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4/30/10 7:03 P

That does sound good! I would recommend adding it to the recipe database so that people can see the nutritional information and stuff. Let me know if you do! :)

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4/29/10 7:38 P

Okay, I didn't think it would turn out great but it was yummy and the left overs were even better.

I cut up chicken breast into really small pieces, spiced it up with salt, pepper, smokey cumin, onion and garlic powder and cooked it up in a little olive oil. Then I added a jar of Pace Chile Verde sauce and let it get nice and bubbly (I added a little water). Then I added a can of Canilini beans (drained) and pinto beans (drained). Let it cook for a while, and served with fat free flour tortillas. Tonight we had the leftovers over wild rice. It was fantastic.

Hope if you try this simple recipe it works for you and you enjoy it.


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