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10/11/12 7:39 A

Don't give up.
Consider it training for maintenance.

The other responses are great advice.

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10/10/12 8:20 P

Have you thought about adding some HIIT to your routine? About 30 mins 2-3 days a week would be helpful. I'd also introduce some strength training, it is very important when you're losing weight to ensure you're not losing too much lean muscle along with fat. Most people who don't strength train while losing weight will experience a "skinny fat" look once they lose it all. Strength training will also boost your metabolism, build strength (which will make cardio easier) and give you a toned look. If you started up some moderate-high intensity cardio and some ST, I can almost guarentee you'll start seeing that scale move again. It may take a few weeks as your body adjusts but it should carry you right through to your goal weight. Just start off small, you don't have to take on too much at once but slowly introduce it into your routine. If you can only handle 10 mins the first or second week per workout, that's perfectly alright. When I lost weight after my first pregnancy, I was struggling to finish 10 mins on an elipitical but after 2-3 months I could handle 60 mins. I just added an extra 5 mins each week.

You're at a point where you have a choice between giving up or pushing yourself above and beyond and out of your comfort zone. You can do it and you will be so proud of yourself when you achieve something you didn't know you were capable of.

Best of luck.

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10/10/12 2:03 P

Have you tried changing your workout? Muscle memory is terrible for causing plateaus.

Don't give up!! You've made it this far, backsliding only undoes the hard work you've sweated over. Stay strong!

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10/10/12 2:02 P

I've been at my plateau for months now. Someone help! Give me a jump start or some tips. Trying hard for so long makes this even harder. I want to give up so badly.

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