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There are a lot of juicers out there that remove the fiber. I think that's just a waste (financially and nutritionally). There are some "juicers" that are more like powerful blenders and these keep the fiber. I think these are a better option (although I don't personally juice and I don't blend much of anything because I prefer to eat my calories vs drinking them/consuming them in liquid form).

To me, juicing and blending (except for a rare frozen berry/crystal light smoothie that I'll make for myself on a really hot summer day)...well, it's not something that I think is necessary to have good nutrition.

Edited to add...the previous poster is right. Detoxes are unnecessary and don't work anyway.

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DEtoxes don't work. They're a gimmick, and while most are short-term and won't hurt you (and yes, eating healthy foods is never a bad idea) but anything that claims to "detox" or "cleanse" your body, removing toxins and such, is based on junk science that has no basis in fact.

There's nothing wrong with the sort of "cleanse" that involves just eating whole foods, but don't expect juicing or other diets to remove things from your body it can't by itself. Your liver and kidneys do that already, and they're pretty darn good at it.

Your body's not a toilet, it can't be flushed.

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6/7/13 1:32 P

You should look into Whole living 2013 28 day detox. It is not an all juice detox where you are starving and just want something to crunch on. The first week you are basicly plant based then in the coming weeks you slowly add in fish,meat and grains. This is a way you can find out what your body is not wanting you to put in it.

I am on week two and I feel awesome.

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4/22/13 6:53 A

Good point Becky.

It is great that there are people here to balance out the information

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4/21/13 10:16 P

Maybe these would be something your wife and you would want to try??

4/21/13 8:31 P

Thanks I will read it. We are definitely trying to eat a more well rounded diet and count calories. Neither of us are really good at eating a healthy for breakfast because of time in the morning. A healthy start of veggies in a shake was sort of what we are looking to achieve. Stuff like that to increase real food vitamins & minerals instead of processed shakes during the week.

We have made some great strides as we have cut out soda and fast food this is just something we would like to add as a breakfast option.

4/21/13 8:11 P

Adding juice or smoothies to your diet may or may not improve your health and weight loss effort. It is more about your total diet.

Check out this article below on how to smartly juice.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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My wife and I decided it is time to work on not just dieting but also eating healthier. We have tried a few juicing and smoothies that friends were making. We decided that is a good choice for us. At my worse I hit 286lbs and my energy now is preety low. I used diets and just recently visalis to get down to 251lbs but im finding that either the mix or milk is making me sick. What we are looking for is a good book or resource to read on jucing or smoothies that is natural based. No added sugars as we would like to cut out proceseed sugars including splenda etc.. Let me know what you recommend. Im tired of feeling run down and we both are working out pretty steadily. 4-5 tmes a week.

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