding out I had a ruptured cyst. Due to this, I'm bedridden at home. My doctor recommended that I do mild walking for the next week or two until my incisions heal. What else do you recommend for entry level working out after a surgery? Also not allowed to lift past 10 lbs. Never had this before. Thanks for any advice!

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