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MJUNE18 Posts: 38
3/14/13 12:14 P

I love this. Sounds fun.

1/20/13 10:20 A

You can also find some online for movies, like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. They says stuff like every time someone say "hobbit" do ten jumping jacks (LotR). or Every time you see a ghost do 35 jump ropes (HP).

GENGBG Posts: 31
1/16/13 1:23 P

Wow, that's a great idea, I'm definitely going to try that :) Ouran high is awesome by the way!

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1/4/13 2:12 P

If you need a new option for working out, you can try designing a workout that follows one of your favorite shows! Here's how to do it.

1) Choose a TV show or movie that you enjoy watching again and again. I like TV shows better, because they're shorter and there are more of them, but you can do it with a movie if you want.
2) Find little things that are done over and over again. For example, in HP, spells are cast a lot, and in OHSHC, one of the characters is a huge drama queen and goes to hide in his loner corner nearly every episode. Things like this are best, because you know for sure that they're going to happen.
3) Assign each event an exercise. Whenever Tamaki goes to cry in his corner I have to do 10 lunges on each leg, and whenever someone says Voldemort, I have to do 15 push ups.
4) Turn on your show and start working out! I like to use Netflix or another online source if I'm watching a show, that way I can pause it when I need to. You lose valuable workout time if you need to go get a drink during a normal show, and I've often gotten frustrated because I need more time to do everything.

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