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1/26/12 1:22 P

OK, so I was SO tired last night that I wanted to sleep, but my mind was saying 'eat'...I wasn't hungry, but in the past I would have eaten more anyway-last night-I made the harder, 'right' choice and just drank more water and went to bed earlier-glad I did!!!

1/23/12 11:25 A

It's yucky outside and time is tight....focus is fulfilling my commitments to myself today.

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1/22/12 9:16 P

...hard decision-it was 'cold' outside & I was 'tired'-let's I 'skip' the workout-which is the easiest thing to do, or do I work out anyway???

The 'right' thing for me to do was to work out, so I pulled myself out of bed, got to the gym an hour after I'd planned to go, I feel better for having done so...

What was a 'hard decision' or choice you had to make today???

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1/22/12 10:21 A

.Tough Choices like: nutrition & food, exercise & fitness, motivation vs. stagnant...fewer people take this path, but the rewards are far greater..

..Easy is italways the best path?....the path of least resistance is most popular, but is it the best choice?

...What is the 'right' thing to do?...we all know that answer-the choice we SHOULD make...will we???

Think of a decision or choice you've made recently-was it an 'easy' one? Did you struggle with it? Did you know what the 'right' thing to do was?

For instance: I ate Mexican last evening-trying to stay 'on plan'-of course it was tough not chowing down on all those chips and salsa-it would have been EASY to just say "I'll get back on track tomorrow", but I knew the RIGHT thing to do was drink plenty of water, eat my grilled chicken and veggies and then limit my chips to 5...

Who else wants to make the 'Tough' choice, but reap the rewards??? Let's see where this thread goes...Write down your 'tough' choices, what would have been easy, what was the 'right' thing to do, and then share...we don't always make good choices, but most of us are well aware of what's 'right' and usually that's the 'hard' or tough decision...

'Adapted from Bonnie Barczykowski emoticon

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